Former president of the OFC-bank sent under house arrest

In Moscow, under house arrest, the former president of the United Financial Capital Bank (OFC-bank) Nikolay Gordeyev was imprisoned.
As it became known to Kommersant, the Investigative Committee of Russia (CKR) suspects him of abuse of authority, which resulted in the issuance of unsecured loans by almost 14.2 billion rubles. The companies that are part of the alcohol trading company "Status Groups". The applicant was the partner of the law firm Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners, a fellow student of President Vladimir Putin, Nikolai Egorov, who owned 25% of the bank's shares.

The criminal case under art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power) against Nikolay Gordeyev was initiated by the TFR in April 2018. The basis was the statement of co-owner OFK-bank - a well-known lawyer Nikolai Egorov. The main owners of the bank were Yegorov and Gordeev in 2008. At the same time, Mr. Gordeyev, who owned 15% of the bank's shares, became its president and chairman of the board, and lawyer Egorov - chairman of the board of directors.

According to Kommersant's information, Mr. Egorov drew attention to suspicious operations of his partner for the first time in 2016, complaining to him that he uses a risky business model, focused solely on lending to companies operating on the alcohol market. At the same time, Mr. Yegorov himself, who owned 25% of the bank's shares, was limited in his management.

After the board of directors of the OFC-bank blocked the attempt to displace Mr. Gordeev from his post, Nikolai Yegorov appealed to law enforcement agencies. As a result, the investigation, which lasted almost a year and a half, led to the criminal prosecution of Nikolai Gordeev. Note that Mr. Gordeyev was removed from his posts only in February this year, and two months later the bank was revoked a license. At the same time the regulator repeatedly tried to save this credit institution by introducing the procedure of financial recovery in it. However, neither this nor other measures of supervisory response, including restrictions on attracting deposits from the population, did not help to avoid revoking the license.

As noted in the statement of the Central Bank, the implementation of the procedure for financial recovery of the OFC-bank with the involvement of the DIA "is considered economically impractical" in connection with the almost complete loss of the bank's own funds. To date, the hole in this credit institution is more than 17 billion rubles. In addition, the regulator noted that the bank "allowed repeated violations of the requirements of legislation and regulations in the field of combating the legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism".

In the course of the initiated investigation, the TFR found that "in 2013-2016, Nikolay Gordeyev, as part of a group of individuals without the consent of the Board of Directors of the OFK-Bank for a major transaction," issued 115 unsecured loans of almost 14.2 billion rubles. companies controlled by one of the largest distributors of alcohol products - LLC "Status Groups". In particular, this money was received by LLC Invest Factor, Atlas LLC, Neo Finance LLC, Parus LLC and several others. According to the investigation, some of them had signs of fictitiousness, and their leaders were former and current employees of the OFC-Bank and LLC "Status Groups". At the same time, the money received from the credit institution went not only to the traffickers of alcohol, but also in the form of loans directly to their general directors. Those, in turn, as follows from the materials of the case, invested the money received in companies engaged in the production, processing and sale of fish products (LLC Rosryba, LLC Rybstandart, PCT and others), also related to the management of OFC Bank .

Note that, unlike the fish business, the alcoholic after receiving multi-billion loans was canceled: in February 2018, "Status Groups" applied for bankruptcy.

As it is believed in the TFR, it was the activities of Mr. Gordeev and unidentified individuals that led to the "difficult financial situation of the bank" and, as a result, the cessation of its activities.

Nicholas Yegorov's representatives confirmed to Kommersant yesterday the fact of the latter's appeal to law enforcement agencies, adding that he initiated an internal audit, during which abuses were revealed. Protection of the prisoner yesterday under house arrest Basmanny district court Nikolay Gordeev did not comment on the situation. It is possible that other episodes may appear in the case. The arbitration is now considering the suit of the St. Petersburg Construction Committee to recover about 5 billion rubles. with OFC-bank on bank guarantees, issued for the completion of the stadium "St. Petersburg Arena". In addition, the bank was frozen 2 billion rubles., Which the government of Sevastopol as an advance transferred to the account of the contractor construction of treatment facilities.