From Galkin, Pugacheva and Kirkorov laid down a murderous triangle

Accused of the attempted assassination of Philip Kirkorov referred to Maxim Galkin.
As it became known to “Kommersant”, one of the defendants in the criminal case on the preparation of the terrorist act at the concert of Philip Kirkorov in Makhachkala in July 2017, the investigation of which was completed by the Dagestan Ministry of Internal Affairs, testified that it was an assassination attempt. As a customer, he called the showman Maxim Galkin, allegedly jealous of Mr. Kirkorov to Alla Pugacheva. In the interrogation of all three and confrontations with them, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan refused, considering this an attempt by the accused to evade responsibility and delay the investigation. The defense is about to appeal the refusal to the Prosecutor General’s Office. Maxim Galkin himself did not comment on the events in Dagestan.

Lawyer Israfil Gadadov, representing the interests of one of the four defendants, 20-year-old Khidirnebi Kazuyev, a native of Rich village of Agul district of Dagestan, told Kommersant that, in late December last year, the investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who dealt with the criminal case refused to incriminate the defendants to commit a terakt. Philip Kirkorov - due to the lack of corpus delicti. However, on March 4, alleged members of the cell of the Islamic State (IG) banned in Russia were charged with final wording - training for terrorist activities (article 205.3 of the Criminal Code), organization and participation in the terrorist community (article 205.4 of the Criminal Code) , the preparation of the attack (Article 30 and Article 205 of the Criminal Code), the creation and participation in the illegal armed formation (Article 208 of the Criminal Code), as well as the illicit trafficking of explosives (Article 222 of the Criminal Code) and complicity in their manufacture (Article 223.1 of the Criminal Code) ).

According to the MVD investigator, Khidirnebi Kazuyev and Gabibul Khalduzov, who worked at a construction site in Makhachkala, who arrived in the capital of Dagestan from the village of Tukui-Mekteb, Neftekumsky district of the Stavropol Territory, Gabibul Khalduzov, created a cell in October 2016. In May of the following year, Samir Ibrahimov, a resident of the village of Kartas-Kazmalyar of the Magaramkentsky district, joined them. Around the same time, according to the Interior Ministry, they began to discuss the plan of the terrorist act at the concert of Philip Kirkorov, which was announced on July 6.

Kazuyev purchased the necessary components (the fourth person involved in the case - Shamil Magomedov, who bought the canister of acetone, was found out by investigators) and made five bombs, two of which were equipped with striking elements - metal balls, screws, nuts and washers. At the end of May, two low-power bombs were undermined for testing purposes - and members of the group were convinced of their suitability.

In early June, members of the group gave Bayat (oath) of loyalty to the leader of the IG Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. However, “they failed to realize their plans, since the territory of the Khazar restaurant, where the concert was held, was guarded by police officers, and they could not properly prepare to infiltrate it,” the conclusion of the investigator’s decision to prosecute as an accused states.

The defendants themselves deny their guilt in preparing for the terrorist attack. Moreover, Khidirnebi Kazuyev, interrogated on March 4, after the final accusation was brought against him, suddenly declared that he was planning not a terrorist act, but the murder of the singer - allegedly commissioned by Maxim Galkin.

According to Kazuev, at the beginning of 2017, when he was in Moscow, “the actor Maxim Galkin approached him, who offered him 2 million rubles. to kill the actor Kirkorov ”- on the basis of jealousy of Alla Pugacheva, the Dagestan man concluded from the alleged conversation. Kazuyev claims that he agreed, and then he was allegedly transferred 1 million rubles in advance, a Nokia phone and a SIM card. Later, Kazuyev argued, he abandoned the plan, fearing that "many people might suffer." He spent the money he received on the purchase of components for the manufacture of explosive devices.

Khidirnebi Kazuyev petitioned for the interrogation of Galkin and Kirkorov, as well as Alla Pugacheva, as witnesses, and holding confrontations with them. The investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs came to the conclusion that these testimonies were given “in order to unreasonably delay the course of the investigation of the case”, are not objectively confirmed, and rejected the petition.

This is not my topic, - said Maxim Galkin, having learned about the testimony of the accused from “Kommersant”, “I cannot comment on anything.”

In turn, the lawyer Gadadov told “Kommersant” that he would seek to verify the version set out by his client, and for this he would appeal to the State Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to transfer the investigation of this case to the Investigation Committee.