Gazprom will cut off pipelines for Kiev

The gas giant could save tens of billions of dollars.
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"Gazprom" refused by pipeline to Ukraine. This morning, on Thursday, June 16 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Chairman of the Board Alexei Miller.

. According to him, 4.3 thousand km of pipes in this area will be eliminated before 2020, and 10.7 thous. Km - by 2030. And after four years of service will bring 62 compressor workshops, Miller added.

This applies to the pipeline Yamburg - Sudzha, the one on which the natural gas supplied to Ukraine. After cutting through the country will be to pump 10-15 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year.

Optimization of gas transmission capacities the company has already started. By 2020, "Gazprom" will reduce operating costs by $ 1.6 billion, and by 2030 - almost $ 2 billion.

For transit through Ukraine to 30 billion cubic meters. m per year for 25 years, "Gazprom" can save $ 25-43 billion, said CEO Alexei Miller, speaking at the SPIEF. According to him, gas supplies through Ukraine is more expensive than in the "Nord Stream - 2", 20%.

In preparation for the supplies for "Nord Stream - 2" company optimizes systemmain gas pipelines in the Central region. Unleash the power will allow by 2020 to save $ 1.6 billion, Miller said.

"Nord Stream - 2" effectively not only by less than Ukraine, the length (to 1885 km, or 45%), but also more effective (working pressure - up to 120 atmospheres compared to 55-75 in the central transmission corridor).

The head of "Gazprom" said that many were interested in the "Nord Stream - 2", but "no formal application was not." On Wednesday, June 15, was received by the investment adviser report - the bank "Intesa".

The project envisages the creation of the gas pipeline system capacity of 55 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. Participants of the "Nord Stream - 2" steel "Gazprom", the German BASF and the E.ON, French Engie, Austrian OMV and Anglo-Dutch Shell.

In 2015, "Naftogaz" has informed "Gazprom" on adoption by Ukraine of new pricing rules on gas transportation services, in particular - the principle of "transports-or-pay". As explained in the company then, a change in the tariff policy proisHe walks from the fact that the National Commission for state regulation in the areas of energy and communal services of Ukraine (NKREKU) set tariffs for transportation of natural gas through pipelines to cross-border entry and exit points. For all entry points has been established rate is $ 12.47 per 1 thou. Cu. meters. The cost of exit points ranged from $ 16.74 to $ 32.80 per 1 thou. Cu. meters.

Ukraine is waiting for the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court in two cases. The first - on the purchase and sale of gas between it and the Russian Federation, the second - on the conditions of transit of Russian natural gas through its territory, which "Naftogaz" seeks to increase the value of three times - about $ 6 billion a year. Also Kiev hopes to court to oblige the Russian side to pump volumes of gas transit contracted.

Total payments to "Naftogaz" plans to bail on the two cases, reaching almost $ 50 billion. About $ 30 billion of them - compensation for the already acquired earlier Russian gas, for which, in the opinion of Ukraine, Kiev overpaid. Hearings on the case will be held in the fall, and a decision is expected by the end of this - startedin the next year.