Head of Rosselkhoznadzor - RBC: "We will open you eyes and show you"

After Russia restricted food imports, the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert got more job: his department is struggling with smuggling prohibited goods from Canada, the US and EU and issues permits for food imports from Chile, China and India.
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In an interview with RBC Dankvert he explained why people do not notice the loss of Norwegian salmon, which is the country's products and cover and how to interfere with the work of the Kazakh and Belarusian partners in the Customs Union.

"We thought, well, how are we going to live without Norway?"

- In the last few months Rosselkhoznadzor - the protagonist antisanktsionnyh news. Your job is somehow changed?

- We like to work - and work, nothing has changed. Just in contrast to the other departments we are not its PR. But now it turned out that we are the only ones who can influence the situation. And all the other organizations that there is something controlled, somewhere gone. Including our colleagues from Rospotrebnadzor. And our veterinary and phytosanitary service - the only ones who now has information on import: data on business registration and history of each of them. And attention - because of the press, who wants to find something - and finds where it is. If other sources of information is not - we are not to blame.

- Whether there is athe actions of the service of some political order?

- I would not call it a political order. Of course, meetings are held and [Deputy Prime Minister] Arkady Dvorkovich, and [First Deputy Prime Minister] Igor Shuvalov, and [Prime Minister] Dmitry Medvedev. The situation with the provision of food on everyone's lips, and we deal with it, trying to be one step ahead. We try to make sure that we had where to get food. Honestly, when they were introduced responses to Norway, we were at a loss: I think, well how do we live without Norway? And then I asked my driver: Paul, do you parents live in Ozersk district of Moscow region, and so they are often eaten chilled salmon? He says they do not know what it is. And I realized that it is not necessary to be afraid, you just need to look at things objectively.

- Can you bring some results on issued and the selected resolution?

- In the field of veterinary surveillance in less than four months from the date of the imposition of sanctions on the register 424 new companies from 27 countries. A large portion fell on manufacturers of fish andoreproduktov - 260 enterprises. And just in this registry we have 11.5 thousand enterprises, so that new distributors -. It is less than 5%. Canceled temporary restrictions imposed on 143 enterprises in 11 countries. These are the countries, heads of services where we invited in the first place, they came to us and prescribe the conditions of supply of products. Brazil, for example, came three or four times. And behind the scenes, negotiations were, monitoring, testing ...

- According to the Federal Customs Service, Russia has not made up for all imports, lost as a result of the imposition of sanctions.

- Customs has no information, because it is not the statistics of Belarus. That is, the data is there, but it's data that provide the Belarusian colleagues, because we have no boundaries with them. I think that the assessment in this case is questionable and not to reflect reality. Some part of prohibited goods imported under the guise of covering the goods - that is goods which are not controlled by our department. For example, cheese products, or frozen juice. We wrote six months ago, our colleagues from Rospotrebnadzor that, according toour data, all cheese products with antibiotics. And six months it took him to understand the situation. It was believed, apparently, that the rival firm them something there writes.

"It is not clear why we spent time trying to persuade someone in Europe"

- Rosselkhoznadzor in August began to actively issue import permits, including exotic countries. This means that the agency has lowered the requirements for businesses?

- Speaking about the opening of some countries - that before nobody paid attention, that we have worked with them. When we declare that opened India and China - which means that our people are already there several times and have been negotiated. Just before no one is interested. The more so because it is more correct to look not at the resolution, but on the enterprise. In Chile, the same number is not so much increased, in terms of the supply of fish products, but the permissions after Norway went to the Russian market, began to take over. Latin America, we have always paid close attention. But it happened that our team sent the materials, and we did not burst out laughingevaporated. Why? Because I do not have time, there were other markets. We had a plan for the inspection of countries and enterprises for this year, and when Russia imposed retaliatory measures, it fell from some countries, and the schedule should be altered. Some countries we have paid far less attention because it is battered Europe, America and Canada. And we have lost sight of these countries, although, for example, Iran began to seriously engage in aquaculture and poultry. And who had thought about this? And now it is not clear why we spent time trying to persuade someone, say, in Europe.

