Gennady Timchenko gets even with Valery Izraylit

The favourite criminal of Vladimir Yakunin now testifies against his patron in the dungeons of the FSB.
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Fourth time in his life came in the camera head of the port of Ust-Luga, Leningrad region, President of Industrialists and just multimillionaire Valery Izraylit. And for the second time - in prison by the FSB. Agree, this is only a sensation. Suddenly time, and at 7 am on December 28 in a country house at the Copper Lake in Vsevolozhsk area came with a search warrant operatives Transport service FSB in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Two, they seized a bag of jewelry, the suspect explained that this was necessary as collateral damage, which is fixed in the case.

Three, and Valery Izraylit arrested Dzerzhinsky Court of St. Petersburg at the request of the Investigation Service of Federal Security Service in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Four, and Valery Solomonovicha finished watching an ensign upon receipt to the inner prison of the FSB, which is officially called the Ministry of Justice on insulator Zakharyevskaya. So that immediately demonstrate the scale of the individual.

The main thing is that since 1999 Izraylit took the post of General Director of JSC "Ust-Luga", managing the construction of the same name and port. Six years later he became chairman of the board of directors. It is also president of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Leningrad region. In addition, he is an important person in the regional offices of the United People's Front. Of course, a prominent figure in the "United Russia". With regard to personal business, it is not only the owner of CJSC "Kingisepp Ferroalloy Plant", but also earns "Agri Ruchevsky spill", together with the regional and billionaire Alexander Rybal'chenko Andrey Murov - son recently left the post of chief of Russian Federal Security Service Yevgeny Murov.

In principle, if a serious businessman does not know who it is he or is not serious, or Russian. However, the investigation service of the regional FSB department turned the case brought clearly not later than 2015. Such a conclusion is, as in the past year as part of the case was arrested in absentia and declared internationally wanted 60-year-old from St. Petersburg Alexander Zaretsky. It is considered an accomplice in the theft of half a billion rubles, which is 28 December presented Izrailyt. Another thing is that today Zaretsky warmer - it is, according to some, is already in Israel.

According to investigators, the one and a half billion have gone right through, "Ust-Luga design and engineering company," led by Zaretsky. The mechanism is, according to counterintelligence, simple - overestimation and victuals went to offshore Virgin Islands. Of course, today's funny that our colleagues from 47news in August 2014 published an article "Do not eternal Izraylit" where detail told how in 2012, in the port of Ust-Luga quay "Rosneftbunker" Company partially collapsed (MFN, the current name of JSC " Ust-Luga Oil ") - the owner and operator of Europe's largest oil product transshipment terminal with rail transport on tankers.

MFN owned structures Gennady Timchenko. It was found that the pier collapsed due to safety violations during dredging, which led "North dredging company" affiliated Izrailyt. Rosmorport sue a billion as a penalty, and in August 2014 observation procedure was introduced in KFOR. So it seems that Gennady Timchenko have achieved at least moral compensation. And even he was quick to do this could not. After Izraylit often do not hide their ties.

Due to the stunning city and regional business news of the arrest Izrailyt, we decided to outline his unusual portrait. But for completeness of perception must be remembered that not too much to face the hero.

Skip that he was born in '54 back in the cold of the Komi ASSR. And I arrived in Leningrad to the year of the Olympics in Moscow. The city center of three revolutions, with all its temptations scarce swept the young Valera, and in 1983 Vasileostrovskiy court sentenced him to three years in prison for illegal currency transactions. In 1987 Izraylit again condemned to a year in prison for hitting a random aggravated. And as soon as he turned 29 years old, in April 1991, he is arrested for smuggling the KGB office, and the first time he gets into the inner prison of the NKVD historically that today Zakharyevskaya street and pass back to the Big House.

The colony Fornosovo he spends less than four years laid him, but met there with once gremevshego in St. Petersburg Nail-Vasileostrovskiy of "Kazan" clan. They can often be seen in a small house bar 5 on Cash street that was called "Banchok". Nail then played a progressive role in the life of Valery Solomonovicha. He did not give it to break the other gangsters. The first co-operative business Izrailyt was modest - such as a bar, but on the streets of Tambov. Despite the fact that Naila, like almost all similar characters, shot, Izraylit had already embarked on financial feet. And he started to respect the cold head.
And in the late 90's, with the help of relatives Vladimir Yakunin people, it is included in the clip of "Ust-Luga Company» (remember that Yakunin from 1997 to 2000 - Head of the North-West inspection Main control management of the president, then left the Ministry of Transport and oversaw just ports). Ust-Luga port is becoming a prominent Russian with all the attendant sweet. In recent years Izraylit was very important. Always on "Mercedes" with the "presidential" numbers "A003MR47". Lying will not - without protection. Always gloss, always in a halo of powerful connections. A bit arrogant, because, probably, because its taste should look like an aristocrat. If so news of JSC "Ust-Luga Company", something about the luxury yacht regatta with Izrailyt.

His little influential Grand Choral Synagogue, St. Petersburg. After Izraylit Orthodox. But he could not hide. For example, in April 2014, he personally delivered in a special capsule sacred fire of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. And deliver on your private jet Bombardier, standing now at Pulkovo. And everything looks fine. Take his son - Mark. He was a little over twenty, and he was at the famous restaurant "smelt" in the Peter and Paul Fortress, under the brand name Ginza.

Another thing is that in the case of the system were not the best way. For the "Company Ust-Luga" hang decent debt maturities and interest, and loans themselves are far from contracts with banks. But when all this whispering past couple of years, most establishment shrugs. Like, whatever it was, and he'll be something. Even so, if it is quite hot, it is something to get through to the VE-VE.

It seems that investigators Transport service, to disturb him on December 28 in seven in the morning, did not allow him to take advantage of mobile communication. And it was to no avail. According to information, the arrest was consistent Izrailyt. And at what level - not to talk business and power elite of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. When you get tired, we advise to pay attention to a tiny nuance. Despite quickly formed a team of lawyers, Izraylit not gone under the 51 th article of the Constitution.