Gazprombank's Vice-President Andrei Zokin sold the plant in the Czech Republic

Gazprombank's Vice-President Andrei Zokin got rid of the problematic asset in the Czech Republic. The bankrupt metallurgical plant Poldi Kladno was bought by a businessman from Dnepropetrovsk for $ 10 million.
The metallurgical company Poldi and the Poldi Trade trade office located in the Czech city of Kladno were sold to a shareholder for 261 million kroons (10.3 million dollars) of Compagnia del mediterraneo Steel, owned by Stanislav Kraslavski, a Swiss-based businessman from Dnepropetrovsk.

The former owner of Poldi Klado, according to the commercial register, is the Cypriot offshore company Rucarto Limited. The Czech edition of MF Dnes asserts that he is hiding the vice-president of Gazprombank Andrey Zokin. Zokin, in turn, bought Poldi Kladno from the German company Schölz in 2009.

In the same year, the plant began to have problems with delays in paying salaries to employees, then it could not service other debts. At the beginning of 2017, the enterprise owed more than 100 creditors to half a billion kroons. The very process of recognizing Poldi as insolvent began on February 23, 2016 on the basis of the decision of the City Court of Prague. On June 16, the same court authorized the reorganization of the debtor company.

However, the reorganization plan was never implemented, the company was unable to pay its debts. In December 2017, all employees of Poldi and Poldi Trade, 150 of them, were dismissed. The enterprise itself was put up for auction. Experts estimated the plant at 180 million crowns. The auction was attended by two applicants. The victory was won by Compagnia del mediterraneo Steel, created just a month ago (March 2, 2018) in Brno. Until May 14, she must transfer for Poldi Kladno 261 million kroons. The second bidder is not informed.

The bankruptcy of Poldi Kladno is the third unsuccessful Russian investment in Czech metallurgy. Thus, in 2005 Evraz acquired the Ostrowski steel plant Vitkovice Steel for $ 285 million, and in April 2014 sold that asset only 89 million euros plus a debt to a group of private investors. OMZ Holding together with the Škoda JS plant bought the steelmaking company Pilsen Steel for about 40 million euros in 2006, selling it in 2010 to Igor Shamis for 125.6 million euros, of which about 110 million euros were VEB bank loans. Nevertheless, in September 2012 Pilsen Steel was declared bankrupt.