Helicopters are not allowed to land

The construction of heliports in the Samara region risks remaining on paper.
The implementation of the Aerosoyuz-Development project for the construction of a network of helicopter centers in the region, the first of which was to appear in preparation for the FM18 near the stadium "Samara Arena", was suspended. The reason for this, according to representatives of local authorities, became difficult with the allocation of land. It is possible that the project will never be implemented, since the investor's parent company is in the process of liquidation, and in the region, after the investment agreement was concluded, a change of power took place.

Alexander Kobenko, the vice-governor-minister of economic development, investment and trade of the Samara region, told journalists that the project in the format of public-private partnership has been frozen. As he said, problems have arisen at a stage of allocation of the ground area. In details, Mr. Kobenko did not go into it.

The corresponding investment memorandum was signed by the regional government and Aerosoyuz-Development in the autumn of last year. The cost of the project was not disclosed. The then governor of the Samara region, Nikolay Merkushkin, ordered the company to lease a land plot of 29.4 thousand square meters without bidding. m on the street. The far is near the stadium "Samara Arena". There was no other support for the investor. "Adoption of the governor's order will not require additional expenditures from the regional budget," the explanatory note stated. After the resignation of Mr. Merkushkin, information on the progress of the project did not appear.

• OOO Aerosoyuz-Development was registered in the Moscow Region in March 2016. According to SPARK-Interfax, the owners of the organization are Chemtrans (66% of the share in the authorized capital) and Dmitry Klimuk (34%). The general director of Aerosoyuz-Development is Timofei Matison. The company specializes in preparing for the sale of its own real estate. The company's revenue in 2016 was 80 thousand rubles. Financial statements for a later period are not disclosed.

• OOO Chemtrans was established in Moscow in 2007. The main activity of the company is wholesale trade in solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Apart from Aerosoyuz-Development, the organizations belong to Avia-Alliance LLC and Aerosoyuz-Bashkiria LLC.

Since December 2017, Chemtrans is in the process of liquidation.

To receive a comment from Aerosoyuz-Development, Kommersant did not succeed - the phone number of the company indicated in SPARK-Interfax is not responding, the investor's website does not function.

Lawyers believe that the liquidation of the parent company could not affect the project. According to experts, difficulties with the allocation of the site, probably started after the change of power in the region.

Rustam Kurmaev, managing partner of Rustam Kurmaev and partners, explains that complications could also arise for formal reasons. "The allocation of land for the construction of helicopter pads implies the need to comply with a number of requirements for such land plots: sanitary protection zone, distance to residential buildings, etc.," says the lawyer. As the lawyer "A1" Kirill Ermolenko adds, without an allocated plot, the investor will not be able to start construction.

In the opinion of Ilya Zharskiy, the managing partner of the Veta expert group, the problem of the project may not be the passage of the necessary bureaucratic procedures. Of the most probable reasons for the difficulties arising from the implementation of the project to create helioports, the expert called financing, which the investor could still count on.

"Investing only private funds in such a project does not make sense, because helioports in Russia are unprofitable businesses," Ilya Zharskiy believes.