Gennady Timchenko moved to Khrushchev's residence before sanctions

For ties with the Russian businessman his friend,  Finn Kai Paananen, fell under the sactions. 
Just a kilometer from the viewing platform on Vorobyovy Hills on the top of a steep hill above the Moscow River are hiding in the green houses, built in the 1950s. for the members of the Politburo. Now almost all of the territory belongs to the Federal Guard Service (FSO), started a large-scale reconstruction there. Construction vanity passed only one house - the first in the series, at Kosygin, 32. He Belongs Moscow mayor's office, and its repair has been completed. Yellow stone wall with a balustrade, a high arch gate and thick trees hiding two-story house almost completely, so that the street only the roof visible. Inside - a marble fireplace in the room and finishing of precious woods, the famous architect. This former residence of the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee by Nikita Khrushchev, in which he had lived since the mid-1950s. There he stayed, Yuri Gagarin, and here the same Khrushchev returned briefly after the party plenum in 1964 removed him from power and isolated from the outside world.

Now, as found "Vedomosti", lives in the mansion another person, isolated from the Western world by US sanctions - longtime receptaclekomy Russian President Vladimir Putin businessman Gennady Timchenko. The house on the Moscow River, he settled down after he lost the opportunity to attend his own villa in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva, as well as other places in Europe and the United States. "Alas, there is reason to fear serious provocations by the US special services", - explained Timchenko, in an interview with Tass summer of 2014, which prevented him to go to Europe.

More recently, the same limited and some of his friends: the US authorities in July imposed sanctions against those who, according to them, has provided "material support" Timchenko and the other participants in the sanctions list, including another old friend of Putin - Boris Rotenberg. "Vedomosti" figured out what these remarkable people and companies.

Finnish friend

"I still have not received clear information why has appeared in the [US sanctions]. I am surprised and deeply disappointed, "- he told" Vedomosti "Finnish businessman Ky Paananen. He does not hide that he was familiar with many Russian businessmen and officials, but believesis insufficient grounds for sanctions. A year ago, in an interview with the Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, the board of which he is part, Paananen said that since the beginning of the 1990s he had a good relationship with "influential people" from Russia, including Timchenko, whom he met in the late 1980s.

Paananen trade with Russia in 1985 g .: with his father, he supplied the USSR timber processing equipment, and received him in barter wood. Their company was then called Karelia Trade. Then his company built the main office of the Kirishi refinery (refinery) in the Leningrad region, which then worked Timchenko, and in 1991 participated in the construction of an office in Espoo for Urals Finland, in which Timchenko also worked again. Who owns the Finnish Paananen SET Group c offices in Lappeenranta, Espoo and St. Petersburg. Its key markets, says the company's website - Russia. Two companies of the group - SET Petrochemicals and Southeast Trading were also on the list. The first of these markets, Russian oil and bitumen has two terminals on the border with Russia in Hamina and Imatra, stated in the presentation of the GRUPy, dated 2011. The second deals with logistics and consulting. In 2011, the entire proceeds SET Group exceeded 200 million euros. By January 2015, according to the Finnish registry, one proceeds SET Petrochemicals exceeded 260 million euros, while net profit amounted to EUR 1.4 million.

The presentation SET Group in 2011 refers to the government project for the Russian president (he illustrated with the image of a three-storey country house) and the close ties managers group "with the Russian authorities and oil industry", in particular through the "Surgutneftegaz" and "Rosneft".

Even SET Group has built icebreaker "Baltika" worth about 70 million euros to combat oil spills in the region of Ust-Luga port. "Without good communication, this deal would never have been realized", - he told the magazine Chamber of Commerce Paananen.

In the journal stated that Paananen continues to cooperate with the Kirishi refinery, which started through the communication with the owner of the plant - the company "Surgutneftegaz".

Now the "Vedomosti" Paananen said that "Surgutneftegaz" is not a client group.

