Galina Klein beer hit in the head

A criminal case has been initiated against the spouse of the Tomsk mayor.
In Tomsk, a criminal case was initiated against the wife of the mayor of the city, Galina Klein, who heads the Tomskoe Pivo company. She is suspected of resisting the security forces, who came with a search to the apartment of the mayor, who is himself under investigation. In addition, the first lady of Tomsk, according to law enforcement officers, obstructed the investigative and operational measures: she presumably threw a pillow to the driver, in which documents with the details of the accounts of the Klein family in Russian and Swiss banks were allegedly hidden.

The Department for Investigation of Particularly Important Cases of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Tomsk Region has opened a criminal case against Galina Klein, the wife of the arrested mayor of Tomsk Ivan Klein. The official's wife is suspected of using violence against a government official (part 1 of Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), for which she faces up to five years in prison, reports the Klein Case Telegram channel. Information about the claims of the security forces against Mrs. Klein was confirmed by the law enforcement agencies.

The events described in the materials of the investigation took place on November 13. On that day, the TFR opened a criminal case of abuse of power against the mayor of Tomsk Ivan Klein. One of the task forces working on the case went to the mayor's office to detain the mayor. Another - to his apartment, located in the city center. They planned to conduct a search there. According to the security officials, Mrs. Klein at first did not let them into the apartment for a long time. She rested her hands against the doorway, took the operatives by the arms, preventing them from going through. The mayor's wife allegedly even hit one of the security officials. The experts considered the damage as "not dangerous to life or health."

In addition, choosing the right moment, the mayor's wife allegedly threw a pillow to the driver, in which documents with the details of the accounts of the Klein family opened in Russian and foreign banks were hidden. The total amount of funds stored on them amounted to about 1.3 billion rubles.

Ivan Klein's lawyers did not comment on the initiation of a criminal case against his wife, considering it premature at this stage. They noted that Galina Klein had not yet been interrogated, she had not been charged.

Ivan Klein himself, whom the court dismissed from his post as mayor during the investigation, has been in jail since November 14. According to the investigation, the official who has headed Tomsk since 2013 has used his powers in the interests of the company OAO Tomskoye Pivo, which belongs to his family. According to SPARK-Interfax, Ivan Klein is the main shareholder of this enterprise: he owns 51.02% of the shares, the rest of the co-owners are members of his family. According to the investigation, the mayor of Tomsk prevented the Tomsk businessman Rinat Aminov from obtaining a land plot adjacent to the brewery. The recently arrested mayor recorded an appeal to the townspeople in the jail cell. The mayor called the charges against him "far-fetched" and promised to fight for his good name.