German Klimenko recommended disabling Russia from the Internet

The adviser to the president of the Russian Federation has declared, that the country ostensibly can disconnect from a world wide web.
Russia should be prepared for a situation in which it will be disconnected from the global Internet, said adviser Vladimir Putin on the Internet Herman Klimenko in an interview with RT.

The possibility of developing such a scenario implies a draft law on the regulation of the Russian Internet segment, developed by the Ministry of Communications and aimed, according to Klimenko, to protect a critical infrastructure for the country.

The presidential adviser believes that because of the high likelihood of "tectonic shifts toward deterioration" in relations with the West, runet must be adjusted so that it is protected.

Klimenko noted that the law will not affect the activities of ordinary Internet users.

In early December, the FSB reported that foreign secret services are preparing cyber attacks to destabilize Russia's financial system. Rostelecom confirmed this information and added that it repelled attacks on the five largest banks and financial organizations.

According to the decree of the US President Barack Obama, Crimean residents were deprived of access to the services of Google and Microsoft. Also, Western countries threatened to disable the Russian banking system from the international SWIFT system, thereby achieving a collapse of the country's financial system.