General Sugrobov got compromised because of a bribe provocation

The resignation of the head of the Ministry of Interior, General Denis Sugrobov is associated with a corruption scandal in his department. 
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President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the Chief of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK) MIA General Denis Sugrobova. According to one version, made by sources in the Interior Ministry, this decision was a consequence of the arrest a week ago eight subordinate general - staff of the Office "B" - on suspicion of abuse of power and provocation of one of the FSB to obtain bribes. February 20 the Moscow City Court issued a warrant for the arrest of four of them. Acting head GUEBiPK appointed Deputy General Sergei Solopov Sugrobova.

Despite the fact that the presidential decree does not provide explanations for the resignation of Denis GUEBiPK Sugrobova, this event was not a surprise for the Interior Ministry. According to "Izvestia", on Monday, 17 February, the general had written resignation to the Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev name.

- Resignation Sugrobova occurred after his men suspected of involvement in the crime - told "Izvestia" a source in the Interior Ministry. - They have long been under suspicion, many sNali about what they are doing, so all of this could not continue indefinitely.

A week ago in the Office "B" GUEBiPK, which is fighting against corruption in the public sector, the criminal scandal broke. Eight operatives, including the head of the Office Kosourov Ivan and Alex Bodnar, FSB operatives were arrested in a criminal case brought by the Investigative Committee under Art. 286 of the Criminal Code ( "abuse of power") and Art. 304 of the Criminal Code ( "Provocation bribe"). According to investigators, investigators have tried to provoke one of the FSB to obtain bribes. Allegedly they had sent him to the businessman, who asked to take under the "roof" of its business.

February 14 operatives arrested were taken to the Basmanny district court of Moscow, where the investigator TFR asked to issue a warrant to arrest them, justifying it by the fact that they are charged with service offenses, and once free, can put pressure on the witnesses, destroy evidence or escape. The prosecutor, in turn, did not find sufficient grounds in the case file, indicating the involvement of operatorsativnikov the crime, therefore he refused to support a request for the arrest. The court sided with the prosecutor and released operatives. According to "Izvestia", February 20, the day of the resignation Sugrobova, the Moscow City Court issued a warrant for the arrest of four operatives, among them executives and management Kosourov Ivan and Alex Bodnar.

service check "B" Management continues In the GUEBiPK.

Officials from the Interior Ministry declined to comment on "News" the reason for the resignation of the head of one of the key divisions of the department.

Acting head GUEBiPK appointed Deputy Sugrobova Major-General Sergei Solopov. He was born in 1965 in the village of Vostryakovo Podolsky district, Moscow region. From 1984 to 1986 he served in the Armed Forces of the USSR. Service in the internal affairs began in 1986 in Moscow policeman motorized police regiment of the Moscow City Department of Internal Affairs. In 1991 he graduated from the Moscow Higher Police School of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs, in 2002, graduated from the Russian Academy of State Service under the President. Since 1996 he held executive positions for the year 2010units to combat organized crime and economic security. Since 2010, he served as Head of the Audit Department of the Moscow police. Presidential Decree of September 9, 2011 № 1184 was appointed deputy head of the Main Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption (GUEBiPK).

According to another unofficial version, the resignation of Denis GUEBiPK Sugrobova could be due to intra-conflict between his department and the Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry (DM). February 18, President Vladimir Putin and all of a sudden sacked Chief of SD Yuri Alexeev. According to some reports, the cause of the conflict was the situation with the investigation of criminal cases that investigators GUEBiPK passed to colleagues in SD. Some of them have been reclassified, others suspended or closed.

For the resignation of Denis Sugrobova and the criminal case against his subordinates and can stand high and influential persons involved in criminal proceedings that have been instituted on the materials GUEBiPK. Recently, on theperativniki worked on the case of embezzlement of Defense Ministry assets through holding "Oboronservis" for "trumpet case" in St. Petersburg, collected materials on the multibillion-dollar scam maternal capital and VAT refunds, engaged in business Master-Bank and other financial institutions.

Denis Sugrobov known for his spectacular career. He was born in 1976 in Moscow, after graduating from high school he entered the Moscow Higher Police School and graduated in 1997 at the age of 21, he was awarded the rank of second lieutenant. By 2013, he was promoted from lieutenant to lieutenant general. GUEBiPK he led in June 2011. At that time he was only 34 years old and he was the youngest general in the department.

Behind Sugrobova - work in the 10th operational search bureau of the Interior Ministry, involved in the fight against economic and organized crime. It is also known by personal participation in the investigation of a series of high-profile criminal cases. Among them - the cases of corruption deals in the procurement of expensive scanners for the Defense Ministry, development and retention of control at the head of the departmentPresident of the Board Andriy Voronin, Chief of Health Ministry of Defence, Major-General Alexander Belevitin Management and Director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Directorate single customer-developer of the Federal Agency for Healthcare and Social Development," Vadim Mozhayeva.