- Are you persuaded?

- At the time, yes, of course, to ensure delivery. I have been working since 2000, and there was a time when we are urged and invited to the meeting, and we have not come with us were not considered. And then the time came when they began to ask us, it's a natural process.

- But all the same to those who substitute drop-down delivery, you have the requirements below?

- We do not miss the opportunity to control the company in its entirety. In Chile, we have left the inspection in China was first shipped under the control of twoInspectors are now left alone. We can not make decisions relaxed, and we are no longer waiting for a week, and make decisions quickly. This makes all the difference.

"We will actively work with our pork, poultry and egg"

- What products are better in terms of phytosanitary and veterinary standards, - the Russian or imported?

- Our businessmen who invest in the production of a lot of money with his management work based on the old methods of the early 90's: do not give figures - get on the head. And onikogda begin to give figures, we are talking to owners: what do you guys use such things? And they say, can not be! We say to them, scared of control to the point that they are willing to give in any way the result, but we will open the eyes and show. In terms of the use of antibiotics from the very beginning they were in favor of military action. And now we reached the point that our enterprises have adopted experience of their use in the West, because it is easier to work with. If control is not - will have serious problems, because the constant use of AntibesOtik eventually cause resistance. We will work actively for our pork, poultry and eggs, in order to stabilize the situation.

- That is, Russian businessmen are trying to occupy the vacated niche did not quite honest methods?

- We are seeing this trend for several years.

- In the last four months of such cases has increased?

- I do not want to say anything about it. First, we will write to the regions, to the local veterinary service control that they produce products with antibiotics, and they will have it as something to fix. At the end of the year summarize: Right there. And we are waiting for a clear disappointment because the regional inspectors are economically dependent on the regional authorities and those they are under pressure. Governors they say you're crazy, do you want to say that our products are worse than in neighboring countries? And this is a serious problem.

"We have asked the Belarusian colleagues to stand up with them at the border. We were denied "

- You can estimate the size of smuggling prohibited goods?

- We just do not have thatwhom many people to check all products that are imported from Belarus. We put the posts in the six main highways, made the cut - and realize that the situation is difficult.

- How difficult?

- Our colleagues in Belarus have something to work on.

- Market participants estimate, for example, smuggling of meat in 50% of the total market. Is it close to your estimates?

- According to our statistics, it is about 10% of all deliveries - that we do not miss a lot. The meat is imported or through Petersburg under the guise of covering the goods or through Belarus; importers diligently avoid inspectors Rosselkhoznadzor. But we still catch - at the stage of implementation. If we talk about exact figures, we can say, from the EU illegally imported about 7.5 thousand tons of meat, which zatamazhivalos in Europe or in the neutral zone.. 226 machines come with documents from Brazil. Belarusian colleagues or one car is not opened, otherwise they would have seen the label of Dutch and Polish meat. By coincidence, they were not invited to any vet – and missed all 226 cars in Kazakhstan. And we still can not say how many machines the result before it got there.

- According to dairy products as you tap the smuggling?

- As such, it is not because Belarus' deliveries: it sends to Russia products for which buys cheap milk in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. And we do not mind - the main thing that the dairies raw materials tested, made monitoring for antibiotics. Businesses that there are buying European milk, we "pop up" on antibiotics and we have already warned the Belarusian colleagues, but a month passed, and the reaction and it was not. So we had to close several Belarusian enterprises. We have created these conditions in the Customs Union, that when their break, it seems to be no violation, and when foreigners - we are for the two cases are close detection. By its liberal approach, even if the company 20-30 times violated. Writing letters, please check - but we do not respond, by 20 letters one answer. But things are changing.

- And in vegetables and fruits?

