From the Crimea to Donbass: the adventures of Igor Strelkov and Alexander Boroday

Russian political strategist became Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic; if someone was looking for a "hand of Moscow" in the Donetsk separatism, the search can be considered successful, here it is: a hand with a Russian passport in it. Get it and sign it.
Origin source
I would, however, said: Premier DNI was not just Russian political strategist, and clearly a poor Russian political strategist, because a good, of course, would have tried to behave so that his ears stuck out nowhere. Supervised be due to someone's back; in millions of Donetsk is not difficult to find a reputable local man, some old Honored miner, or a professor, or a doctor, who would be the nominal prime minister, and no one would know who he there in the quiet of his study advice or guidance (this is even uncomfortable talking , it's some basics, even less experienced in such matters the Soviet authorities in similar situations behaved as always, from the Baltic States in 1940 to Afghanistan 1979 - even in the most difficult situations, always managed to find a local Babrak Karmal, no one came into head to give official posts Soviet emissaries). A Russian political analyst Alexander Boroday for some reason, he headed the Donetsk separatist government, as decided to make a gift to the official Kiev, which will now be waving this Boroday the UN and anywhere else - look, they say, RossI even stopped hiding, openly defies all existing norms.

I must say that the appointment of Beard really makes almost absolute clarity on what is happening in the Donetsk region. However, it is not that clear, which expects Kiev side, but its purpose - a pretty good news for Kiev in the sense that, in contrast to the Crimea, Kiev does not deal with the Russian, open or secret in the Donetsk region, invasion, and a group of armed activists, more like Eduard Limonov's group in northern Kazakhstan in 2001.

"Public-private partnership"

After Alexander Boroday publicly admitted that he worked in the Crimea, I can tell you about our acquaintance with him - giving me comments in early March, he asked not to be identified by name, but now his name is already known to all and have nothing to hide. In my reports Crimean Boroday figured among the "Muscovites of the environment Aksenov," among others, among whom was the now famous Igor Strelkov (described below). Presenting my beard, the local called it "of Ministersrum propaganda "Sergei Aksenov government, but he asked to take the title as a joke. I knew he was not the minister - so look rather mediocre officials from the administration of the Russian president. When asked, if he is not an official, Boroday answered in the negative, and that works within, a verbatim quote, "public-private partnership." What kind of partnership in question, I knew already much later, when a friend of the "Right Sector," said that one of the sponsors of the campaign leader of the organization Dmitry Yarosh has become a major Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev. Given the great-power patriotic image Malofeeva, I found this information to a fun - if I could confirm it, it would be a scandal either Malofeev helps patented enemy Russian secret from the Russian state, leading some his game, or the enemy of Russia on actually not so the enemy (in fact, no one knows where more fans have the "Right sector" - in Ukraine or in the Kremlin, for which the "Right sector" - a favorite horror story). But Dr.okazatelstv participation in Malofeeva Yarosh campaign I did not, and I take the path of least resistance, just asked its readers in a social network, whether anyone heard anything about it.

The call came from the Crimea in thirty seconds after I write. The caller Crimean official told me that the version about Yarosh is so ridiculous that it even can not be called slander, because all who should already know that Konstantin Malofeev really actively involved in Ukrainian events, but not from the "Right Sector" and on the opposite - organized by the Foundation Malofeeva raising money for the Crimea was quite public, and from the non-public my Crimean interlocutor told me that even before the Crimea "polite people" Malofeev from his own pocket translated in support of "people's mayor" Sevastopol Alexei Chaly one million dollars.

This information, I also took note, but she left feeling understatement. We had to find out more. Telecommunications market in Russia is small, everyone knows each other, everyone heard something. I started asking about Maofeeve and his affairs in Ukraine - who knows what, who had heard. Posted all about the same - about Ukraine do not know, but just from the beginning of spring Malofeev somewhere has got, and when he somewhere disappears, it usually means that he formed some new not related to the telecommunications business.

Crimea annexed the Russian army and the Orthodox oligarch

Himself Malofeeva all my interlocutors described the same way - yes, it is sincerely and seriously addicted to spirituality, statehood, military history, it has a huge library of historical literature, back in the nineties, he was an active Orthodox leaders in St. Petersburg, spoke with the late Metropolitan John (Snychev ) that occurred in those years the reputation of an open fascist (the closest ally of Metropolitan Constantine Dushenov stayed in prison for 282 of the "extremist" article), and after the Metropolitan death Malofeev of church affairs moved away, became friends with Alexander Dugin, then with someone else, and by the early teens, parallel to his career as a professional minority shareholder, he turned to the brightest representatives of the socialhoc group "Orthodox businessmen" - in the words of familiar with it people may have questions to the manner in which he earns his money, but there is no question to how he spends them - churches, schools, historical research, and so on. Man, ready to spend any money on something that Russia has become similar to that, "we have lost" and that the site enjoys writing "Sputnik and mayhem."

