Former vice president of Gazprombank killed himself and family without a note

Former Vladislav Avaev, his wife and 13-year-old daughter were found murdered in Moscow.
A dozen and a half different firearms, including the Stechkin award pistol, were seized from a two-level apartment in the south-west of Moscow, where on Monday the bodies of the former vice-president of Gazprombank, and recently the general director of RTK LLC, 51-year-old Vladislav Avaev, were found and two members of his family. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, Mr. Avaev himself shot his wife and daughter, who then committed suicide. He did not leave a note explaining the motive for his actions.

The first alarm was sounded by the nanny who came to Universitetskiy proezd to the daughter of Vladislav Avaev, 13-year-old Maria. The girl suffered from cerebral palsy and could not do without outside help. Not getting into the apartment, the assistant called the driver, and he called the eldest daughter of the banker, who opened the apartment. In different rooms were found the head of the family, his 47-year-old wife Elena and daughter, whose death came, as experts later established, from gunshot wounds.

The pistol from which they were inflicted remained in the hand of Mr. Avaev. It is assumed that he first shot loved ones, and then committed suicide. According to Kommersant, the girl was killed in bed.

The work of investigators at the scene was headed by the head of the Main Investigative Committee of the ICR in Moscow, Major General of Justice Andrei Strizhov and his deputy, Colonel Sergei Yarosh.

Based on the results of the initial inspection, it was concluded that there were no strangers in the apartment, its door was closed from the inside, and Vladislav Avaev, apparently, fired the fatal shots.

It is assumed that he could do this on the basis of suddenly erupted personal hostile relations. However, the spouses, although they lived together, had been in conflict for a long time. Last year, dissatisfied with the way Vladislav Avaev was raising a child, Elena filed a lawsuit against him with the Nikulinsky District Court, but on December 14 she withdrew the application, abandoning her demands.

The GSU TFR qualified the incident under Part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code - the murder of two or more persons. The reasons for the massacre are not exactly known, since the head of the family did not leave a suicide note or it has not yet been found.

Experts and forensics worked at the scene until late at night, confiscating several computers and phones from the two-level apartment, which could contain records explaining the incident, as well as, according to some reports, 16 firearms owned by the former banker. With the help of the National Guard, the investigation is going to check how legal his possession was.

According to the Center for Licensing and Permitting of the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard in the Moscow Region, the man was the owner of 13 civilian weapons, including rifled, smooth-bore and limited weapons.

Even if some of the weapons turn out to be illegal and Art. 222 of the Criminal Code, the investigation will in any case be terminated due to the death of the alleged perpetrator of the incident.