Former vice-governor was taken for his residential property

Yesterday it became known about that the former vice-governor of the Chelyabinsk region Alexander Ufimtsev and director of the construction company ZAO DBM Dmitry Mandrygin were pressed charges against.
According to investigators, the officer in 2006, working in the mayor's office in Chelyabinsk, ZAO DBM illegally transferred the right to sell municipal flats in a luxury residential complex. Part of the property has been sold twice.

As told "Kommersant" a senior assistant to the head of investigatory management TFR in the Chelyabinsk region, Vladimir Shishkov, investigators indicted the former vice-governor Alexander Ufimtsev and Director of ZAO DBM Dmitry Mandrygin on h. 3 tbsp. 286 (abuse of power) and h. 4 Art. 159 (fraud) of the Criminal Code. According to the investigation, the accused alleged incident took place in 2006, when Mr. Ufimtsev served as deputy head of the Chelyabinsk, Chief of Staff (since 2010 went to work for the regional government, where he worked until May 2013).

As follows from the criminal case, Alexander Ufimtsev exceeded official powers when signing a contract with ZAO DBM, on the basis of which the commercial structure was able to sell the apartment in one of the construction of luxury homes. As explained by the source "b" familiar with the course investigatesof, it is a 11-storey building on the street №173 Labor, which was completed in 2011. Part of the living area had to move the city administration, but, according to investigators, Alexander Ufimtsev illegally on the contract of assignment gave it to Dmitry Mandrygin. As a result, ZAO DBM (the investor of the project) and "Vodokanalremstroy" LLC (the developer) at the same time began to sell an apartment in a newly built house. This led to the fact that several apartments costing 5-10 million rubles. twice they have been sold. According to estimates of the investigation, the overall damage to shareholders exceeds 35 million rubles.

Yesterday, by contacting the Company DBM failed: the company since 2011 is in the process of bankruptcy, it is no answer. Alexander Ufimtsev and his lawyers were not available yesterday. His former colleagues from Chelyabinsk government learned about the criminal case from the media. According to them, prior to Mr. Ufimtseva claims the police did not show. "He has since 2005 worked in the team of Mikhail Yurevich - first, when he was mayor, and then, when he became governor. His departure from the post of vice-governor was associated with personal motives and not with any ndochetami work ", - explained the" Y "in the regional government.

Ufimtsev Mr became the second member of the team Mikhail Yurevich, against whom a criminal case. Late last year, Chelyabinsk Health Minister Vitaly Teslenko (also joined the regional government of the City Hall) was arrested. According to investigators, he associates with organized theft of budgetary funds in the purchase of X-ray systems for hospitals Chelyabinsk.