Free cash register of Olga Polyakova

What's the safest way to rob banks.
Stupid people believe that the robbery of a financial organization looks like this: thugs into stock with stockings on their heads and take money. In fact, really successful robbers if they wear stockings, then only on their feet, and they kidnap finances ... at their place of work.

Last June, one of the scandals that are very inherent in the Bank of Russia broke out. At Olga Vasilyevna Polyakova, who at that time held the post of chief of the Central Directorate of the Central Bank for the Central Federal District, the account in the Swiss CreditSuisse found more than 3 million euros. If more precisely -3 128 254 euros and 97 euro cents as of May 18, 2016.

In another situation, a woman would be pleased, since few people in our time manage to come to such a weighty financial success. But the fact is that Polyakova is an official who is on payroll with the state and is seriously limited in additional earnings. To save foreign millions by honest work, unfortunately, in a budgetary position is impossible.

Especially, the woman, about whom she spoke, practically all her career spent it on the civil service. As entered in the Central Bank in 2000, so in it and sticks up to now. Let and not on the very first roles. Is it really that the Swiss millions have accumulated in him, the Eureka to the Eureka?

But even if so. Here we have to say that Polyakova is not only an official, but also a false person: in the income declaration for 2015, she does not mention any euros. The lady was vouchsafed to inform the taxpayers only about the received 12 776 816 rubles. Which, with all the desire, it will not be possible to give out a single European for 3 Lamas.

Or maybe the woman simply forgot to indicate in the document the contents of the Swiss deposit? It happens to everyone? "I'm all so contradictory. I'm all so sudden. " But no. And in the declaration-2016 Polyakova conceals interesting information: they say, received for their labors a miserable 20 006 184 rubles and everything on this. Get wiped, citizens.

By the way, the difference in income for the year before last and the owner of an impressive foreign account is explained in the most logical way. This during the unraveled disclosure, Olga Polyakova was a modest head of the department, and on December 16, 2016 she was promoted to the whole of the deputy chairman of the Bank of Russia. A new position is a new salary. New opportunities.

How could they promote the official, convicted of concealing such wealth of unknown origin ?! - the naive reader will be surprised. And then he would exclaim: it was necessary to drive her, or even to go to jail!

Indeed, Polyakova has transgressed several articles of the law "On Combating Corruption". He directly obliges state employees to report "information about their incomes, property" and at the same time forbids the sovereigns "to open and have accounts (deposits), keep cash and valuables in foreign banks located outside the territory of the Russian Federation."

Nevertheless, a wealthy lady continues to build a successful career, not paying attention either to the laws or to the public, which is obviously shocked by what is happening. And the Central Bank, obviously, is happy to cover a valuable employee and even transplant it from one cabinet to another, higher.

It is not surprising that the regulator will not get out of the scandals in any way, losing the relics of reputation and respect, which is probably still preserved among the participants of the financial sector, at a noticeable speed. But does not anyone think of a simple idea: the dirtier the Augean stables of the Central Bank, the faster their Hercules will be found for them.