Group "Summa" hit the police sight

Ziyavudin Magomedov was detained in the embezzlement case, searches were carried out in the "Sum" group.
The owner of the "Sum" group Ziyavudin Magomedov and several people from his entourage became persons involved in the investigation conducted by the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. On Friday, the businessman and his partners were taken to the interrogation on the embezzlement case, which lasted until late in the evening. As a result, businessmen were detained. In the company itself this information is not confirmed yet.

According to Kommersant sources, on Friday the employees of the GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB's economic security services conducted a series of searches in commercial structures controlled by Mr. Magomedov. The operative-investigative groups visited him at home, in the apartments of his relatives and partners.

Investigative actions were also carried out within the framework of the investigation of the theft of more than 752 million rubles. at the stadium "Arena Baltika" in Kaliningrad for the World Cup, which will be held in the summer of 2018 in Russia. In addition, in the criminal case of fraud in a particularly large amount (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), several more episodes, including those associated with the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP). During the searches, in addition to the documents, weapons were seized, and the legality of its storage should also be established.

After the searches for the interrogation, the owner of the Suma group Ziyavudin Magomedov and several others were brought to the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The investigative actions with their participation dragged on until late in the evening, after which the investigator decided to detain the suspects. It is assumed that they will spend the night in IVS on Petrovka, 38.

On Saturday, the investigation must decide: to appeal to the Tverskoi District Court with petitions for the arrests of the detainees, or confine themselves in their respects to recognizance not to leave the place.

The Interior Ministry told Kommersant that the investigation is still against the dissemination of any information on this case. In the "Sum" group, it is argued that Mr. Magomedov was not detained or arrested, calling the questioning of his owner "a conversation with the investigator". Searches in the offices of the group of companies "Summa" its representative also did not confirm.

The criminal case, according to which the Ministry of Internal Affairs initially had questions to the owner of Suma, has been under investigation for more than three and a half years. But the first defendants appeared only in the summer of last year, when, on the petition of the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tver, the district court of Moscow arrested Amir Kushkhov, the former minister of construction of the Kaliningrad region, Sergei Tribunsky, deputy head of the regional capital construction department, and deputy general director of GlobalElectroservice (part of the group "Sum ") Of Hachim Eristov. General Director of "GlobalElectroservice" Eldar Nagaplov from the investigation managed to escape - he was arrested in absentia, having declared in the international wanted list.

According to investigators, in 2014 the winning auction for the preparation of the site on the October Island for the construction of the stadium "Arena Baltika" OJSC "GlobalElectroservice" completed excavation there. In particular, almost 1.6 million cubic meters of sand was poured to strengthen the weak soils. In September 2014, Amir Kushkhov and Sergei Tribunsky took these works from the company of Eldar Nagaplova.

According to the investigative department, the quality of these works proved to be very doubtful. In particular, it was found that one of the firms of subcontractors supplied sand to the site for the future stadium sand, allegedly not corresponding to the technical task. This was confirmed by the examination. However, the builders themselves claimed that the sand was of proper quality. According to them, it changed its structure due to the fact that the work was carried out in the swampy terrain.

In February this year, after the Moscow City Court again refused to release the accused, some of them decided to cooperate with the investigation. Apparently, their testimony gave rise to new searches and interrogations. According to preliminary information, as part of the new investigation, it is already a matter of damage worth more than 2 billion rubles. Moreover, the sources do not exclude that in the end a decision may be made on the more severe qualification of the actions of the defendants - art. 210 of the Criminal Code (organization of the criminal community or participation in it). However, at first the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB must deal with the documents seized during the last searches and conduct a number of examinations in the case.

The main assets of the "Sum" group are concentrated in the transport business - it is a joint venture with Transneft, which controls the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP), 25.07% in the largest container operator in Russia "Transcontainer" and 32.5% in the parent company holding FESCO - Far Eastern Shipping Company. In addition, Summe owns 50% minus 1 share of the United Grain Company, control in the Yakutia Fuel and Energy Company, as well as the engineering Globelektroservis and the construction company Stroynovatsii.