Grigory Pirumov again went to prison

The State Hermitage estimated its damage from the former deputy minister of culture and his accomplices at 860 million dollars. Pirums again behind the bars of the pre-trial detention center.
The Basmanny District Court, having satisfied the petitions of the Russian Investigative Committee (RK), sent to the remand prison the former Deputy Minister of Culture Grigory Pirumov and the head of the Rospan group of companies Nikita Kolesnikov, accused of embezzling budget funds allocated for the construction of a complex of buildings for the State Hermitage. The former official claimed that he had nothing to do with the incident, and the businessman asked to give him at least a small chance "in an unequal fight with the prosecution."

Speaking in court, the investigator of the main investigation department of the TFR reported that Grigory Pirumov is accused of embezzlement (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) 450 million rubles. However, according to him, this is an inconclusive figure, "it is taken at a minimum and can grow." In his address to law enforcement agencies, the State Hermitage pointed out that it suffered damage amounting to 860 million rubles.

According to the investigator, the wine of Grigory Pirumov, who now holds the position of advisor to the general director of ZAO "Russian House of Real Estate", is confirmed by operational materials, testimony of witnesses, as well as physical evidence obtained during searches in companies involved in the construction of the Hermitage facilities.

The investigator considers the head of the Rospan group of companies Nikita Kolesnikov to be the executor of the thefts. The "Mehstroytrans" LLC, participating in it, having won the corresponding competition, received an advance in the amount of 1 billion rubles in 2015 to begin construction of the public library of the Hermitage. However, most of the funds sent to other group companies were cashed and stolen, and the construction of the facility was never completed.
From the further story of the investigator it was found out that not all investigators, including the thieves, were identified.

In turn, Grigory Pirumov, according to the version of the TFR, was already going to leave Russia. "Literally today we received a response to a request from the" Travel Club ", which said that Grigory Pirumov asked to help him in obtaining a British visa," - concluded the investigator.

Attorney Fyodor Kupriyanov drew the attention of Judge Elena Lenskaya to the fact that all operational activities, references to which are available in the case, were held in September 2017. "But just then my client was in custody and that's why he could not engage in criminal activity," he said. Fedor Kupriyanov said that his client, Pirumov, even being a deputy minister, could not influence the leadership of the Hermitage, since it did not obey him. "I received answers to inquiries from the Ministry of Culture, and they fully confirmed this version," the defender said in court. "At the same time, the reply stated that the leadership of the Hermitage independently disposes of allocated state funds. So it was impossible to force them to pay for the construction of a particular company. "

Describing the proposed arrest as an attempt to get "necessary testimony" from Grigory Pirumov, the lawyer stated that there were no grounds for his client's detention in the remand center, suggesting that he choose a house arrest. He also said that his friend Academician Yevgeny Velikhov had vouched for the accused.

- I am accused of something that I could not commit. The Hermitage itself enters into contracts with contractors, "Grigory Pirumov asserted.

- At the same time, the Ministry of Culture could not influence their opinion in any way, since its employees are not members of the competitive commission. In addition, the materials have an extract about the fact that the contract was concluded on the basis of an electronic auction at the site of the Savings Bank. " "This is one of the most reliable sites, the result of which I could not influence," the accused said. "How could he not influence the deputy director of the museum for the capital construction of Mikhail Novikov?"

The official, who signed a scandalous contract with Mehstroitrans, is under investigation for the theft of 30 million rubles. while building another object of the museum. "Mr. Novikov was appointed to the post of deputy director of the Hermitage without coordination with the Ministry of Culture. And he is not my subordinate, to whom I could give instructions! "- said Grigory Pirumov.

According to him, the new arrest may seriously affect his family. "When I was arrested for the first time, my father-in-law died, then my mother died. There is still a mother-in-law, an invalid of the third group, and I'm not sure that she will survive the new arrest, because she is on my dependency, "Grigory Pirumov said, asking him to be released on recognizance not to leave the place. When the judge retired to the advisory room, the accused Pirumov became ill. Doctors ambulance fixed his high blood pressure, which soon managed to stabilize.

At home arrest or subscription counted and Nikita Kolesnikov, who appeared before the court a little later. "I do not recognize my inclusion as a defendant and ask not to be taken into custody, giving me at least a small chance in an unequal fight with the prosecution," the businessman said, referring to the judge. His defense indicated numerous violations allegedly committed during the investigation, but everything turned out to be in vain. Both figurants were arrested until July 16.