Former owners of Promsvyazbank sell their assets

For half a year, since the beginning of the sanation of Promsvyazbank, the brothers Ananiev managed to sell only part of the IT business. Today comes the deadline for the sale of Bank Vozrozhdenie.
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"The difference between Dmitry Ananyev and Boris Mintz is that Mintz tried to negotiate with the Central Bank to find possible ways of solving problems, and Dmitry - no," says a friend of the former co-owner of Promsvyazbank. According to him, even after the interview of the entrepreneur Vedomosti in late December 2017 (in which Dmitry Ananyev sharply criticized the policy of the Central Bank), the regulator's representatives were still ready for dialogue. "But Ananiev said" no "- sums up the interlocutor Forbes.

Today Dmitry Ananyev, as well as another former billionaire Boris Mints, who lost most of the assets due to the sanitation of the banks of the so-called "Moscow Ring", lives abroad. He settled in a hotel room Four Seasons in Cyprus, where he is negotiating the sale of their assets, wrote Vedomosti. Ananyev's acquaintance confirmed Forbes his departure to Cyprus, which occurred immediately after the Central Bank introduced the provisional administration to Promsvyazbank on December 15 last year.

Two months later the ex-partners split the business: Alexei Ananiev (the elder brother) became the sole owner of Technoserv and other IT assets, while Dmitriy - PSN Group developer, Belaya Ptica agroholding, media assets and the Extra-M printing house .

In the middle of April, VTB filed an application to buy 40% in Technoserv, and on Tuesday, June 5, announced the closure of the deal. The day before, on June 4, Megafon's daughter, Digital Business Solutions, bought the managing company Technoinvestproekt. The latter was part of the structure of Technoserv.

Trying to get rid of assets and Dmitry Ananyev - so far, however, not so successful. Back in July 2017, RBC wrote that the PSN Group is ready to sell the business center "Arbat, 1". Now the headquarters of Rosselkhozbank is located, soon Aeroflot will take its place. In early 2018 it became known that the developer is negotiating the sale of the project "I 'M Tverskaya", which he planned to implement on the territory of the publishing house "Pravda" at the Belarusian Railway Station, but never started. Later it became known about active negotiations on the sale of the elite LC project in Khamovniki. The opportunity to build 10 000 sq. M in the Small Levshinsky lane was interested in Vesper and APD.

At the same time, today, June 6, the deadline is set by the Central Bank to set Ananyev to reduce the stake in Bank Vozrozhdenie below 10%. Today, six Cyprus offshores, which, in the opinion of the Central Bank, are connected with Dmitry Ananyev, own a 52.7% stake in the bank. The main contenders for the purchase of Vozrozhdeniye were called VTB and Bonum Capital, which is associated with Suleiman Kerimov on the market. The press services of companies, as well as the Central Bank did not answer the questions of Forbes.

On April 17, Moody's sent a "Vozrozhdeniye" rating, which is at B3, to a downgrade with a possible downgrade. The reason, according to the banking analyst Moody's Maria Malyukova, was uncertainty about the future shareholder structure and development strategy of the bank, the possible outcome of the current CBA audit and the risk of volatility of deposits. At the same time, analysts interviewed by Forbes do not see any problems with the sale of the stake in Vozrozhdenie - it's all about price and the correct valuation of assets, which, it seems, takes more time.

"Apparently, the Central Bank is aware of the current negotiations with potential buyers of shares of Bank Vozrozhdenie," says Maria Malukova. "One of the possible scenarios is that the regulator can extend the deadline for execution of the transaction." Taking into account the fact that owners need to get this asset out as quickly as possible, the discount from market value may be around 50-70%, "argues leading analyst on bank ratings Expert RA Catherine Shchurikhina. "At the same time, it is quite difficult to assess the market value of the bank, since such conclusions are usually made after careful due diligence," she adds.