While I was all sorted out, Slavyansk were already in full fights and became the hero of news militia leader Igor Strelkov. Another interviewee from the telecommunications market responded to my question question - you, he said, probably want to know about Malofeeva, because he worked for the bezopasnik Shooters? I nod to the form that I ask why, I rushed to the other malofeevovedam asking, hey, that's the arrow - it really worked for Malofeeva security service?

Confirm no one could. It turned out that the "Marshall Capital" (the company Malofeeva) did not have any security, and the name of Igor Girkin (such at Strelkova real name) owes nothing govoRILO. This was the beginning of April, in the mysterious site "Dumpty", where someone publishes the contents hacked mailboxes all close to the Kremlin people has not yet appeared correspondence Strelkova, in which he calls himself the former head of the "Marshall" Security Service (and this, incidentally, also it proves nothing - it is clear that about his biography Gunmen loves and knows how to dream), and I went on to ask their friends about Malofeeva and small. My next interlocutor, claiming to be the highest knowledge, said - wait, I know everyone who worked at the Malofeeva, no Girkin rifle was not there - and began to list the names, something like: Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov, Boroday. Boroday ?!

Following the appointment of the prime minister Borodai DNI fact his work in "Marshall" confirmed "Vedomosti" Constantine himself Malofeev. About Strelkova then you can not find out it does not matter. Already enough that of "Marshall" he Boroday. To small (I did not know yet that this Fusiliers, he was known simply Igor and surname do I know when I see Gunmenand on TV) in Crimea I was introduced just Boroday, moreover - according to him, he himself, Boroday, invited his old friend Strelkova in Crimea.

Such was the very "public-private partnership" in the Crimea, but, not knowing who is the private side, I could not assess the accuracy of all of this designation. Now I can. On the state side of the annexation of the Crimea, as is known, carried the Russian army, and with private - people oligarch Malofeeva, which during the stripping of "Rostelecom" from the people of the former Minister of Communications Leonid Reiman (and perhaps not only) has been a successful experience delicate work in the interests of the Russian state. It may sound like an anecdote, but the Crimea, apparently, did the Russian military and annexed oligarch Malofeev.

But, as has been said, Donbass - is not the Crimea.

"Shooter" and "Sasha"

I still do not know what it was - a huge journalistic failure (not written a sensational reportage), or a great human success (still alive, was killed by a stray bullet), but the text messages from Moscow « City Slavyansk. ATC. Who will be the events "took me on April 12 at exactly the moment when my plane took off from Donetsk, taking me out of this city. My mood was bad - I've been waiting to see the rebellious city, and saw the usual Donetsk, only instead of the regional administration in it - squat inhabited by unhappy people who are prepared to compensate for their dismal living playing in a rebellion against an imaginary problem.

Actually, the way it was until the day before April 12 and before that text messages that came from Moscow for three hours before it began Slavyansk. The sender of text messages, my old friend. Who warned Slavyansk - it I did not say, but he Boroday at least familiar. Name Borodai first performed in the news three days later, when the SSU wiretapping separatists in Slavyansk - someone with the call sign "Shooter" (name of Igor Strelkov will be known later) asked some "Sasha": "Who do we crumble?" And "Sasha "I promised" Arrow "live broadcast on channel LifeNews.

Judging by the tone of the conversation, the eldest was just "Sasha & raquo ;, and when journalists found out that Sasha - this is the Moscow PR Boroday, the situation will look like a verbatim quote from the movie "Wag the Dog" - political consultant commanded fighters! But that was a month ago. At a time when so much blood has already been shed, laugh at life as a movie copies, does not work at all. "Shooter" is now - the protagonist of the drama of Donbass, and "Sasha" - Prime DNI. Together again.

Slavyansk Donetsk against

Russian information space is not very rich in new faces. The emergence of a dozen new names might just drive you mad; Even I, when I write this text, all the breaks instead of "Boroday" write "Baba" - surely their many will long be confused, especially as field commander Babai has a big beard, and the phrase "Gunmen and Boroday" sounds more like a quote from "Our Rashi". I think that for many people in Moscow, all the leaders of the DNI to one person.

And it is not so. It is not just about people - about mutually exclusive. Start, perhaps, is in chronological order, with Paul Gubarevva - the man appeared in the role of "people's governor" Donbass before anyone else, quickly disappeared, being put in the Kiev prison, and now released from prison and even managed to make some controversial statements.

Russian official media called Gubarev "people's governor DNI," but this is a mistake, probably due to the habit of the media to solve the problem of the facts by the facts themselves. Pavel Gubarev proclaimed himself the "people's governor" is not the Donetsk People's Republic, and the Donetsk region - the one that is still part of Ukraine. Paul Gubarev's wife in the NPT - the minister or former (in the published Friday DNI ministerial list Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not at all), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he Gubarev in DNI - nobody. The leaders of the breakaway republic did not give him any post - perhaps why he is so critical of the leadership of the DNI and tries to keep Igor Strelkov. Actually, it freed from prison, prisoners exchanged for Ukrainian special forces, just Rifles - other leaders DNI Gubarev was free, obviously, is not needed. Pavel Gubarevin - episodic series before the last character of not more than. Former Grandfather Frost, self-proclaimed "people's governor", I suspect, on his own initiative in case you suddenly need to Moscow and Donetsk your local Alexey Chaly. Most likely, this is why so easy Gubarev went to SBU - his own and passed Donetsk, "Initsiativniki we do not need."

