Gazprom Drilling Company named its owners

The main drilling contractor of Gazprom left offshore. Since December 29, the company is directly owned by three individuals: Igor Rothenberg, Boris Rotenberg and Alexander Zamyatin.
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Gazprom drilling has finished deofshorization, among its owners there are no offshore companies anymore.

Gazprom Drilling LLC, Gazprom's main drilling contractor and one of the largest drilling contractors in Russia, completed the procedure for de-fogging and officially named its owners.

As follows from the database of SPARK Interfax, since December 29, 2017 the company is directly owned by Igor Rothenberg (78.71%), Boris Rotenberg (16.290%) and Alexander Zamyatin (5%).

In a conversation with a RBC correspondent, Rotenberg's representative called this transaction de-orphanization.

In 2014, Russian billionaire Arkady Rothenbreng told that he sold his Gazprom Drilling company to his son Igor Rotenberg. Gazprom drilling, the company that builds oil and gas wells, was also bought by Igor. This business in the form in which it is now - in general, its merit, "- explained then Rotenberg.

However, neither he nor the company representatives named the other beneficiaries of the company.

According to SPARK, in 2011 Gazprom drilling was 100% owned by Gazprom. In July 2014 the Cyprus firm "Milasi Business Limited" became a wholly owned company. In December 2017, 12 transactions were recorded with various interests of the company, in which companies registered in Cyprus and Saint Lucia participated, as a result of which Igor and Boris Rotenbergs, as well as Zamyatin, became the owners of Gazprom Drilling.

According to the Russian Forbes rating, the Rothenberg family clan ranks second in Russia in terms of state size - $ 4.2 billion. It includes brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, son of Arkady Igor and son of Boris Roman.

Arkady Rotenberg was listed on the US Ministry of Finance's sanction list in 2015, along with his brother Boris, he also appears on the EU's sanctions list.