FSB has returned 1.5 tons of gold jewelry to Antonina Babosyuk

The head of the Altyn holding company is going to return to the Russian jewelry market.
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Infamous head of jewelry holding the "Altyn" Antonina Babosyuk received from the FSB seized the company stores 1.5 tons of gold ornaments, which until recently were material evidence in the criminal case of smuggling. Business-woman has created a special commission, which audits the returned jewelry. Babosyuk itself does not rule out that it can return to the Russian retail market in gold.

Repeated complaints "Golden Queen" Antonina Babosyuk to investigators ran her victory. According to "Izvestia", the Russian FSB has returned businesswomen gold jewelry seized in the "Altyn" network in the framework of a criminal investigation of smuggling in which Babosyuk and her husband Vladimir Fennec were the main suspects. Most of these products are a commodity commission, which passed for sale in a network of "Altyn" third-party trading companies and manufacturers. Formally, they had no relation to the activities of the "Altyn" and smuggling.

- After a long paperwork we finally got to return jewelryCereal - said "Izvestia" lawyer Tatyana Babosyuk Nozhkina.

According Nozhkin now need time to "inventory".

- There is a special committee that sits and tries to structure all got to find out what is missing - explained "Izvestia" Nozhkina. - Products very much, so it is difficult to say whether there is a shortage. Let us not make hasty statements.

The lawyer also said that she Antonina Babosyuk considering a return to the retail jewelry market of Russia.

- Now it stores do not work in Russia, but when everything is counted and understanding of the situation will probably trade will be resumed, - explained "Izvestia" lawyer.

The FSB of Russia "News" declined to comment on the situation surrounding the return of evidence Antonina Babosyuk.

- We did not prepare an official statement on this issue - said the "News" deputy head of the public relations center of the Federal Security Service, Nikolai Zakharov.

The Guild of Jewelers of Russia "News"; They told that if you want Babosyuk be able to return to the market despite the fact that from the moment she left the competition in the trade of jewelry has grown.

- When the "Altyn" out on the market, he led an aggressive policy and has grown rapidly - told "Izvestia" Director General of the Guild of Jewelers of Russia Vadim Yachmenihin. - The market "eat" everything that they produced. Now the competition has tightened, the offer was higher, and the current market players are not standing still.

This Yachmenihin noted that the criminal scandal hardly hurt Babosyuk.

- It will always be able to change the brand, and to criminal scandals in Russia are more lenient than, say, in the West or in Japan - said Yachmenihin. - Although most regard the decriminalization of the article "Commodity smuggling" that many market participants do not agree with this decision.

The criminal case against the actual owners of "Altyn" - spouse Antonina Babosyuk Fenkova and Vladimir - Moscow City Court was closed in early December 2011 in connection with the Decemberriminalizatsiey article "Commodity smuggling."

According to investigators, in 2005-2006 and Babosyuk Fenko decided to monopolize the trade in gold jewelry in Russia. They bought low-grade gold in Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates and Italy, and then transported him to Bishkek, where there was a factory "Altyn". In Kyrgyzstan on imported gold put the stamp of high grade, then the jewels smuggled through Kazakhstan to Russia.

Investigators seized as material evidence of more than 1.5 tons of jewelry. Babosyuk and its protection have repeatedly appealed to various authorities with a demand to return the jewelry and economic documents. March 7, 2012 Babosyuk sent a petition to the 3rd Investigative Department of the FSB, and in June of 2012 - a new application to the head of the FSB of Russia SU Terekhova. However, the response to it did not come from the head of the investigation, and again by the investigator, who said that the issue of material evidence is solved. Now, finally, the story is resolved.

The very Babosyuk believed that the FSB consciously tightent return the jewelry and documents, to freeze the activity of the "Altyn".