Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov plans to "convincingly" win the next election

Recipe for combating sprawl across the region dumps and a creeping crisis in the construction industry in Vorobyov there. But this does not prevent him from going to a new term, since the refusal of him can mean a term already prison.
Election campaign in the Moscow region began against the backdrop of a possible collapse of one of the largest developers of the Urban Group region and the arrest of the head of the Serpukhov district Alexander Shestoun, who accused the Moscow authorities of putting pressure on him. The governor of the Moscow region, Andrei Vorobyev, who was appointed for a second term, explained to "Kommersant" how September 9 is going to win elections.

"The state can not control the entire construction process"

- Now one of the high-profile stories - the collapse of the Urban Group, one of the largest developers of the Moscow region. Were there any prerequisites for this?

- We seek to control the situation for each developer. Last fall, scoring, checking the state of seven major companies. A number of Urban objects have lagged behind the charts. The company received a warning, but assured that these are temporary difficulties. But it turned out to be much more complicated. Of course, we will do everything so that this does not affect people. At a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko, with the participation of the leadership of the Fund for Protection of the Rights of Co-investors, a decision was made to finish the construction of the Urban Group. The oblast, for its part, is ready to finance this process together with the federal authorities (it is a question of capitalization of the fund, where 50% of the funds necessary to complete the construction of housing are allocated from the Moscow suburbs budget, the same will be allocated by the RF budget .- "b").

- Why do you think this happened?

- You know, there is Boeing and Airbus - reliable companies. And when the plane crashes, everyone is puzzled: how could this happen. But we understand that in such crashes, it is often the case in the notorious human factor.
So here: two pilots in the cabin of the Urban Group did not find a common language. We got what we got.

- You got potential deceived co-investors, that on the eve of the gubernatorial elections is fraught with social tension in the region ...

- Deceived investors will not be, because the authorities take upon themselves the completion of housing construction, which was sold by the Urban Group. Perhaps there will be some increase in the deadlines for delivery of facilities, but this is inevitable in the current realities. We generally strictly control the situation with interest-holders. For five years, they solved the problems of almost 20 thousand co-investors, handed over 120 long-term projects, attracted more than 50 billion rubles. extrabudgetary funds. Now we have 37 problematic objects, where there are 6,900 equity holders. Moreover, we are the leaders in construction in the country and we have 164 thousand contracts of shared construction annually. So this topic is noticeable, sick, but it should not be exaggerated.

- Do not you think that companies that finish building objects for bankrupt developers, because of this themselves will be in a deplorable state?

- Such a risk exists. But we always look at the economy. Once again I want to note that, with obvious problems during construction, the facility is placed under special control and complex work is carried out on it. Information about violations by developers of the terms of transfer of apartments to co-investors is taken into account when issuing town planning documentation for new projects. We analyze the financial condition of housing developers. But the depth of these checks is not great: we can track the situation with the developer. And how can we track the position of contractors who can pull down the builder ?! I can not control how many contractors buy windows or toilets. The state can not control the entire construction process.

"To create such a monster as a single subject would be too dangerous"

- The opposition has shown little interest in the election of the governor of the Moscow region. Are you satisfied with this situation?

- I take the elections seriously, because it is always a struggle. And the LDPR, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and the "Fair Russia" will nominate their candidates - obviously, there will be people known in the Moscow region. At the same time, I am sure of myself. We have done a lot in these five years, and, most importantly, we have a strategy aimed at the future. We are building a strong, healthy, clean suburbs, we have a clear plan for how to realize all this. I am ready for elections.

- What exactly have you done in five years?

- Salaries of state employees increased by 60-70%. During the same time, 250 thousand people got a job near the house. It was possible to attract investments of 500 large companies. For example, very soon the Mercedes plant in Solnechnogorsk district will start working: the first cars are waiting in the beginning of 2019. Eight maternity and childhood centers with modern equipment and highly qualified specialists were built. We fulfilled the president's instruction and completely eliminated the longest queue in the country for kindergartens, opened about 400 new kindergartens and 100 schools. There are, of course, unresolved issues. Particular emphasis on correcting the situation with landfills, eliminating the second shift in schools, also, without reducing the pace, continue to update the health care system.

- What is your goal in the elections?

- I need a convincing victory.

- Is it 70-80-90%?

- Convincing - it's more than 50%. Winning in the first round with a good result.

- Why, unlike Moscow, the political forces have no interest in elections in the suburbs?

- The capital was always more politicized, we have another agenda: we have to work on the ground here. This is building, sewerage, dumps, and hospitals - in general, everything that excites a person. Probably, in Moscow there is simply more politics.

- Do not you think that one of the factors without alternative elections was a municipal filter, which in Moscow is quite high - 7%? Even the Communists recognize that it is difficult to overcome.