PreSedAvitel "Surgutneftegaz" has not responded to questions "Vedomosti", whether the SET Group its trader and whether sanctions against firms affect the Company's sales Paananen Kirishi refinery in Finland.

Russian Friend

Caught in the sanctions list Oleg Usachev works SET Petrochemicals Paananen, as well as the number of partners by Timchenko registered in Kirishi in the early 2000s. company "Olous" - according to SPARK, she studied the lease of railway transport. Contact Usachev failed. But employee SET Group said "Vedomosti" that he does not want to comment on the situation with the list, because it is "absurd." Usachev - the employee and not the owner of the business, he has never denied that he knew Timchenko. But the founder of the company "Olous" was a long time ago, and now the Americans their sanctions "simply deprived of his right to work", said the source "Vedomosti".

Now "Olous" wholly owned company "Success", owned Timchenko and another of his old friend, have fallen in June, under the sanctions - Peter Kolbin. Kolbin - one of the directors included in the sanctions list in July, Cypriot company IPP Oil Products Limited, trading in petroleum products. Once this company was owned Timchenko, but, as told "Vedomosti" his spokesman, businessman sold it before the first wave of US sanctions. This is now owned by IPP, is unknown.

Who fell under the July sanctions

In late July, the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control has expanded sanctions lists "for the violation of international law and inciting conflict in the east of Ukraine."

The list includes 11 individuals and 15 companies, which, according to the Treasury, to help entrepreneurs from the Russian president's entourage - Gennady Timchenko and Boris Rotenberg, as well as other persons involved in the sanctions lists evade sanctions and provide them with "material support". Among other things, the sanctions have fallen management concern "Kalashnikov" Bilyutin Andrei and Alexander Omelchenko. Also, former Ukrainian high-ranking officials on the list, the son of Alexander and Viktor Yanukovych statestary port enterprises in Kerch, Sevastopol, Feodosia and Yalta.

But we know that Kolbin Timchenko and conduct joint business. Last Kolbin was a minority shareholder owned Timchenko Gunvor oil trader and owner of other companies Timchenko: he owned 49% of the oil trader "Surgutex" and 25.1% "Yamal LNG" - the owner of the license for South Tambeyskoye gas field.

A former employee of Gunvor previously told "Vedomosti" that Kolbin - "big businessman, a rich man who was involved in the project and earned." But the Kolbin told "Vedomosti" other: "It's not that I'm a major. And not a businessman. You little misled. "

People who know Kolbina and its partners agree: he is not a businessman in the classic sense. According to them, it is particularly close to Timchenko person trusted to participate in the transaction and hold shares in companies, where necessary.

Kolbin familiar with Timchenko since childhood, when he was six years old, his father was transferred to serve in the German Democratic Republic, where Kolbin met and became friends with the same age, son Timchenko troops. Then for a long time friends parted ways: in the 1970-1980-ies. Kolbin worked as a butcher - minced meat at the store, he told his friend.

A person close to of Gunvor, calls Kolbina closed, said he likes big machines, knives, daggers and other weapons, but did not go on the hunt. This Kolbin - professional shooter, resulted from the materials of the competition in practical pistol shooting Petersburg Baltic shooting club.

Kolbin, according to his friend, almost never parted with a mobile phone, because he could always call "elders." According to him, Kolbin always been very modest, and the impression that he puts a signature on documents, but does not take the key decisions.

In Timchenko and Kolbina and now has joint projects. In March 2015, they were registered in St. Petersburg, a non-profit partnership "efficient investment market development."

Learn Kolbin controls whether the IPP, as well as his opinion on the sanctions and their possible implications, could not: he did not respond to a request for comments, passed through the era son.

