Grandson of the head of Rosgvardia Victor Zolotov lives in London and invests in bitcoins

In addition, Artem Chechihin uses Telegram, banned in Russia, starred in two music videos and plans to open a chain of coffee houses.
In most developed countries, the participation of the so-called "shkolota" in politics is not only not condemned, but even welcomed. In Russia everything is different. The Internet is full of photos, as Rosgvardia on May 5 tramples the dissenting youth.

At the same time, Viktor Zolotov, who gave the order to deal with the dissatisfied so severely, has not only children but also an adult grandson himself. However, in rallies against corruption Artem does not take part: he buys bitcoins, is shot in clips and generally lives and studies in London for a long time.

School for three million

So, meet: Artem Chechihin, 18, the rising star of Russian glamor. This, however, irony, but not only. In his 18 grandson Zolotov already managed to get into the camera, not in the camera, but in two clips (in vain, or, dad - Yuri Chechikhin - producer).

- Yes, it was the case, - confirms the novice actor. - There was an opportunity.

Scenic growth is evident. If Mota's "At the Bottom" grandson of Zolotov plays a secondary role, then in the novel of Arkhipov in Turn It Up, Artem was already in the main characters.

He plays very convincingly there a simple guy, although in life it's not so simple. He spent his childhood in Barvikha, he celebrated his majority at the restaurant "Berezka Shale" on Rublyovka. So take part in the protest actions he has neither the will nor the time.

In winter - the ski slopes in Courchevel, in the spring - the emirate skyscrapers, in the summer - courteous ForteVillage in Sardinia, and all the remaining time - London. Several years ago, Artem was sent to the prestigious Cranleigh School an hour and a half from the British capital.

Initially Cranleigh School founded for the sons of representatives of the Anglican church, but gradually began to accept any knowledge at all. The new sports center was opened here by Sir Richard Branson, residences - Baroness Greenfield. Training in the local boarding house costs Russian money under 3 million rubles a year.

This is not 2% of the protesting "shit", who do not have such funds for studying abroad.

At the same time in communicating Artem is absolutely normal and even his posts in the instagram - without too much self-admiration and Ponte. Sincerely happy when he is thanked for gifts.

"Recently," he said, "I decided to sponsor a contest of one fairly large blogger.

It's about the Denchiktv project. The contest is conducted by Denis Kurenkov, the former operator of Doma-2, who uploads his videos to Olga Buzova, Victoria Boney and other idols of TNT.

"I sponsored this at my own expense," Artyom explained to Sobesednik, whose account had appeared long ago.

As early as 15 years, he posted a tweet on his ad: "I'm selling a group in the VC 2395 subscribers."

And soon it will start selling not virtual subscribers, but quite real food.

- We want to open a cafe network, - Artem shared his business plan. - Everything is under development, but in the end of July we plan to open three points. While we will work in museums, libraries and parks, and then we will expand to the shopping center. But this is not a laxcher segment. The calculation is for students: high quality at an average price. There will be a new brand called ID cafe and its own chip, which I have not seen either in Moscow or London. Unfortunately, I can not say the chip yet.

Perhaps, it is that the prices in the menu will be indicated also in bitcoins. In any case, Zolotov's grandson was gilded on them.

30 bitcoins

"I am a partner of AirBitClub," the grandson of the head of Rosgvardia told us. - We train people earnings on the crypto currency, and we also give the chance to become partners of the company. Crypto currency is a trend, and we are happy to help people, first, to understand how this is arranged, and also to have income on this.

Earn in AirBitClub is very simple: no knowledge of the intricacies of the market - you just give the firm a certain amount, and that promises from 0.2 to 1.2% of profit per day. Those who lead new customers - an additional bonus. Artem has already brought several hundred.

- AirBitClub is called a crypto currency pyramid. Competitors slander? - I ask.

- No, it is, - Artem does not hide. - Only everything is arranged a little differently. Earnings are not only due to the connection of new people. Also, you earn on microbags bitcoin and etherium. I was also skeptical about this for the first time, but then I got to know the main representatives of this company in Russia, they helped me understand everything, and now I have no doubt that this works. In the meantime, it works, why not use it?

Last year, the US Securities and Exchange Commission fined AirBitClub for organizing the pyramid. But in Russia, as it is easy to guess, it is unlikely to come to this. Talks about the ban in the country kriptovalyut too long pereporthli. What official will be sawing such a profitable bit on his family tree.

Artem Chechikhin attracts new clients to the pyramid on his training channel in the forbidden service Telegram:

- The channel is closed, and the addition goes through my instagram. Now I have 938 subscribers in the telegraph chat room. From the chat and go to the team, and the team I have 455 people ... Sorry, already 576 people. That is, in the total amount in the chat was around 1500 subscribers.

- And the ban on the telegraph did not change anything? Did not you go to protest against censorship?

- The blocking on the business itself was not affected, since we warned everyone and advised us to use the VPN. There is also a backup chat in "Contact". And I did not go to rallies, since I'm studying in London and have not been to Moscow these days. And in principle, I do not consider it particularly necessary for me to go to the rally, because, I think it's a waste of time. If a decision is made, it is unlikely that they will be canceled.

But they probably will not fight too. In any case, as aggressively as with the participants in the May 5 rally "He is not our king".

"If there are any questions, I'm always glad to tell you more!" - Artem Chechikhin wrote to us in the "Contact" from the very beginning, but after the question of his attitude towards the fact that Rosgvardia, headed by his grandfather, is so tough with youth, took a pause, and instead of an answer we received a message: "You can not send a message to this user, since he restricted the circle of persons who can send him messages."