- The municipal filter has never been an obstacle for parliamentary parties. Moreover, United Russia in all regions without exception helped the parties to overcome it: the CPRF, if it has a weak representation, and the LDPR, and even more so of A Just Russia. So it will be in our case. So there are no barriers to advancement. In general, one does not need to think that parties look at each other with hatred. We have elements of struggle and there are elements of partnership - these are the realities of civilized political life.

- If you help the parties overcome the filter, you probably have formed a list of candidates with which you will be more comfortable to compete in the elections. For you it matters who to compete with?

- We deal with our own affairs, the Communists and the LDPR - with their own. Of course, some negotiations, discussions on this subject are being held, but the final decision, the decisive vote is always behind the party itself and its leaders.

- Many in the suburbs do not even know that on September 9 there will be elections. Is turnout important for you?

- For any politician turnout is important, because this is the level of trust and legitimacy. Our opinion polls are not so skeptical about elections. In general, the classic in any region is a turnout of 40+, we are preparing for such a picture.

- Do you think that elections with such a composition of candidates can be considered legitimate?

- At what structure? We do not yet know who the parties are nominated for. But in general, of course, you can. I am sure that all parliamentary parties will participate.

- One of the innovations of the Moscow campaign was the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin to open polling stations outside the capital, that is, in the suburbs. How do you feel about this idea?

- In our climatic conditions September 9 is harvesting. Moreover, in the capital region the weather is still summer, so the probability is high that out of 4 million summer residents more than half will be on weekends outside the city. We discussed the idea of ​​opening plots outside the subjects together with Sergey Sobyanin, including in the train (we are talking about the mayor and the governor's action when they drove by train, checking the transport accessibility of the garden associations. "Kommersant"), asked the villagers, this is our joint decision. Therefore, amendments were made to the laws of Moscow and the Moscow region, which allow us to create polling stations outside the boundaries of our subject. For example, we, the region, can create plots in New Moscow, and Moscow can create in the region. These will be joint sites, bulletins will be of different colors, presumably. This is a test of the pen, but it is aimed at not compelling people to stay at home or rushing to Moscow, but to be able to go to a specially equipped room and vote. It seems to me that this is a civilized, respectful form of campaigning, it's no coincidence that the CEC approved it. Of the 4 million summer residents, 20-25% are residents of the Moscow region, so why should we lose these voices.

- You counted, how much will the project cost to open additional plots? Who will bear the costs - Moscow or Moscow region?

- There will be no more than 400 plots. We take part of the costs of the precinct election commissions - we pay for the work of election commission members. This is about 20 million rubles. Moscow assumes the obligation to equip the SNT with special rooms - it will be mobile mini-houses ... I think that in the next elections this decision will not be needed, as our electoral system will continue to evolve. There will be either the possibility of voting by mail, as, for example, in Germany, or on the Internet, sooner or later we will come to this. This is less expensive - to the issue of financial support for elections.

- In every electoral campaign in the Moscow region, the question arises about uniting with Moscow. Now there was a candidate who intends to advance simultaneously both in Moscow and Moscow region to promote the idea of ​​their unification. How relevant is this topic, is it discussed in the presidential administration?

- In every electoral campaign in the Moscow region, the question arises about uniting with Moscow. Now there was a candidate who intends to advance simultaneously both in Moscow and Moscow region to promote the idea of ​​their unification. How relevant is this topic, is it discussed in the presidential administration?

- By and large, there is no difference between a resident of Moscow and the Moscow region. This is a single Moscow region, and I am very glad that Sergei Semyonovich and my team are serious partners. We are trying to erase the boundary between the city and the region, because building the Great Wall of China would be a great folly. We signed a strategic plan for cooperation in various areas: ecology, transport, construction. The level and nature of our relations, plans allow it. Most importantly, the people themselves say that we have no right to fool around in relations with Moscow, to create contradictions from scratch. Yes, the skeptics say that there will still be a conflict of interests, but we successfully manage to avoid misunderstandings about summer residents, transport, and even the problem of garbage disposal.

At the same time, creating such a monster as a single subject would be too dangerous. The management theory still assumes certain dimensions, I do not see the advisability of creating a giant region. We have our own big farm, Sergei Semyonovich has his own, more than 20 million people live here, and thank God that we work in a civilized policy and are able to solve any of the most difficult issues.

- For the population, an important factor is social security - benefits, premiums to pensions, which are more in Moscow. At the same time, utility payments are higher in the Moscow region.

- Moscow is one of the richest cities in the world, Moscow is not such. In Moscow, there are 12 million, in Moscow suburbs - 7.5 million, Moscow's budget is approaching 2 trillion rubles. Our budget is also growing, but it is 600 billion rubles. In this case, the territory we have 18 times more, and more compact living is always less expensive than maintenance of a larger area. As for utility payments, you are right: we, like any city in our country, can not provide financially such support as Moscow does. But we are striving to increase our budget, we add 3.4-3.6% every year in economic growth. This is about 40-50 billion rubles. to our budget, but I would like more.