Those leaders of the DNI, which, according to Gubarev, there by the chief of the Donetsk oligarch Rinat Akhmetov - is a team proclaimed republic Denis Pushilin (openly wrote about his connection with Akhmetov, pointing to specific episodes, Yulia Latynina, we should also recall the anecdote, when people Pushilin protected office of the bank, owned by the family of former President Yanukovych), previously participated in the movement MMM depositors. These are the same people who a month sitting in a captured building in the center of Donetsk, in anybody did not shoot (and weapons from them or not, or some), hang on their barricades, posters, rallies and, in general, in any way threaten no one, but create a convincing picture of the Donetsk separatist - assumptionsSHC that just Rinat Akhmetov and the painting was most needed to, pointing at her bargain with the Kiev and promise at the proper concessions on his part, to convince Pushilin and his supporters to go home. Probably so would in the end what happened, if it had not started Slavyansk. This Donetsk - squat in the administration building, rallies and mock grandmother barricades. In Slavyansk, all grown-up. In Slavyansk Fusiliers.

Che Guevara in Bolivia

Later, that is, more recently, after everything that's happened, a legend from another source in the Crimea, which I believe is of interest on 50 - allegedly leaving the Crimea, Gunmen told his Crimean friends that task, he performed, but home He does not want to go, and now, without any job he is going to go to war in the Donbass - where he must perish, "but it will be a notable ten-pin bowling." This can really be a legend, but what is happening in the Donbass on something now and points. Strelkov no place in a tricky combination like the one in which disguised separatist Pushilin intimidates Kiev in the interests of Akhmetov, Yanukovych and the KremlinI. Gunmen just war, just does what he dreamed of all these years, when arranged reenactment fights and wrote articles in the newspaper "Tomorrow". Literally - left the hut, went to war, to the ground in the Donbass farmers pay. Himself to the peasants, of course, all the same, but who and when little things stopped.

Persistent rumors of a military coup in the NPT, ie the overthrow Pushilin Strelkov - these rumors as primarily point to the escalating conflict between the Slavic and Donetsk. Donetsk Slavyansk do not need, do not need Pushilin Fusiliers. Gunmen do not allow the separatists in Donetsk to go home, even if Akhmetov will Pushilin appropriate indication. Militants in Slavyansk more than once took hostages, but the main hostage Slavyansk sit just in Donetsk - the separatists captive who thought it was a game until he came Fusiliers. Calling in the premiere of his friend DNI Beard, Fusiliers, in fact, seized power in the office of the DNI Donetsk - now there for the chief of his people.

That is likely to become prime minister in Boroday DNI is not a Moscow political consultant,it is as small one, such as, among other things, the defender of the White House in 1993, as the author of many years of the newspaper "Tomorrow" and family friend Alexander Prokhanov. When we talk about people working in the Kremlin, for some reason we usually have in mind hardened cynics are ready for the money to say and do anything. But this is an unfair simplification, in reality, there is a sizeable number of people that the current value of the Kremlin formulated for himself twenty years before Putin. People who have always dreamed about such Kremlin, for which the work of the Kremlin - is not a business, but simply a continuation of what they were doing in the newspaper "Tomorrow" in the nineties.

Boroday certainly applies specifically to such people. His appearance in Donetsk in the role of a consultant is no longer a secret, but a man who openly commits a felony under the laws of Ukraine, only indicates that he is no longer at work. Last circulation of small shows about anything, but not that it helps Russia - Gunmen apparently in despair, rather than its local support and certainly not ready to fight, help himhim nowhere to wait. He is in the position of Che Guevara in Bolivia - everyone thinks that now everything will be in Cuba, but, of course, will be different. Joining Beard to small in such a situation - a story that Boroday for shooting was a real friend, and nothing else. "Russian political technologist became prime minister DNI" - but you never know in the light of the Russian political technologists. Probably, everything happens in these months in Donetsk journalists familiar with the Assistant to Kiev Donetsk region governor Konstantin Batozskim Taruta - also, incidentally, the Russian political technologist, until this spring worked Rosatom, and then went to work to Taruta. Does this mean that Taruta - "hand of Moscow"? Hardly. So and beard can not be considered proof of the Kremlin's involvement to a small activity. It is not the hand of Moscow, it is just Boroday, it happens too.

Russia - yes, of course, she is responsible for the Ukrainian crisis since its inception, and particularly in the case of Donbass one advocacy support is sufficient to be considered the patron of Russian separatists. But the propGandhian support - it is. It can include, can be turned off, as has often happened already. But turning off the field commander of the infantry? Developments in Slavyansk very clearly indicates that this site Ukrainian front has been living by their own laws, have long gone beyond and the internal Ukrainian intrigue involving Akhmetov, and that "public-private partnership", which we have seen in the Crimea.

And there is nothing in the world more interesting than political intrigue, out-of-control of the original sponsors.