- I do not want to say- Is generally re. Do you know which products are now the most popular among European cardboard factories? Unmarked boxes. And we need to analyze where the unmarked boxes. We asked our Belarusian colleagues to stand up with them at the border, a week or two. We refused, citing the fact that they are very prepared professionals. Especially, as it turned out, they were prepared for the meat. And vegetables apparently too.

- So you are powerless in this situation?

- Why are powerless? No, you see, we are working. And if they are powerless, then by virtue of the fact that we were not given authority.

- So how do you assess the proportion of deliveries in Russia?

- More than meat.

- More - is 50%?

- Maybe, and more than 50%. It's like reading tea leaves. That's when the year is over, and we will be able to analyze, I will talk about the numbers. Today, you can assume that they can be 1.5-2 times more than the meat.

- And why no one is looking for those who supplied contraband?

- In our criminal zakonodatelsIsland is not considered a crime. We both work? I bought on the street, found on the road. An administrative penalty of 3 thousand. Rubles for the fact that the products are no phytosanitary document. But if we do not want, it can be more subtle forms.

"We're not terrorizing, just want to get the answer"

- How can you re-adjust in the Customs Union?

- We ask Belarus and Kazakhstan, as they have received products from Europe, but these figures are considered intimate and belonging only to them. But already now we can say that there is one Belarusian organization that actively imports and actively sends products to Kazakhstan. There is such an organization. Names can not say yet, but our Belarusian colleagues understand.

- There are countries that refuse to make contact? You once mentioned that you are working hard with Kazakhstan.

- We all have a contact at the agency level. And Kazakhstan is difficult, because there are often people change. I can not count how many times in the past there wereHome Health and veterinarians. Another difficult situation in Ukraine - there is simply no one to contact. The three of us with our colleagues from Kazakhstan and Belarus wrote them a letter, to be invited to meet and talk. But until you approve the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister will not approve and counterparts, that is to say with whom. When someone says that we are terrorizing them - we are not terrorizing, just want to get the answer and give it to no one.

- And to those who send these products from the EU, you are fighting?

- These countries cover we are liquidating. We blocked all supplies of plant products from Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Another cover the country became Israel, but, apparently, to them we will find a common language. But Europe - some unfavorable position in terms of contraband and counterfeit documents. If we have a suspicion, we will ask to confirm the certificate. If you do not receive a confirmation, enter the limit. For example, we found fake and genuine certificates, which, apparently, were removed from Albania. As happens with us - people have lost 1000 Piecesop. You know, a man went on his way, a little drunk - and lost. And these 1000 certificates of civilized European countries were at the scams that have begun to actively forge printing and send products to Russia. And, for example, in Iceland, our inspectors found a company that produces salmon and will not send. And in our electronic "Argus" system, it turned out that it has sent 300 tons of fish. So here's a simple question: if the company is located in Iceland and sends the fish to us, where the fake documents? On the territory of the EU. Who! Our European colleagues. Our people now sit in Lithuania and are investigating the smuggling because the Lithuanian customs data do not give, do not give Belarus too. And we found out that for the smuggling of our European colleagues returned VAT vendor - ie smugglers also money from the European authorities have received. Do not say anything, well.

- List of countries covering long? While it turns out Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- They are more. But while I will not say what. And not onlyEuropean, African and there. Our colleagues, they have gone far - Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire will soon ... They forge documents. You should check this product come from Zimbabwe or not. A business can not be held, he did not stop at the border and do not say: Come on, stand here, at the border until a confirmation will not come. Although we have to go to this. And someone will stop at the border. You want us to work as a sword of justice, and we have no such authority. Give powers - will work.

- For a list of countries covering replenished?

- This is life, tomorrow it could be any other country. Very simple: the import and export from any country, sooner or later we will appreciate, no matter how hard to hide it. Statistics not going anywhere: if you do not import into the country, so it imports from other countries is still to be known.

- Do not want to activate the job?

