Former owners of Trust Bank will be left without 830 million dollars

The High Court in London rejected the claim of the former owners of Trust National Bank: Ilya Yurov, Nikolay Fetisov, Sergey Belyaev and their wives, who were in the claimant list, to unfreeze their assets worth $830 million.
In December 2014 the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) has made a decision on the financial rehabilitation of the bank "Trust", which has ceased to fulfill the obligations to customers. The former management of the bank was removed from management, Motels Bank of Russia and the DIA selected group "Discovery". Remediation of "Trust" - is not only one of the largest in Russian history, but also one of the most notorious: related legal news regularly get in the media. In Russia, in April 2015 and opened a criminal case of fraud on a large scale, which are defendants in the former bank managers. In 2016, the bank filed in London's High Court claim for compensation for damage caused to him more than $ 800 million.

The court decided to freeze the assets of former shareholders for 830 million dollars. A little earlier - in January 2016 - "Trust" block sale through the English Court of Moscow real estate portfolio, which the former owners of the bank owned by controlled company. The former owners of "Trust" did not agree with the freezing of assets. In May Yurov sued to abolish arrestand property, but the judge of the London Commercial Court Justice Meylz refused to meet. In the materials of the court said that the former owners were given them to offshore companies controlled by deliberately bad loans.

This looped circuit: loans serviced by the issuance of new funds. Justice Meylz called the actions of the former owners of the "Trust" as a "Ponzi scheme with a fancy name" [Ponzi scheme - the first well-known pyramid scheme, named for its author - Ed.] In its decision Meylz said: "Testimony of the witness say that if the Central bank knew the truth about the situation in the bank, it would have revoked his license; that he took active steps to conceal this from the position of the Central Bank, because he knew that these steps will be illegal from the point of view of the Russian banking legislation. " Yurov tried in court to present their actions as a "balance control", but the judge called this action "unfair."

I do not believe Justice Meylz and what Yurov, Fetisov and Belyayev acted in the interests of "Trust". The solutionIt says: "... for the time during which the accused admits to use the scheme" Completing the circle of loans "to mask the bank insolvent. In addition, the defendant (Ilya Yurov) received $ 12 million in salary and bonuses; and abyvshie ktsionery benefited from the use of credits for which they had acquired assets, the value of which currently stands at about $ 100 million - a share Willow River and RCP companies. . The shareholders also benefited from other loans in the amount of about $ 70 million (or have been granted to companies, the possession of which they are recognized), which were not returned.

Finally, the former shareholders of almost sold their stake in the bank (which in fact were impaired) to a third party for $ 100 million. " The judge emphasized that the shares WR and RCP were collateral provided by the bank. But the December 17, 2014, a few days before the collapse in bank shares were exempted from collateral and directed by the shareholders without any consideration that has brought them additional income. "All this was done at the expense of the bank's retail customers and, ultimately, at the expense of Russian taxpayers ", - said Meylz. The main conclusion of the London judge: "... there is reason to believe that shareholders have brought tens of millions of dollars out of the bank. Most of this money disappeared without a trace.

The defendants disclosed the assets that have been frozen, such as bank accounts in Switzerland or assets on which the bank knew, such as the residence in Kent. However, neither the Bank nor I believe that was made full disclosure of assets of the defendants. " Earlier, the director of the unit of special projects of the bank "Trust" Nikolai Myl'nikov said that the new administration "Trust" is the judicial work aimed at recovery of distressed assets in different jurisdictions - Russia, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Cyprus, and this process can take a long time - some years.