GC Region can get seats in the board of directors of the pharmacy chain 36.6

The group is known for a good connection with Rosneft.
Shareholders of Pharmacy Chain 36.6 voted for the new board of directors at the annual meeting. The company will present the results next week. "Vedomosti" found out who can enter the new council of a large pharmacy network.

The shareholders were offered seven candidates for seven seats on the board of directors. The first on the list is Alexei Abolyayev. According to materials for shareholders that Vedomosti has reviewed, Abolyayev is the general director of OOO Region Portfolio Investments. Region Group has a sufficient package in the pharmacy network to nominate its representatives to the board of directors, the group explained earlier. The size of the share and when it was purchased, representatives of the pharmacy network were not disclosed.

But in addition to Abolyayev, one more person is nominated to the board of directors of the pharmacy network, which may be connected with the "Region". Pavel Y. Shadrin, according to the materials for the shareholders of pharmacies, is Deputy Director General for Investments and Strategy, LLC Long-Term Investments. According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, 100% of the company owns Cyprus WHPA Ltd. She, in turn, owns Sergei Sudarikov - the main owner of GC Region.

As the head of the healthcare practice of the law firm Pepeliaev Group, Alexander Panov, earlier said, any shareholder with a stake of more than 2% can nominate a candidate to the board of directors. If companies do not have a corporate contract, then a blocking stake of at least 25% of shares is needed to select two people from the seven GC Region.

Four people close to the Pharmacy Chain 36.6 said to Vedomosti that the structures of GC Region controlled the pharmacy retailer. The representative of GC Region did not comment on this at the time. "Vedomosti" expect responses from "Pharmacy Chain 36.6" and GC "Region".

"Region" specializes in investments in the financial sector. One of the company's largest clients is Rosneft, the group manages its pension fund. "Region portfolio investments" manages the assets of GC Region. According to the website of GC Region, it also provided services in the capital market of Pharmacy Chain 36.6.

The board of directors of Pharmacy Chain 36.6 may also include its general director Vladimir Nesterenko, MGMSU associate professor Oleg Fatuev and deputy general director of Valexfarm Oksana Tarasova, said in the materials for shareholders. From the previous board of directors, the new director of the legal department of MKB Capital and a member of the board of directors of Concern Rossium, Mikhail Kirilkin, and Sergei Shcherbinin from Walgreens Boots Alliance, another major shareholder of Russian pharmacies, have been nominated.

A person close to the shareholders "36.6", assures that Rossium's Roman Avdeev still has 3% in the Pharmacy Chain 36.6. But until now it is not known who owns almost half - 45.8% - shares of "36.6".

Since the end of December 2017, 28% of the "36.6" belong to the Cyprus Paneario Holdings, which, according to an extract from the Cyprus registry, through a number of companies owned by German lawyer Philippe Lennert. Lennert did not reply to Vedomosti's request.

Another 15% of the pharmacy retailer - the American Walgreens Boots Alliance, according to the documents "36.6" on March 31, 2018, 11.16% of shares - free float. The remaining shares are divided among several companies, a source close to shareholders told Vedomosti earlier, but details are not known to him.