High-flying company

The new US sanctions list was Finnish company Business Aviation Airfix Aviation, which was once owned by Timchenko. Previously, she was part of the "Air Group", offers a full range of services for business aviation in the airport "Sheremetyevo" and "Pulkovo". As says the entrepreneur representative Timchenko sold of Airfix, as well as all the "Air Group", in 2014, before the first wave of sanctions. The buyer and the amount of the transaction were not disclosed. Now 26% "Air Group" owns "Sheremetyevo" International Airport, and 74% - the company "A Group", in which one owner - the Cyprus AGH Aviation Group Holding, which the beneficiaries are not disclosed. Airfix more than a year is not included in the "Air Group", said the representative of the latter. And if "Air Group" remained in "Sheremetyevo", the Airfix moved in "Vnukovo".

As found "Vedomosti" of Airfix went Paananenu he confirmed "Vedomosti" that "is a majority owner of the company." As now is the company's business, he did not tell. But, judging by the Finnisheestra, it is going through hard times: on the results of its 2014 revenues amounted to 84.5 million euros, the net loss - more than 1 million euros. Perhaps, in recent years Airfix lost a large part of the clientele.

While the owner was Timchenko, the firm operated business jets, "Gazprom", "Rosneft" and "Transneft", serving their top managers. Now, employees of state-owned companies say that there have not enjoyed the services of Airfix.

Several years ago, Airfix planes flying and high-ranking Russian officials, say the two familiar Timchenko. They told "Vedomosti" that the aircraft companies saw not only the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin and First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, and even Putin himself, if his journey was of an informal nature. According to "Vedomosti" interlocutors, of Airfix planes to transport the daughters of the Russian president - Maria and Katerina, and the other Mary Putina - Yorrita Faassena. And in some cases, when Putin in the far trip missed his Labrador Koni, it was delivered to the president Airfix aircraft. workthe first persons of the state is always accompanied by the SSF, a special group regularly checked the aircraft and company premises spyware electronic devices and listening devices, telling familiar Timchenko.

According to them, two years ago, the company acquired the business jet Gulfstream G650, the speed of which is close to the speed of sound - especially to please the Russian president. But the idea was not at the time. Once in 2013, the US authorities are interested in the business associated with Timchenko, and launched an investigation, Putin stopped using the services of Airfix.

Officials familiar stories Timchenko refute. Shuvalov did not use planes Airfix, says his representative. Putin flies only on special aircraft flight group "Russia" and sometimes on the sides of the war, handed over "Vedomosti" his spokesman Dmitry Peskov. "In other airplanes or helicopters, he does not use" - said Peskov. Presidential spokesman added that an Airfix he knew nothing and that "the US sanctions list and add-ons have a number of comnies, switching logic is unlikely to understand. " Russian civil servants, with the exception of the President, often used by business aircraft, not being interested in which company-operator of their services, says an acquaintance of one of the officials. There is even a practice of buying a business jet for official and transfer it to any operating company, said the source "Vedomosti".

Italian misunderstanding

In the US sanctions list between the two companies listed Paananen another firm - Southport Management Services Limited. US officials have indicated that it "provided material support" Timchenko. Paananen insists that neither he nor his group did not have this company in any way. In 2004 Southport Management Services purchased for $ 2 million half oil trader SNG Trading, the other half is owned by Timchenko, told his version of the familiar businessman. The trader cooperated with the Colombian company Meta Petroleum, crude oil to the largest oil field in Colombia Rubiales. A year after the purchase of a share the same $ 2 million left Panamanian company Radnor InvestmentsSA. "As the settlement of the transaction."

The latter firm was lit in the criminal case of one of the leaders of the Italian organized crime - the Neapolitan Camorra - Raffaele Amato. In May 2010, he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the connection with a criminal organization, trafficking in arms, drugs and money laundering. Among other things, he was accused that he was one of the main suppliers of cocaine to Italy. Radnor Investments was one of the firms through which Amato and his men laundered money, then to invest in Spanish property. As stated in the materials of the court of Naples, with Radnor scheme has helped to ensure the anonymity of investments.

