Geobank plans machinations

Head of Geobank Mikhail Sahin plans to turn the bank into a retailer. Experts say that Sahin can create "double accounting" like in Arksbanka.
By the end of 2016 Mr Sahin had an idea: to make Geobank a retailer. Parallel to this, the bank's top managers expressed the desire "to increase the number of branches fivefodld." And then the fun begins. After all, Arksbank, whose managers stole 90% of the deposits, has been affiliated with Ilya Kligman. Geobank is also said to be Mr. Kligman's entity. Note that according to the director of one of the departments of Agency for Deposit Insurance Alexey Abramov, "Arksbank is a new generation of financial schemes, neither we nor the Central Bank ever faced."

What happened to Arksbank? The money of depositors were taken there, but no official documents reflected the receipt of deposits. As a result, Arksbank simply took the money to the "black accounts", and the citizens found themselves in a situation when even the bankrupcy of the bank wouldn't result in them getting their money from the DIA. This scheme is called "copybook deposits", and it was first used in 2014, when Mosoblbank collapsed, which had 70% deposit undeclared!

Coincidence? Not really. The fact is that almost all the top managers of Arksabank, came from Mosoblbank; and the system of "copybook deposits" was applied again.
Citizens are in despair: 539 Arksbank's depositors can not get their money. Actually, the state Sberbank had to come to rescue, which began to accept the statements of the affected bank's clients in the insurance payments. Sberbank had to find the funds to repay Arksbank's debts to 20 thousand applicants. In total, the state bank will have to pay 35 billion rubles!

Among bankers, Arksbank is called to be one of the many projects of Ilya Kligman. Moreover, Arksbank was said to be the main "vacuum-cleaning" bank of Kligman. By the way, the banking forums say Kligman also oversees such banks as JSC Long-Term Loans Bank, Baykalbank, KB MBK, RUBank, Megapolis, Ural Interregional Bank, PA-Bank, Agrosoyuz, as well as the tandem of Geobank and processing company RUCARD. All these financial institutions could collapse in an instant.

Also Kligman is associated with KB Spetssetstroybank, where, it should be noted, Mikhail Sahin worked from 2003 to 2013, fleeing shortly before the withdrawal of the license of the bank.
Market participants say that the interests of Kligman and Sahin crossed in OOO KB Transinvestbank, which, again, was controlled by Ilya Kligman. Although formally the founders of the bank are offshore companies.

By the way, a number of informed sources said that Arksbank "realized the scheme together with two other banks, also deprived of licenses: Tetrapolis and RUBank". These, as we have already mentioned, are banks related to Kligman. All these institutions offer services of "Bank cash center" (CSD). "Employees of the service offered to citizens to conclude agreements on the opening of a current account in RUBank, and agreements on deposits in Tetrapolis or Arksbank. The money from the account in RUBank was transferred into deposit accounts in the "banks-partners." Taking the deposit or the accrued interest was possible only from the RUBank deposit".

Kligman's gang

Later, in addition to Kligman and Sahin, another person emerged: Sergey Gerasimenko, which is not only a minority shareholder of Arksbanka, but also the founder of RUBank. Furthermore, Mr. Gerasimenko headed Dil-Bank, which was also associated with Ilya Kligman. Mikhail Sahin hanged out in Kligman's entities: RUBank and Agrosoyuz, and eventually moved to Geobank. Irina Bulgakova, a RUCARD shareholder, which is also a member of the board of directors of Geobank, should be noted here. 40% shares of RUCARD are controlled by Alexander Shmyrkin, who was a beneficiary of the RUBank, and continues to formally control Agrosoyuz and Geobank.

Most importantly, Shmyrkin is General Director of OOO Mobile Broker. The company's office is located in St. Petersburg at the same address as the office of a ZAO Mobile Capital, which is the office of Ilya Kligman! And this is not the last coincidence. General Director of Mobile Capital Alexey Selenskih together with Irina Bulgakova is the co-owner of the company RuSoft, a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors of Geobank!

Prior to that, he was co-owner of the already mentioned Long-Term Loans Bank and OOO KB Megapolis. and Irina Bulgakova is also in the Board of Directors of PJSC Sotsinvestbank. Also pay attention to the member of the board of directors of Geobank, Stanislav Shelovskih, who previously served as a member of the Board of MTS Bank, where his boss was Andrey Shlyakhovoy, now the sole owner of the Ural Interregional Bank (OOO" KB "SBA") and one of the key shareholders of Agrosoyuz. Market participants secretly call Shlyakhovoy an "ambassador" pf Kligman, who operates in the interests of the fugitive banker (presumably Kligman is in Malaysia since 2014).

In fact, this chain of connections suggests that Geobank will soon face problems. We emphasize that Arksbank could implement its schemes through "Bank cash center", which even sounds alike with the office of Mikhail Sahin, entitled "Multi-bank office." Sberbank for a long time will have to pay Arksbank's debts to the affected customers. Many were severely affected. But there are customers who even managed to earn! Thus, repeatedly pops up information according to which Kligman is called "an accountant" of the Tambov criminal group. The fugitive banker allegedly held there bandit money.

In no other place criminal money would be accepted, to say nothing about the interest. But by using the contributions of ordinary citizens, not recorded in official documents, you can use these tools to build up criminal deposits. Several media wrote that Kligman could have placed in Arksbank the money of certain crime bosses and patrons who are unable to withdraw money abroad, and unwilling to advertise them in Russia. It can be people from the "sanctions list" or high-ranking security officials. In the margins of the banking environment is increasingly the question is raised: what banks will next use the Kligman's scheme. Given the ties of Sahin with Kligman's people and his statement to increase the offices of Geobank "to almost 400 (!), it seems, the answer is found. The question is whether this answer will be noted by depositors, who can then lose their money?