France has decided to extradite the ex-Minister of Finance of the Moscow region to Russia

In Russia, Alexey Kuznetsov is accused of embezzling billions of dollars.
The court in France has taken a decision on the extradition of the former first deputy of the Moscow region Alexei Kuznetsov government. In Russia, he is accused of embezzlement of billions of dollars: he is charged with about 150 episodes of fraud and legalization of property acquired by a person in the commission of a crime.

Today the court of the French city of Aix-en-Provence decided to extradite the former First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Alexey Kuznetsov Moscow region in Russia. Since 2010, Alexei Kuznetsov was in the international wanted list. Concerning him in absentia by a court order was issued on election of a preventive measure in the form of detention, and in the Main Investigation Department of the TFR - a resolution on the indictment.

The criminal case against Alexei Kuznetsov and his accomplices is 340 volumes. "They fixed the evidence of his involvement in crimes such as fraud committed by an organized group on an especially large scale (ch. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code), legalization of property acquiredperson in the commission of a crime (. Part 3 of Article 174.1 of the Criminal Code.) and embezzlement (part 4 of article 160 of the Criminal Code..), - the official representative SKR Vladimir Markin.- In order to form the representatives of the French competent authorities on the fair presentation of criminal schemes, which, according to investigators, organized Kuznetsov, as well as elaborate on the evidence collected, the investigator of the Main investigative management IC Russia traveled to the French Republic and held a number of meetings with stakeholders. "

If the French side the decision will come into force, Alexei Kuznetsov etapiruyut in Russia.

As repeatedly reported by "Kommersant", an investigation into the accomplices minister - his sister Elena Kuznetsova, his deputy Valery Nosov and former general director of OAO "Moscow Regional Investment Trust Company" (MOITK) Vyacheslav Telepneva - has already been completed, and now they get acquainted with the criminal case, which amounts to more than 340 volumes.

From November 2005 to November 2008 organized by Prestipnaya team led by Alexey Kuznetsov by deception and abuse of trust has acquired a number of enterprises of housing and communal services of the right to claim debts to the municipalities of the Moscow region in excess of 3.5 billion rubles. Rights claims they were legalized through the sale of one of the commercial banks, which is then turned over the payment of debts to the heads of municipalities. Due to lack of funds, they were forced to take loans from the same bank. Subsequently, by order of Alexei Kuznetsov these loans for municipalities were repaid from the budget of the Moscow region.

Members of the criminal group, according to the TFR, is also committed theft of property belonging to OAO MOITK, to 7.2 billion rubles. This JSC has been created for the development and implementation of regional investment programs. Valery Nosov MOITK headed the board of directors, and Alexei Kuznetsov was in charge of its operation. According to investigators, in 2007, the figures of the case established the company "Rosweb", and which was transferred a significant part of MOITK assets. Then, at the expense of his wife Alexei Kuznetsov, The owner of "RIGroup" Janna Bullock US citizen, was held share issue "Rosveb," which resulted in "RIGroup" took over the company. As a result of all these actions MOITK was bankrupt, and the stolen money from the structure settled on the accounts of foreign defendants in the case.

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In June 2010, the ex-minister arrested in absentia, and in October it was announced in the federal and then the international wanted list. To ensure the sentence regarding the civil suit and possible confiscation of the Basmanny Court arrested the property of the accused Kuznetsova, including eight plots of land in the Moscow region, two apartments in Moscow and two cars.