Generous Shoigu: the costs of army hockey clubs amounted to 4.8 billion rubles

SKA and CSKA spend most of all on the salaries of hockey players in the KHL.
St. Petersburg SKA and CSKA Moscow, as expected, remain the richest clubs of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). On Friday, the publication released data according to which payroll lists of army teams amounted to almost 4.8 billion rubles. Of these, more than 2.5 billion rubles. fell to the share of St. Petersburg SKA, and another 2.25 billion rubles. spent on the maintenance of players Moscow CSKA Moscow. Note that, despite all the impressive figures published, the expenses of Russian clubs on players still do not reach the expense of teams of the National Hockey League (NHL).

On Friday, the publication unveiled another portion of data relating to the payrolls of the KHL clubs. This time they concern the teams entering the Western Conference. As expected leaders of the solvency rating were army teams - St. Petersburg SKA and Moscow CSKA. So St. Petersburg spent 2.589 billion rubles for the salaries and bonuses of hockey players. As for CSKA, his expenses amounted to 2.258 billion rubles.

For comparison, according to previously published information regarding the costs of Eastern Conference clubs, the most rich team of the "East" was Kazan "Ak Bars" - its payroll was 1.671 billion rubles. That is, the leader of the "West" spends almost a billion more on the maintenance of the team than the leader of the "East". Let's add that the most "poor" teams of conferences, "Lada" in the "East" and Riga "Dynamo" in the "West", payroll almost coincide and fluctuate in the range of 327 million rubles. up to 394 million rubles.

It is worth noting that the costs of SKA and CSKA, despite all their impressiveness, are not solid by the standards of the richest hockey league - the NHL. It fixes the ceiling of salaries - at a level of $ 75 million (about 4.3 billion rubles.). And many teams completely choose it. Moreover: even the owner of the most modest payroll in the NHL, Arizona Coyotes, costs for players are significantly higher than for Russian teams - $ 58 million or 3.3 billion rubles. True, NHL clubs themselves and earn, which can not be said about the Russian clubs, which are completely planned and unprofitable.