Four former TNK-BP managers filed lawsuits to RN Management

Former top managers of TNK-BP, having failed to get any compensation from Rosneft, demand their payment at court.
Four of the former vice-president of TNK-BP - Vladislav Yegorov (legal issues), Nina Vasilieva (planning and efficient corporate services operations management), Irina Kibina (PR), Vadim Ogar (security) in September and November, have filed lawsuits in Savelovsky District court of Moscow to "RN management" (formerly "TNK-BP management", and now "daughter" of "Rosneft").

The representative of Sudan said that Egorov requires to recover from the defendant RUB 26.6 million. Amount of claim Vasilyeva -. about 5 million rubles, knows the familiar top-managers. In how many appreciated the claims Ogar and Kibina unknown. Kibina, Vasilyeva and Ogar declined to comment. Get comments Egorova failed.

Former vice-president, along with six other colleagues in the early summer, wrote a letter to the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin to the proposal to terminate employment contracts by mutual agreement from July 1, and to pay them compensation - a two-year salary, a bonus for the six months of 2013 and the long-term bonus, only about $ 9 million. The possibility of termination of the contract with compensation providedand applications for employment contracts that were concluded prior to the sale of TNK-BP, as well as an annex to the agreement for the sale of 50% of TNK-BP (a copy is in "Vedomosti").

November 13 the court refused to Yegorov. The representative of Sudan said that his application to the employment contract provides for payment of compensation in the event of involuntary termination of employment, a significant change in the plaintiff's office without his consent, expand the scope of its duties and responsibilities without the involvement of human resources or vice versa, reducing, and so on. D. The applicant does not was able to prove the occurrence of these conditions, said court spokesman. When will address other claims - is not yet decided.

On compensation TNK-BP's vice-presidents have the right to apply in two cases: when a change of ownership, and if they could not fully perform the duties stipulated by the labor contract. That is why the 10 vice-presidents have written at least five letters in "Rosneft", tells the familiar top-managers. First they offered to cancel the contract, after the dismissal - to settle the question of the payment of comcompensations of court, but the "Rosneft" has not given any response, he said. The outcome of each of the cases depends on whether the claimant can prove that he was unable to perform their duties in full, the source said.

In Russia, there is no case law, but the court will take into account the practice in previous cases handed down in this case - in the case of Yegorov, but the decision depends on evidence that the plaintiffs can show reminds lawyer of "Yukov and Partners» Olesya Salayev.

"Dismissed by agreement of the parties or on their own TNK-BP employees, the company paid funds in accordance with applicable labor laws", - said the representative of "Rosneft". "Rosneft", as a company with a high degree of state participation in the authorized capital, adheres repeatedly voiced by the state's position on the reduction of "golden parachutes," the size of the company's managers ", - he says.