Timchenko knew nothing about Amato and his affairs, to Radnor could serve as a service company for different customers, according to friends of the Russian businessman. This company created and controlled one of the offices of the international association of accounting, auditing and consulting firms Moores Rowland. One of the defendants in the case Amato, a former consultant Moores Rowland in Monte Carlo Filippo Toledo, assured the "Vedomosti" that the services as nominal assets of the owner and dezhatelya Radnor bank accounts used different customers. "This explanation is suspicious, though definitely say that this would not be impossible. When people bring a lot of money, they tend to prefer the individual approach - says the managing partner of law firm "Bartolius" Julius Tai. - Man, protecting their assets, would prefer to pay a little more but get a company that was created just for him, that the assets are not mixed. It may happen that one client money launderers and all assets would be arrested. At least of these reasons is illogical to put all your eggs in one basket, especially common. " Representative Timchenko left questions about Southport no comment. "We have heard various suggestions about themselves, but they are far from reality," - he said.

Sport for all

Boris Rotenberg's son Roman, whose full name is in the Finnish registry looks like Michael Oliver Roman Rotenberg, has appeared in the list of US sanctions after the company acquired Oy Langvik Capital from his father and uncle, Arkady Rotenberg, fallen under sanctionswith Timchenko in March 2014 True, Langvik representative in a press release stated that the deal started back in 2013, but an agreement on the acquisition of a stake was signed in June 2014, t. e. when his father and uncle Rothenberg It was already under sanctions.

"Kalashnikov" reoriented

Under the July sanctions fallen people and companies associated with the Russian weapons concern "Kalashnikov", which is part of the state corporation "Rostec" and along with it is already under sanctions. In addition to employees of the concern that oversee its export destination and international business, - Alexander Omelchenko and Andrew Bulyutina - the list was included Udmurt Izhevsk Mechanical Plant ( "Izhmeh"), which the group operates.

Sanctions against "Izhmeha", 51% of which is in the final stage of the transfer of "Rostec" private shareholders - businessmen Andrei Bokarev, Iskander Makhmudov and Alexei Krivoruchko, causing surprise and indignation, spokesman concern "Kalashnikov".

"Izhmeh" is a manufacturer of exceptionalof civilian products, which is already more than a year it does not come to the United States, as there are not carried out any financial transactions. Therefore, the sanctions will not affect the activities and the export revenue of the enterprise ", - he added.

According to him, the application of sanctions to affect private business demonstrates unfair competition and protectionism amid rising demand and sales of Russian small arms in the United States.

Concern "Kalashnikov" in January 2014 signed an agreement to supply up to 200,000 weapons per year in the United States and Canada. By the time two years concern has collaborated with Russian Weapon Company (RWC), which received the exclusive right to supply in the United States and Canada sporting and hunting weapons business "Kalashnikov". About 90% of the exported weapons exported to the United States, according to "RIA Novosti". The general director of Concern "Kalashnikov" Alexei Krivoruchko told "Vedomosti" that a year ago in the US went 80% of the concern of civilian weapons, but after the introduction of sanctions Concern found the other markets. He also noted that in a privatevery Kryvoruchko, Bokarev and Makhmudov - - x group of shareholders sanctions do not apply and no fear of consequences or they do not.

Oy Langvik Capital - the managing company of the spa and congress hotel Langvik (Langvik Congress Wellness Hotel), located in Kirkkonummi, near Helsinki. Revenue Oy Langvik Capital in 2014 exceeded EUR 6.8 million. After the transaction Roman Rotenberg said that the focus on sales growth, improving quality of service and business development. The hotel is built sports arena and designed guest berth at 24 vessels, reported in a press release. Now the company, together with Roman Rotenberg was in the sanctions list of the US Treasury.

The hotel Rotenberg family has invested over 20 million euros and for several years since 2008 has made the building of the former Finnish bank complex with a restaurant, spa, hotel and conference audiences. In October 2014 it became known, and that went to the Roman Rotenberg share of his father and uncle, as well as in the company Timchenko Arena Events, which owns the Ice Palace "Hartwall Arena" in Helsinki and a minority stake in Finsth Jokerit hockey club. Langvik Capital and Roman Rotenberg own 50,5% Arena Events, confirmed in a press release Langvik.

