Gazprom called the price for getting rid of Ukraine

The gas corporation will save at least 1 billion dollars a year on the "Nord Stream-2" as compared to transit through Ukraine.
"Gazprom" has appreciated the positive outlook of the Ukrainian gas transit pipeline with the Ukrainian route of the "North Stream-2" gas pipeline to $ 1 billion in a year, the EBITDA and free-flowing companies. In general, Gazprom has paid the trans-fication tariff in fact itself, and that is why it has been the case for new system-based systems, such as corrosion and resilience.

"Gazprom" has suffered from $ 1 billion in a year, said the company's financial director Andrei Kruglov at a news conference with New York-based Investors. On the other hand, he remembered that 55 billion cubic meters of crude oil were sold - Mr Kruglov said that the "Nord Stream-2" is a consolidation of accounts in the Gazprom accounts under IFRS (Seachas Gazprom, a single shareholder of the project), but it is the only company to pay for transport, in its own right, in its own right the bankruptcy of the operating state, as the investment plan has been replaced by the non-governmental stature - amortization.

«With points the formation of EBITDA and the free flow of the investment component become equal zero. The obligeous formations have attached the component equal to zero. Difference in the polish of the increase in the increase of the key financial indicators and the flow of the day ", - declared on.

Kromë togo, like Gazprom, even polish Tarif Several stream-2 (with the investment account closed), the third rate of the current tariff for Ukraine was calculated as a reduction in the rate of transport in the system.

I am talking about a Ukrainian gas transport system, I am afraid of the companies Alexandr Medvedev said that "a Ukrainian corridor could function and I would like to thank this one, which is not 100%". On that occasion, the consulting companies Mott MacDonald, according to which Ukraine needed to invest in the modernization of its own $ 4,8 billion for the summer, "in the face of Kiev, have invested in the market". However, the capital of the "North Stream-2" of € 8 billion, it has been more likely to end the modernization of the Ukrainian system with the same volume of power in the GTC (in three years).