Gold deposits in Vneshprombank's case

Valuables and documents for real estate have been seized from the trusteed of the ex-heads of the bank. 
As the "Kommersant", the staff of the Ministry of Interior, conducted a series of searches in the case of the withdrawal of nearly 200 billion rubles. from the bankrupt Vneshprombank discovered documents for real estate, obviously acquired on stolen funds, as well as dozens of kilograms of jewelry. Thus, it is possible that can be added to the laundering of stolen fraud case.

In large-scale events in the investigation of high-profile case of the largest bank fraud were involved in more than 200 operatives GUEBiPK, investigators of the investigative department of the Ministry of Interior, and the National Guard under the special forces. The searches in the apartments and suburban mansions of former top managers Vneshprombank, as well as their relatives and proxies have been exactly six months after the initiation of a criminal case under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). At this point, law enforcement officers gathered information about most is not only active but also potential defendants in the case. In particular, it was found that many top executives, including former co-owner of the bank and George BedzhamovaPresident Larissa Marcus, virtually all of its property distributed among relatives or fiduciaries. They also come to the attention GUEBiPK employees. During the searches they were seized not only the documents on expensive real estate, but also large amounts of Russian and foreign currencies, as well as jewelry. For example, in the apartment of one of the former top managers Vneshprombank police found Gift wooden box out of three bottles of wine, brim full of jewelery. A conviction in this case is confirmed in court, all seized during searches go against damages from actions Vneshprombank management. In addition, they may further incriminate kidnapped laundering (Art. 174 of the Criminal Code).

The collapse is in the top 40 by assets Vneshprombank occurred in December last year. In the course of verification by the Central Bank in Vneshprombank it was found a hole in the 140-145 billion rubles. December 18, 2015 the Central Bank introduced a temporary administration in Vneshprombank, the same day the Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Investigation opened a criminal case, and another dayLet employees GUEBiPK detained President Larissa Marcus bank. In relation to it, and also detained in late December, the Vice-President - Director of the Department of lending and deposit operations Vneshprombank Catherine Glushakova Tverskoy District Court of Moscow on the request of the investigation chose preventive measure in the form of arrests. Another person - co-owner of the bank Bedzhamov George, is the brother of Larissa Marcus, he went to Monaco, where in April 2016 he was arrested at the request of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Later, he, however, was released on bail.

The fault none of the three defendants did not recognize, even actively testifying Catherine Glushakova. Protection of the latter, insisting on her innocence to the incriminated act, states that "it took a nominal position and the Bank's management to carry out other persons with whom the accused did not enter into an agreement."

Meanwhile, in the course of the investigation it was found that the bank could be deduced about 200 billion rubles. To this end, the bank's management has used a variety of schemes. In particular, in 2013, gave deliberately sunk VneshprombankLoans controlled one-day firms, which were listed as a cause no suspicion. At the same time loans are processed without collateral and cash after getting transferred to the accounts of affiliated organizations and assigned members of the scheme. It grants loans Vneshprombank leadership and to itself. For example, Mr. Bedzhamov in Vneshprombank received 3.3 billion rubles, and his sister Larissa Marcus -. 1 billion rubles. Another 1.4 billion rubles. We received other top managers. nothing was returned from these loans.