- The problem is that many Moscow residents work in Moscow and pay taxes in the capital.

- About 1-1.2 million people, maybe more, work in Moscow and personal income tax is paid there. We are trying to change this: we are opening up production in the Moscow region, building an infrastructure. If we continue to actively create jobs, the situation will change.

- Moscow authorities repeatedly put forward the idea of ​​collecting personal income tax at the place of residence. Have you given up on this idea?

- This idea was promoted, but from the point of view of administration it is difficult, and it is inappropriate for Moscow and the Moscow region to do this. We came to the conclusion that we should give people work next to the house. Make this an emphasis in our leadership ideology.

"I was not going to hide behind my back"

- The theme of LSG reform is acute in the Moscow region, where conflicts in municipalities constantly arise. How do you assess the project of converting districts into urban districts?

"I believe that this project is very successful and above all beneficial for people, because water, electricity, sewerage, public transport, and maintenance costs of municipalities are reduced, this directly benefits the residents. For example, water in Klimovsk cost 33 rubles, and from July 1 this year will be 22.5 rubles.

- The government of the region spoke about saving on municipal officials, but in each settlement there were still representatives of the districts.

- The total savings on officials for 2017 when converting to urban districts amounted to 1.7 billion rubles. For example, in the urban district of Shakhovskaya, which is 150 km from Moscow, there were 181 employees of the administration, now - 112. Another issue is that the police have become smaller and microdistricts are growing. But here we have to solve the problem differently: in all cities of the world, effective video surveillance produces a result.

- With the help of the LSG reform, you are trying to build your vertical power in the region.

- We are building an optimal management system. Without bloated states, conflicts from scratch, with transparent tariffs, with normal powers to solve the problems of the inhabitants first and foremost.

- How do you feel about those municipalities that do not want to unite?

- We urge, because the numbers are a stubborn thing. Where there is an urban district, there is economic growth, and debris is better cleaned, and people are more likely to meet, this is a fact. Unfortunately, the municipal settlement, which does not have its own revenue base and depends entirely on the region, is not capable of independent work. This is an absolutely superfluous link, which gives nothing but administrative barriers. I admit that this is the specificity of our region.

- On the eve of your nomination to the governors Basmanny court decided the issue of the arrest of the head of the Serpukhov district Alexander Shestoun. He himself in the courtroom called the "bullshit" accusations against him, stating that he was "ordered" by regional officials. How would you comment on this?

- The answer to this question is in the competence of law enforcement agencies.

- How can this conflict end?

- There will be elections in September, and I think that our candidate will be supported by the residents.

- "Our" - is it "United Russia" or regional authorities?

- I do not share them.

- Practice shows that appointments do not justify themselves. Often instead of the declared "strong business executives" come weak figures or those who are under criminal prosecution. It turns out that the authorities are also mistaken. Should not we return to the electivity of the chapters in order to share responsibility for them with the people?

- We all would like to see that the higher in the power hierarchy were people, the less often they were wrong. Otherwise, why do they go to power? But we all understand that both miscalculations and corruption in different parts are everywhere, throughout the world ... To share responsibility is, of course, sounds beautiful. But when you need to solve the problem, people are often not up to sharing responsibilities. Five years ago, at a meeting with residents of the same Queen or Klin, people almost broke me for the inaction of the head, whom they themselves had chosen. No one said: but let's share responsibility. They said: you came here to work, you are the head of the region, responsible for everything, take action.

We proceed from the federal law on local self-government, which assumes different options for interaction between municipal and regional levels. As for the electivity of the chapters, the overwhelming majority of colleagues who lead the municipalities, believe me, are close to the people. If deputies and regional authorities offer this or that leader, this does not mean that he can live in a vacuum and ignore people's opinion.

- That is, you are not ready to go back to electing the chapters?

- In accordance with the regional law, heads of districts and city okrugs are competitively elected by deputies of municipal councils. A head of settlements - directly.

- In Volokolamsk, where the appointed head, the ecological conflict has grown into a political one. What conclusions have you made for yourself from this situation?

- The former head of Gavrilov was elected in direct elections. According to Volokolamsk the situation is that the owners of the "Yadrovo" landfill site receive and receive money every minute, every hour, every minute, extract the maximum profit from it.

There is a technology that allows you to prevent any excesses in terms of odor. This technology was broken, and the smell appeared. Everything began with him. Plus there were those who poured oil on the fire.

- Who are they? So you think that people do not go out on their own to protest?

- I believe that the people themselves left. And I understand them, I share their indignation. The smell was terribly unpleasant, unbearable. But there are those who do not mind riding this wave. This is also a fact. I would like to refrain from further comments.

