Head of the Serpukhov district Alexander Shestoun was engaged in the central apparatus of the RCD

Alexander Shestuna was suspected of machinations with land. The official himself managed to record a video message prior to his arrest, in which he accused all the enemies of the FSB that forced him to resign.
Employees of the Federal Security Service (FSB) detained the head of the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region Alexander Shestoun, who recorded a video message earlier, in which he said that he was forced to resign with threats. According to preliminary data, Mr. Shestuna was suspected of involvement in fraud with land. For interrogation, he is planned to be delivered to the central office of the Investigative Committee of Russia (SCR).

Employees of the FSB and the central department of the TFR detained Alexander Shestoun after another search. If earlier the investigative actions were conducted in the administration building and some officials from Mr. Shestoun's team, then early in the morning the investigative brigade arrived to his home. Support for investigators and operatives was provided by a whole platoon of submachine gunners in masks.

After the search, for which spetsnaz blocked a whole block, Alexander Shestoun, accompanied by operatives plan to take for questioning.
It is possible that the investigative action may result in the issuance of an order to bring an official to criminal liability as a suspect or accused with subsequent arrest.

According to preliminary data, we can talk about Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud in a particularly large amount). The relevant criminal case was earlier initiated by the investigative department of the TFR in Serpukhov district. Its members were deputy head of the rural settlement of Dankovskoe Serpukhov district Tatyana Konysheva, chief expert of the capital construction department of the regional administration Olga Lisitsyna, and director of the ANO "Nadezhda" Tatyana Fokina. They were charged with fraud with a plot of land of 12 hectare, after which the Serpukhov City Court ruled to arrest women.

Investigators believe that women, along with other officials, were allegedly involved in the withdrawal of agricultural land from dozens of hectares of land, which was subsequently illegally sold. "They took hostages," Alexander Shestoun said in this regard. He did not rule out that investigators want to get testimony from them on him.

In the TFR, Mr.Shestun does not comment on the current searches, refused to discuss the procedural status of the district head in the committee. "He is ours," a source close to the investigation told Kommersant.

This week, the Council of Deputies is to be held, where it is planned to announce the start of an election campaign in the district. Earlier, Alexander Shestoun recorded a video message to the president, in which he said that he was forced to resign by threatening, allegedly, from the FSB general, as well as to refuse to participate in the elections.