Now Roman Rotenberg - Chairman of the Board and Arena Events Helsinki Halli. The guide also includes Arena Events Ky Paananen, and yet he is a board member of "Hartwall Arena" and the Finnish hockey team Jokerit.

Roman Rotenberg questions "Vedomosti" about what may turn into penalties for his business, did not answer. "I do not understand how anyone can generally be included in the sanctions list for such a weak issue. If we take such an occasion as the basis, the list must be thousands of Europeans - angry Paananen. - Right now I'm trying to figure out how to stay in the sanctions list will affect the business in a practical way. I am sure that the consequences can be serious. But I can not assess whether they will be significant. "

US Treasury spokesman told "Vedomosti" that "American citizens and those who are in the United States, in general, not allowed to participate or contribute to the transactions relating to those referred to inlawsuit, such as Gennady Timchenko. " "In addition, as the highlight of the Treasury action in the last month, we will continue to focus on ensuring the effectiveness of our sanctions, identifying any individuals or organizations that help to evade sanctions and providing material support to the people caught in the limit", - he added.

"Some of the heroes of the July US sanctions to buy assets from the people of Putin's inner circle after or the day before that, as it was in the environment of the sanctions lists. Is it any wonder that the US Treasury can be considered an attempt to save these transactions from the list of assets of people, throwing everything of value to friends and relatives? "- Reflects the familiar close to Putin biznesmenov.-

As Timchenko was in Khrushchev's residence

The fact that Gennady Timchenko is going to move from Switzerland to Russia, it became known in late 2012. His friends explained it differently. Some said that it will invest in Russian companies, as it requires a personal presence. Others added that the president of the Pathn is interested in returning to Russia wealthy acquaintances to maintain the growth of the Russian economy. Others hinted that the reason for the move could be of interest to the US Justice Department Business Timchenko.

In May 2013 in the preliminary memorandum for the placement of Eurobonds owned by Timchenko Gunvor oil trader said that two years earlier the prosecutor's office for the Eastern District of New York demanded that the member of the group of American company Castor Petroleum documents on oil trading activities. Agenda received three employees Castor Gunvor and one employee. Details of the investigation have not been disclosed so far. In November 2014 The Wall Street Journal said that investigators are looking into corrupt deals in Russia with the use of the US financial system, and compare prices at which to buy oil from Gunvor "Rosneft" and sold it abroad, and that the investigation is part of a strategy pressure on billionaires around Putin.

In July 2013, Sergei Sobyanin, while the acting mayor of Moscow, provided an area of ​​2.6 hectares at Kosygin, 32, on the territoryTorii specially protected natural reserve "Sparrow Hills Valley" rent to 2033 companies Zhardin Developments Ltd to the British Virgin Islands to accommodate the hotel. Since staying there Timchenko, told his two friends. Going to the address, the correspondent of "Vedomosti" not found in the mansion's gate signs indicating the appearance of the hotel there. The guard at the entrance was not surprised to transmit a letter Timchenko. He passed the information and after a while said that "because it [Timchenko] person does not know you, a letter is better to pass through the office."

As it turned out, the Moscow branch of the company Zhardin Developments, which went to the land "under the hotel", headed by Aleksei Merkulov. To communicate with them was advised to call back to the number Volga Group Timchenko. Contact Merkulov was not possible, the employee answered the phone said he could not discuss the question of the mansion on Kosygin, Timchenko 32. The representative of the matter and would not comment.

"I live in the house, decorated in classic Soviet-style. Even the paintings are hung in the spirit of socialist realism "- Dr.Timchenko was telling ITAR-TASS, in August 2014, stressing that Russia has returned to the sanctions and the Crimea.