"Good Bear" drowned in "Five Lakes"

The leader of the Russian vodka market changed again.
Vodka "The Good Bear", which came out in the first place last summer in sales in Russia, at the beginning of this year surrendered its position: it dropped to the third line, having passed the brands "Five Lakes" and "Belenkaya" ahead. Reduction of sales of the "Good Bear" was due to the problems of its distributor "Status Groups" who filed an application for bankruptcy.

The brand "Five Lakes" produced by the Alcoholic Siberian Group (ASG) in January came out on the first place in sales of vodka in Russia. Its share in physical terms was 4.2%, in monetary terms - 4.4%. Such data are contained in the Nielsen study, provided to Kommersant by two alcohol producers. The second place, according to the study, is Belenkaya vodka (Beluga Group owns it) - 4% and 4.3% respectively. Impact magazine in its ranking of the best-selling alcohol brands among Russian vodkas also places the "Five Lakes" first: according to the publication, in 2017 the total sales of the brand (both in the Russian and export markets) grew by 1.9% to 3.87 million decaliters. The second place from domestic brands is divided into the vodka of Roust Holding "Russian Standard" (more than 60% sold abroad) and "Belenkaya" - each sold 3.06 million decaliters (growth by 3% and 12% respectively by 2016).

The LRA was told that the company's own data confirm: vodka "Five Lakes" became the most sold in Russia (the brand already ranked first in 2013). Other comments in the company on Wednesday could not be provided.

Even in the summer and autumn of 2017, the first place in sales of vodka in Russia was occupied by the brand "Good Bear": for example, in June-July its share of the market was 4.9% in physical terms. The brand hit the top five best-selling vodka for the first time in the second half of 2015, but in the summer of 2016, it dropped to eighth place, and then returned to the leaders. In January 2018, the "Good Bear" was on the third place with a share of 3.9% in physical terms (in value it took the fifth place - 2.9%). In 2016, the decrease in sales of the "Good Bear" was caused by the problems associated with the fact that the distributor of vodka "Status Groups" lost the opportunity to receive the products of several Kabardian plants. These enterprises used schemes on evasion from payment of excises, because of what they were deprived of the license. To restore the sale of the "Good Bear" to "Status" was successful when the company agreed on its production with four plants in North Ossetia and with the enterprises of GC "Kristall-Lefortovo", a large distributor of alcohol, which in the first quarter of 2017 consolidated sales from "Status Groups ".

The current fall of the "Good Bear" can be explained by the fact that on February 1, "Status Groups" filed an application for bankruptcy. In December, the company reported that it received a call for early repayment of loan obligations and a requirement to fulfill obligations under third-party security agreements. At that time, the amount of its obligations to creditors exceeded 10 billion rubles., Supply of products from suppliers were terminated. The reason for the collapse of the "Status" one of the market participants explains the fact that the company initially sold its products to networks and distributors with large discounts. "When she was unable to give them, the products just stopped being taken," he said. Vadim Drobiz, director of the Institute for Information Technologies and Technology, believes that the future of the "Good Bear" will depend on who will sell the brand and on what terms. "I do not see anything in him as a leader, but since he has already gained wide popularity, he can definitely count on a place in the top 10 or top-20 vodka being sold," he says.