Group "Rusagro" can buy a producer of marble pork

The group can buy a producer of marble pork, the company "Capitalagro".
A large Russian meat producer, GC "Rusagro" ex-senator Vadim Moshkovich may acquire for 3 billion rubles. Belgorod company "Capitalagro", which was one of the first in the country to establish the production of marble pork. In Russia, this is still a niche product. It is possible that "Rusagro" after the purchase will not be engaged in the production of this meat, but will redesign the site for the production of traditional pork.

OOO GC Rusagro filed a motion for the acquisition of a stake in OOO TD Kapitalagro, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) reported last week. TD "Capitalagro" supplies retail marble pork, which is produced by Belgorod CJSC "Capitalagro". According to the company's own data, it has four pig farms with a capacity of 28 thousand tons of commercial pork per year and a processing enterprise for 20 thousand tons of finished products. Also in "Capitalagro" is a network of 23 stores in the Belgorod region. The turnover of ZAO in 2016, according to SPARK-Interfax, was 2.49 billion rubles. The owner of 50% in the TD is the chairman of the Belgorod regional Duma Vasily Potryasayev, but from March 3, 2015 his share is in trust with Sergei Chebotarev. Another 35% belong to the former deputy mayor of Belgorod Alexander Pashkov, 15% - from Ivan Roshchupkin. In CJSC "Capitalagro" 100% belong to Mr. Chebotarev.

The amount of the stake claimed by Rusagro in the TD is not indicated in the message of the FAS. To clarify this information in the service on Friday, July 20, failed. "Rusagro" is interesting for the whole business of "Capitalagro", say two sources of "Kommersant" in the industry. One of them claims that an agreement on the deal has already been reached. Asked by Kommersant about the FAS announcement and possible interest in ZAO Capitalagro, Rusagro CEO Maxim Basov said that the group will release the release after the deal is completed. In "Capitalagro" on Friday did not respond to the request of "b".

According to the estimates of the National Union of Pig breeders, in 2017 Rusagro took the third place in Russia for pork production (207,400 tons in live weight), slightly behind Cherkizovo (211,700 tons). In the first quarter of 2018, revenues of Rusagro declined by 19%, to 15.26 billion rubles, EBITDA - by 37%, to 1.71 billion rubles., Net profit amounted to 209 million rubles. against a loss of 344 million rubles. a year earlier. The main owner of Rusagro is the family of Vadim Moshkovich (71% of shares at the end of 2017).

The indicators of "Capitalagro" correspond to the producer of medium-level pork, says the head of the National Meat Association Sergei Yushin. Based on the annual capacity of the Belgorod plant, the source of Kommersant in the industry estimates its approximate cost of 3 billion rubles. Rusagro has free cash to pay for such a deal, said Marat Ibragimov, senior analyst at BCS Global Markets. According to the group's accounts, as of March 31, it had 1.47 billion rubles on its accounts. cash and their equivalents, as well as 23.42 billion rubles. monetary funds indicated as short-term investments.

In Russia, mainly known marble beef. Although in some countries, for example in the US, the production of marble pork, which has five varieties, has long been established, Mr. Yushin explained. According to him, the production of such meat is characterized by features of genetics, feed composition and fattening technology, so the product is included in the premium segment. The site "Capitalagro" says that the basis of the ration of animals is mixed fodder from a mixture of cereals and olive oil. The interlocutor of Kommersant in the industry says that the main interest for Rusagro is represented by the site itself, rather than the products of Kapitalagro. But Marat Ibragimov believes that the transaction will allow Rusagro to strengthen its own retail brand, The Word of the Butcher. According to the Rusagro report, by the end of 2017 under the word "Word of the Butcher" 28 products were produced. Total sales for the last year reached 6 thousand tons. In 2018, the company will continue to increase production of finished products for networks, the report says.