Horrified of recording with Gorring, Dmitry Kobylkin began checking "Rosgeologia"

What will change in "Rosgeologia" after the scandalous resignation of the deputy head Ruslan Gorring?
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The state holding Rosgeologia suffered a serious loss - Ruslan Gorring was sacked out of his post as the company's first deputy. Formally, the scandalous video with the participation of a person very similar to a civil servant became a pretext. Yes, it's not something that looks like - Gorring himself does not deny, he is in the video. But even this is not the main thing: even without a video to the top manager, there were so many questions on the results of the work that it was even strange why Rosgeology waited for the disclosure of compromising information.

Video recording with the participation of the first deputy of the general director of Rosgeologia, Ruslan Gorring, as already mentioned, “Our version”, produced a shock: a man plays an online game, rolls obscene language, shares the details of his sex life.

Another actor is Gorring's unnamed subordinate. The top manager demands from the girl to tell how he dismissed her for the offense. The anger of the deputy head of "Rosgeology" employee brought on after not being able to book him a plane ticket in first class, having reserved a place in the business. Ruslan Gorring in an extremely dismissive tone speaks about subordinates, calling them off and showing off their sexual relations with them: “And of two koshaks (it seems that Ruslan’s own mistresses call them“ cats ”, why is it unclear) three I ****, and you are going to get drunk and discuss who I'm about *****. I had four princesses, all the bombs were. ”

But, most importantly, the demoted assistant was exiled with a promotion to a subordinate organization in order to “knock”. Here it is, the simple technology of managing a young playboy as if in his personal desk. Only how could it be formed in a state organization?

The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Dmitry Kobylkin, immediately dismissed Ruslan Gorring, and also reprimanded the head of the Rosgeology holding, Roman Panov. Natalia Khlopunova, a spokeswoman for the minister, said that he was horrified to see the video.

In addition, the Ministry of Environment began the audit of the financial and economic activities of Rosgeology - this unit was supervised by Gorring, and all of the company's employees. Apparently, security agencies will be involved in this check. And there is something to check.

Things are getting worse and worse

The Rosgeology holding was created in 2011 to revive Russian geology. But the first step in the reconstruction of the public sector in exploration was an increase in the financing of the management of Rosgeology OJSC. During the first year of 2012, the share of management expenses increased by more than 300% and reached 88% of the total revenue. And if the “right hand” of the head of “Rosgeologia”, Roman Panov, thinks it is below his dignity to fly in a business class, why should we be surprised?

In the first four years of Rosgeology’s existence, the state invested about 200 billion rubles in a holding, but it did not seem to be a good return. When performing exploration work, JSC Rosgeologia is an intermediary between customers and its subsidiaries (there are about 40 of them). Among them are twenty exploration enterprises engaged in prospecting and exploration of oil and gas deposits on land and on the shelf of Russia.

The leaders in terms of private investment in oil exploration in Russia are still oilmen. Rosneft, Gazprom and Surgutneftegaz accounted for 185 billion rubles, almost two thirds of the funds spent on these goals in 2017. It would seem that there are all conditions for normal work.

But after the transfer of "Rosgeologia", the industry indicators went down. If from 2006 to 2014, the net increase in recoverable reserves of oil and condensate averaged 275 million tons per year, in 2015 it decreased to 188 million tons. In 2016, the net increase in oil and condensate reserves decreased almost six times - to 48.7 million tons, in 2017 it amounted to 59.8 million tons.

The state holding is actively asking to raise funding from the budget by more than half to 45 billion rubles for the reproduction and use of natural resources. The government refused, reasonably believing that the organization is not able to perform work.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta talked to one of the Rosgeology contractors. It turned out that, with the payment of performers, they can sometimes just be thrown: “There is a feeling that the holding’s managers feel like temporary workers. After all, such a policy cannot be carried out for a long time: very few people want to work with Rosgeologia now. The industry has suffered tremendous harm, since the “Gorring” schemes have brought many small manufacturing enterprises to bankruptcy. Large companies are forced to re-create exploration units in order to reduce the amount of work with Rosgeologiya.
Geologists are sounding the alarm: if it goes on like this, the day is not far off when the proven oil reserves are not enough even to maintain current production levels. With other types of fossils, the situation is no better.

Under another name

The head of Rosgeology is Roman Panov, a former military man, presumably well-versed in geology and having connections in various structures. Roman Panov and Ruslan Gorring, as Fontanka wrote, studied together at the Suvorov School and the Military University of the Ministry of Defense. And this largely explains how this man turned out to be in this high position.

As Rosbalt found out, the biography of Ruslan Gorring is rich in criminal events, he was even put on the special account of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region. After that, absolutely all members of the large family of Ruslan Gorring completely changed their personal data, including their nationality.

At birth, the complete data of the now former deputy head of Rosgeology was designated Ruslan Magomedovich Ganizhev. He was born in the family of Magomed Ganizhev, who for a long time worked in senior positions in the Ingushetia Prosecutor's Office, and then was appointed plenipotentiary representative of the Republic of Ingushetia in the Krasnodar Territory. The first time his son Ruslan was in criminal records in 2001. Then the tax police officers searched the house of the Ganizhevs and found a PM pistol.

In 2011, Ruslan was detained at the time of receiving a bribe for his boss from businessmen. Ganizhev was released on his own recognizance, after which he disappeared. In January 2012, Ruslan was put on the federal wanted list, but already in March 2012, he was removed from the search for some reason. By the way, after the high-profile detention of Ganizhev, a video was posted on the network, where FSB operatives put a person who looked like him on the table, but then the video from all resources disappeared somewhere.

In general, Ruslan Magomedovich Ganizhev was put on the special account of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Moscow Region as a “criminal element”. Since then, Ganizhev has disappeared forever, and only Ruslan Gorring remains, starting to work in various positions in Rosgeology.

Organic phenomenon

What orders reigned in "Rosgeology", you can learn from sites where users leave feedback about their employers. Of course, anything can be posted on the Internet, but the rumors that it was Gorring with the now well-known scheme of work with subordinates, and not the nominal general director Panov could actually manage the state company, clarifies many points.

Indirectly confirms this information, for example, the following fact: one of the largest contracts of Rosgeology in 2018 was received by RG-Ecology LLC, the director of which is Ruslan Izrailevich Gorring. We are talking about the amount of 3.4 billion rubles allocated for the elimination of pollution of Lake Baikal

To reduce the cost of first-class tickets, luxury fleet and other benefits of the holding leaders, apparently, are not ready. No wonder that in the public mind Rosgeologia is perceived not as a state corporation, but as a commercial structure, whose leaders are ready to squeeze the maximum profit and benefits out of it. Ruslan Horring in this context does not look like an ugly anomaly, but a completely organic phenomenon. And after his dismissal is unlikely something will change?