- For health, hydrogen sulfide emissions are harmful.

- Again. This is unpleasant and intolerable, I admit it. Precisely because it was announced: the children were hurt, I went there to make sure that they were not threatened (it's about getting 57 children with signs of poisoning to the central hospital of Volokolamsk on March 21.). Both toxicological analyzes and the investigation of the Investigation Committee confirmed that there was no poisoning. We have completely taken control of the degassing system and constantly monitor it. Just the other day, this problem will cease to be any noticeable. Mounted torch degassing. Everything is ready even before we promised. Here are some photos, it's important to show: it was - it was. We did it.

- That is not the owners?

"Under our strict guidance." The owners began to stir when we gave, let's say, an impulse.

- Why did not you speak at the meeting in front of the population at the height of the protest in Volokolamsk?

- I talked with people who surrounded me. Another thing is that the mood of the residents was, so to speak, not the best, or rather, the emotions and hatred of the situation, the irritation were so high that there was no room for dialogue. But then, when the passions subsided, the same evening, I invited over 20 people to my room, and we talked to the initiative group of Volokolamsk until midnight and explained the consistency and logic of our actions ... On the one hand, they say: power, remove administrative barriers for traders , but as soon as in certain areas you lose or release control, such disruptions are obtained. I will end with where I started: they received money every day for each car, but who is responsible now?

- Who in this situation is responsible, that it developed into a political crisis, when Volokolamsk became the center of protest throughout Russia?

- It's not easy - to manage large systems, territories. Are there conflicts or zones of turbulence? Of course, they can. Landfill got to us from the middle of the last century. Our country is very large, and we never thought that garbage could become a threat to us. We still throw garbage under our feet - alas, it is. We are still the only economically developed country in the world that does not share garbage. We believe that, since we have a large territory, we opened a dump and that's all. And it turned out that in the Moscow region there are no more free territories. Somewhere I had to deal with riot police, I could hardly close the Kuchino dump, where the birds fell from the smell. In the Necklace, in Electrostal, the polygons were closed. They also stinked. We started reclamation, it never happened ... Each dump lives its own life, it releases gas. The same Dutch and Austrians have long been serious about this. When the polygon is opened, a degassing system is already in place. And we all owners did not give a shit about it.

- Are you going to change anything in the personnel policy at the new term, considering the past events?

- I have to go through the election campaign, win, see the orders, proposals of the residents and, based on them, make management decisions, including personnel ones.

"We hardly have a conflict of interest"

- Let's move on to talking about roads. One of the problematic projects is the construction of the toll road Vinogradovo-Boltino-Tarasovka, against which the residents of Tarasivka and Cherkizovo speak. They believe that the highway will pass through the sanitary zone of the water canal. What decision, in your opinion, can be found in this situation?

- The construction of the road will not lead to contamination of sources of drinking water supply. In the area of ​​Mytischi Akulovsky water channel will be enclosed in the pipeline. This road should unload the local routes, which will redistribute the flow of cars from the Yaroslavl highway so that the accessibility to the A104 Moscow-Dubna-Moscow and M8 "Kholmogory" routes increases.

- After the launch of the Platonic system in 2015, the load on the regional road network has increased noticeably, as trucks attempt to bypass toll sections of roads. Is it likely that a similar charging system for heavy vehicles will appear in the suburbs?

- In 2016, if you remember, the project on the introduction of the Platon system on regional roads was rejected by the State Duma in the first reading. Today, there is even no conclusion about the economic efficiency from the implementation of such a project at the oblast level. Nevertheless, in 2016 near Moscow from the means of the "Platon" system was sent almost a billion - 758 million rubles.

- Are there plans in the Moscow region administration to implement a project similar to the renovation of housing in Moscow?

- As such, there is no renovation program in the region. We regularly have a new housing stock: 9 million square meters are built every year. m of housing, this is 11% of the total construction across the country. We have a program of resettlement from emergency housing, which allowed in 2013-2015 to resettle 14.5 thousand people. Within the new phase of the program for 2016-2017, 3,2 thousand people have already been resettled. Until the end of 2019, new housing will receive another 13.8 thousand people.

- And the last question. In the Moscow region, a significant share of the market for housing construction is occupied by "Aircraft Development". This company, as it is believed in the market, belongs to your brother. Is there no conflict of interest here?

- "Aircraft Development", which is being built in the Moscow region, belongs to the general director of the company Igor Yevtushevsky and Mikhail Kenin (they are partners of Maxim Vorobiev, the governor's brother .- "Kommersant"). My brother began to build in 2007. And basically does not participate in projects in the Moscow region. He has another company - "Aircraft. Two capitals ", which has facilities in St. Petersburg and Moscow. So there is no conflict of interest and can not be.