Hook on the right: how the investment bankers make money on the martial arts

Many businessmen, including the co-owner of Summa Group, Ziyaudin Magomedov, consider martial arts as a profitable investment.
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In the Moscow office of one of the Ernst & Young partners entered a young man, another contender for the job. He not only missed the 40 minutes, but it was with a black eye. "The interviews then I went," - smiling Ruslan Sarkisov. However, due to the work of Ernst & Young, he had to give up the black belt in karate Kyokushin, time to prepare for the exam was not. Martial Arts Sarkisov engaged since childhood, but training activity was reduced because of the career of financier. However, he was able to turn your hobby into a business: Club Arma it became a popular place among fans of martial arts and cross-graphite.

In recent years, many businessmen began to consider the arts as an additional source of income. For example, co-owner of the "Amount" Ziyaudin Magomedov has invested tens of millions of dollars in Fight Nights project, which hosts tournaments for mixed martial arts. A former vice president of MDM Bank and head of corporate business development department at Absolut Bank Sergey Ivanyutin created his own brand Ultimatum Boxing, at which sells equipment for hanyaty box.

As a hobby turn into a business? And if it helps the main career?
Dumbbells of America

Sarkisov extends smartphone to show a record of "VKontakte" one of the visitors to his club. The young man put the photo with the famous fighter Jeff Manson, who went to train in Arma. At the same time, Manson is not the only professional athlete, to look into the club. "We tried to call them to us to train. Of course, for them it's free. In return, we ask our logo on the form to put ", - says Sarkisov.

As the financier had the idea to open their own club? According to Sarkisov, he began to learn how to prepare for the fights professional athletes. It turned out that many people use in their trainings cross-fit - this is a special technique that combines intense exercise with different shells (dumbbells, barbell, sledge hammer and even the tires of trucks). However, appropriate criteria under its halls - convenience and necessary functions for a comfortable workout - Moscow Sarkisov not found. "I was wondering,what investments are needed to open her own room. I habitually made business model. Then he began to look flat. At some point I realized that there are suitable premises and the lease is almost agreed. There was nowhere to retreat, "- says Sarkisov.

In December 2013 he opened his first club in the former Armagh plant: room was located almost in the center, not far from the Garden Ring. "From the office, you can quickly reach," explains Sarkisov. In addition, it explains the entrepreneur is not always enough for trips to a fitness club time and cross-fit - is a dynamic training, less time is spent. Half of the audience Sarkisov took a martial arts, and the second - just below the cross-fit.

"We can and do 5 million rubles, and 50 million question is what do you want to get in the end, and reasonable value for money." - Says Sarkisov in response to a question about investing in the club.

Almost all the equipment - the ring for martial arts, fitness equipment, weights and even dumbbells - had to be imported from the United States. In Russia, it was a costly, or do not fit in quality.

By theat the time of the entrepreneur has been Senior Vice President of Russian Direct Investment Fund, after having Ernst & Young to work in the "Basic Element" and "Rosnano". However, it was necessary to finish with a career: time alignment of activities to open the club and the main job is not enough. But the get-together remained. "I have a lot of bankers and lawyers are trained - from the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the Savings Bank, Ernst & Young the same. Know each other, discuss the transaction ", - says Sarkisov. Do not interfere with any traces of the training, such as boxing in the negotiations? Businessman in response to a laugh: "No one will put novice fight serious opponent. There are people doing that work tomorrow. "

Now he opened a second club - on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. There are a number of Moscow-City, where many offices and therefore potential customers. However, his office is now in one of these glass towers. Sarkisov again engaged in finance, went to work as deputy director general of the Foundation of the Far East. "I was in a fund called my former manager, I accepted the invitation. And, of course, it is undeniable that ambition remainss "- laughing businessman. Besides, Sarkisov notes while working in the fund social circle grows exponentially. Who is now engaged in the club? Businessman and a half years found a sensible control.
From fights to music

In the huge sports hall in Tver were about 200 children. Lined up on the perimeter of the hall, they sang Orthodox prayer. Thus began the festival of martial arts on the Cup Prince Michael of Tver among the patriotic clubs, one of the organizers of which was the charity fund "Heritage" investment banker Ilya Oprenko. "It was our biggest competition," - says Oprenko. Although the fund is quite cheap cost - 150 000 rubles. "A lot of money is not helping. Some banners printed, someone else with something to help "- says an investment banker.

Why are the investment bankers, the head of Corporate Advisory at Sberbank Private Banking, Orthodox sponsor tournaments? As Oprenko remembers it all started with the fact that he decided to help the children's sports club "Relight" in Tver, where he was born. "We wanted to buy mats, gloves, even the little things. Trener in this club I was very surprised, why we want to help. Usually, they are knocking on the authorities, but the result is not enough ", - says Oprenko. According to him, the club is in a room on the territory of St. Nicholas Church, and directs them to a retired military instructor Tver Viktor Vasilyev riot. "As it turned out, the combination is very common", - explains the investment banker. Thus was born the idea to sponsor a military-patriotic and Orthodox children's clubs.

Now the Foundation has sponsored the Oprenko 4 club and spent more than 10 tournaments. "Money to help friends, colleagues, associates," - says Oprenko. At the same time, he hopes to attract major sponsors. Businessmen who are also trying to promote, as he says, Russian culture, a few. For example, the founder of the investment fund Konstantin Malofeev launched TV channel "TV Constantinople" and the owner of the construction company "Morton" Alexander Brooks building in Moscow, Russian cultural centers. "There are a lot of businessmen, many with each other communicate precisely on the background of the topic," - says Oprenko. Now its intersy has wider support than just martial arts clubs: for example, he wants to organize an exhibition of Russian artists of the province, to promote traditional music and dance groups

Now charity for Oprenko rather a hobby, but it is quite possible to combine with the main work. According to the banker, it is now all over the world to create a professional charitable endowment funds, this is a global trend. "The money is invested, as in a normal fund and spent on charity fund earned income", - says Oprenko. He believes that sooner or later, the fashion for this format charities will reach Russia. Who can become clients of the fund? For example, the same businessmen who now support the Russian culture.