- No, we're going to the New Year holidays, a vacation of 11 days, as it should be. On skis to ride in the Moscow region (laughs). Of course I'm kidding. We have around the clock, and schedulewell painted.

Sergey Dankvert

Head of Rosselkhoznadzor in 2004

Born in 1955 in the village of Enotaevka Astrakhan region.

He graduated from the Institute of Agricultural Engineers them. VPGoryachkin specialty "Mechanical engineer Agricultural production" and the All-Union Academy of Foreign traders in the specialty "Economist on international economic relations."

Candidate of Agricultural Sciences. Thesis - "The use of Holstein cattle breeding different in Russia." Doctor of Economic Sciences.

He started his career in 1977 as a senior engineer of the complex "Nara".

In 1980 - the chief engineer of the state farm "Barybino" Chief Mechanical Engineer of the collective farm named after Dzerzhinsky and association "Suburban", Deputy Director General of agroindustrial complex "Moscow". Until 1994 he worked in various positions on this plant.

Since 1994 - head of production department of OJSC "Agroplemsoyuz", since 1997 - CEO.

In 2000-2004 - the first replacedstitel Minister of Agriculture.

The famous Sergei Dankvert

In 2004, as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Dankvert said that the WTO requirement to reduce government support farmers "would mean that one will stand in the cold in a fur coat, and the other in the pants."

In the middle of the crisis year of 2009, Rosselkhoznadzor said that all imported into the country used cars will have to obtain his certificate - for the first time in the history of life vehicles, from cars are up trucks, were listed on phytosanitary control, along with vegetables, fruits, meat and flowers. In October, the restrictions were lifted.

In 2010, the activities of the Rosselkhoznadzor has attracted the attention of the Accounting Chamber and the Prosecutor General's Office. Auditors concluded that Rosselkhoznadzor inefficiently used 219.8 million rubles from the federal budget and has become too commercialized: office "is transformed into a commercial aimed solely at making profit, and creates the risk of corruption."

According to Forbes, Sergey Dankvert income families in 2013 year amounted to 241.92 million rubles, with this figure it is ranked among the "Power and money: revenue officials" for 2014.

"What kind of behavior is this ?!"

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:

"I am now the behavior of the Russian authorities not only surprising, but disappointing. If in the near future will not be normalized trade between the two countries, we will be forced to react. What is this behavior ?! And besides, you know what hurts? Here there will be problems in Kazakhstan, for example, Belarus and the same - one call, and all is well with Kazakhstan. I have the impression that the example of Belarus once again holding it for a gas pipe, then for oil, and now for food issues, they want to show to someone, or around the world, to teach someone. But we're not puppies to us by the collar to drive, I'm sorry for the rudeness "

November 27, Minsk, according to BELTA news agency quoted

Rosselkhoznadzor against Belarus

From 26 November Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import to Russia of products of eight Belarusian companies in connection with the discovery in her tankcriterion, microorganisms and antibiotics: OJSC "Skidel agricultural company", JSC "Vitebsk Broiler

Poultry Plant "CJSC" Servolux Agro ", OJSC" Vitebsk meat-packing plant ", JSC" AFPK Zhlobin Meat Processing Plant ", JSC" Kalinkovichi Meat Processing Plant ", JSC" ICC Rogachesky "and JSC" Poultry "Breaking Dawn."

From November 24 the ban on the delivery of products with the "Inco-Food", CJSC "Servolux" agricultural complex to them. Dzerzhinsky, Smolevichi broiler factory, the company's "Grandma's Jug", "Bialowieza delicacy" with Berezovsky, Brest and Gomel meat-packing plants.

C November 24 prohibits the importation of products of Slutsk meat processing plant (Minsk region) in connection with the discovery in the sausage ASF virus genome. This is the sixth company in Belarus, in which the product in the territory of the Russian Federation was found ASF virus genome. The importation of products with the remaining five are also prohibited.