FSB prepares for cyber threats

In the structure of the special service a center with very broad powers has been created.
 In Russia, a special structure for combating cyberattacks appeared - the National Coordination Center for Computer Incidents (NKCCI). The order of the FSB to establish the center was published on the portal of disclosure of legal information. It will be headed by the deputy head of the Scientific and Technical Service - head of the Center for Information Protection and Special Communication of the FSB. Neither on the website of the special services, nor in the order of the department, the surname and name of this person is not called. But on the website of JSC "Glonass" it is said that this position is occupied by Andrey Ivashko.

The new organization will be part of the forces responsible for detecting, preventing and eliminating computer attacks, the FSB said. The task of the NSCCC will be the coordination of the subjects of the critical information infrastructure in such incidents. It turns out that NCCCI will coordinate state agencies and companies with their own IT systems from energy, transport, communications, financial markets, including banks, from industry, including defense. These and other areas of critical infrastructure are listed in the Law on the Security of Critical Information Infrastructure.

From the FSB ordered, it follows that the authority of the NBCCI will not be limited to coordination work. The new structure will itself take part in the prevention of computer attacks and the elimination of their consequences, and will also provide advice to critical infrastructure subjects for the detection of cyberthreats.

The center will aggregate data on computer attacks and assess the effectiveness of the fight against hackers. To prevent cyberthreats, the NKCCI has the right to request information from any organization, including foreign ones, from the order of the FSB. The new structure will be responsible for the exchange of such information with authorized bodies of foreign states, international and non-governmental organizations. At the same time, the NBCCI has the right to refuse to provide information to foreign structures about computer incidents in Russia.

In its work, the NCCI will be able to attract profile organizations and experts. The information and analytical, organizational and material support of the new structure will be provided by the FSB information security and special communication center.