Former owners "Morton" go to the bath

Osnova Group is investing 5 billion rubles in a project to create recreation centers with saunas.
The Osnova Group of Companies plans to open a network of Moscow Terme family recreation centers in Moscow, two consultants who worked with it told Vedomosti. The co-owner of Basics, Yegor Khramov, confirmed this information. According to him, the network centers will include pools with fresh and sea water (including outdoors), baths, saunas and a hammam, salt caves, mud and wellness complexes, etc.

Within three years, Osnova expects to launch 30 such facilities, each with an area of ​​2500–5000 square meters. Investments in one such health center will amount to 150–300 million rubles, or about 5–7.5 billion rubles. on the whole network, says the Temples. The complexes will be located in large shopping, as well as health and fitness centers. It is also planned to open and stand-alone objects, adds Temples.

Format area of ​​2500 square meters. m economically viable, agrees CEO of Infoline-analytics Mikhail Burmistrov: larger objects will pay off much longer - 8-10 years. According to Khramov, the return to payback period for each of the Moscow Terme facilities will be approximately 2.5 years.

The first set of the network should appear in the Rio Sevastopolsky shopping center, an agreement with it is being signed, Khramov added. The representative of the shopping complex confirmed this information.

Osnova was established in 2016 by former shareholders and top managers of Morton developer Alexander Ruchev, Oleg Kolchenko and Khramov. Prior to this, Ruchev sold Morton to Sergey Gordeev, a PIK shareholder; later the company bought the PIC itself.

The group "Foundation" has several business areas. She is engaged in housing development: in her portfolio are Red7 complexes at Academician Sakharov Ave., Grani in Tekstilshchiki, etc. The group also manages commercial real estate, its portfolio is about 100,000 sq. M. m, including the hotel "Ostankino" in Moscow and "Lepota" in the Moscow region. In addition, the "Basics" has an IT-park and investments in start-ups.

Investments in family vacations are extremely promising, says Khramov. “Basics” already has experience of such investments - the “Zamania” network, he recalls. This year, Osnova bought about 30% of this network of family amusement parks, RBC reported.

According to Burmistrov, in both Moscow and the Moscow region there is a serious lack of recreational facilities with baths and saunas in the middle and higher price segment, so the Moscow Terms project can be successful. And the managing partner is S.A. Ricci Alexey Bogdanov reminds that many large shopping complexes now have problems with occupancy by tenants. “Shopping centers have long become a place not only for shopping, but also for spending time, so such projects can be extremely in demand both from property owners and visitors,” he argues. Bogdanov adds that there are no analogs to Moscow Term on the Russian market today: sports clubs, water parks and spa centers have saunas, baths and a hammam, but their range of services is limited.