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Why PIC Group bought Morton, together with its problems?
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No longer first in volume of construction and the third on sales of construction company "Morton" - recently sold its competitors from the PIC with the right of a possible abolition of the brand. Such absorption - the first in modern Russian history, and experts, it raises many questions. Chief among them, perhaps, is this: who is now to make a complaint for not meeting the expectations of buyers property?

Pic demonstrates that it is nothing to do, and "Morton" as it is already there. At home with dozens of unredeemed apartments in the meantime stand. Ambiguous deal for the pic, to be sure. For the "Morton" suspicious vodilos ability to receive from the government the green light to building the most attractive in terms of the subsequent extraction platforms arrived. Knowledgeable people have associated this skill with the figure of the former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov. And after watching the coincidence: almost Ivanov was transferred to another job, as president of the "Morton" Alexander streams rushed to sell their offspring. In general, it is easy to understand why the company "Morton" sold. It is more difficult to comprehend why her ransoml PEAK - along with a whole bunch of problems that can hardly be solved. A clear and unambiguous answer to that would be all convinced, is not available. The experts can only guess what the real lowdown this obscure transaction.

Dampness and mold? But cheap!

Apartments in the homes of "Morton" relatively inexpensive, but the savings may be ikatsya homeowners all their future life. Take, Solntsevo Park - a town built "Morton" not far from Vnukovo airport. Against the background of the company's other building projects - almost a fortune. More or less well-established infrastructure and some even left the entire forest belt - not an example of Balashikha, where the developer under the root knocked birch grove. What got lucky when buying a budget accommodation at the "Morton"? Primarily a whole heap of problems, which is hardly possible at all to solve.

Twelfth House Street Pilot Gritsevets neighborhood Solntsevo Park. Ninth floor, the elevator platform. A distinct smell of dampness drawn from the panels. The building was put into operation more than five yearsback, and since then, the stench is not eroded. The apartments are a little less than the smell of damp resistant - partly it interrupts the "human spirit" populated territory. But still there is the stench. And the "sniff" to it is difficult. The entrances are also easy to see the traces of mold. Those who rents an apartment here, resorted to a ruse: they demonstrate a potential tenant at a wide open door to the balcony. However, it is sufficient to draw attention to the perennial "lake" at the entrance to the "park" - groundwater problem the developer seems to have never thought seriously tackle.

At some distance from this house built several skyscrapers. Already half a year as a lull at construction sites. Is the coming "absorption" were ready to spring yet? Or another reason - to the problems encountered with the quality of construction and numerous scandals with real estate investors who feel cheated? However, there is every reason to suspect that the "Morton" in no hurry to finish building Solntsevo Park for a different reason - because of weak sales.

Planes fly neighbors scandals

Once in mikroraJonah in the evening, you can easily figure out how many apartments in the houses were purchased and how much - not. The seventeen-house only a dozen lit windows - night after night, for weeks and months. What does this mean? It seems that the low demand. His home "Morton" building very close to each other, and even in such a specific configuration that from one apartment can easily observe the life of the neighbors on the floor -to a neighbor's apartment window if you want to easily reach out his hand, flinging their own kitchen window. There is no point in watching "House-2" - the reality show that's it, next, literally under the nose! In summer, frequent scandals between the neighbors - a girl out on a balcony in the same, what's walk on red-hot from the heat of the apartment and the windows moralistka older obliquely shout their good mate "immediately get dressed, my husband looks at you! ".

Because not do without thick heavy curtains - of course, to the detriment of sunlight. But the man gets used to everything - the people are accustomed to the Solntsevo Park to the endless roar of planes taking off from the nearby airport Vnukovo. Although the noise can not save sometimes evenLujo zadraennye windows. Nervous, perhaps even mad.

What populated area is very, very little - in the best case, only a quarter - confirms and transport. Metro can be reached from Solntsevo Park or on the bus - the station "South West", or on the bus - to "Salaryevo". Transport is not so often. Necessary to wait 15-20 minutes, and in the winter is particularly burdensome - because of wind gusts. Around a wasteland! For five years the trees have not planted. Nevertheless, buses and minibuses are always empty seats in bulk. But the car park near the houses crammed to capacity machines. In the four houses - one yard, one parking place. Scary to think that could begin if people suddenly snap up all the apartments in homes. Transport collapse, not otherwise.

Why "Morton" in advance did not care about solving this problem? Maybe they did not expect that all of them will buy up apartments?

Buyers of apartments are not warned about the inconvenience

Another problem "mortonovskogo" housing - worthless soundproofing. All that proisgoes behind the wall, you can hear clearly - even if the neighbors talking, without raising his voice. Worst of all soundproof case in bathrooms - there it is actually not. A neighbor sat on his latrines, and the feeling is that your - down to the most intimate moments of sound. In general, buyers impressionable "mortonovskogo" of housing, apparently subsequently have long to work on yourself to get used to the nuances of which, by the way, yet somehow not warned in advance.

"We have all quality accommodation - bluntly said the head of" Morton "Alexander streams -. Even if you have poor-quality housing, then buying an apartment, you're still her otremontiruesh, and it is you will have quality." Go figure it out now whether streams joked ironically or openly mocked buyers?

Do not warn about another unpleasant nuance. Not far from Solntsevo Park, just a hundred or so meters, the river flows. In the 90 at this point intended to lay the elite settlement, even built a dozen houses. Suddenly it became clear that in these homes can not live - kajust because of the dampness. A drain area, as it turned out, it is impossible - the river is nearby. In general, a place recognized as unfit for elite building. But it has come to be the cost of houses. Several years ago, the SU-155, zastraivaya Pavshinskoy understand, faced with a similar problem. But the idea of ​​development is not refused. Time, perhaps, is - the initial accumulation of capital.

Maxim Morozov, managing partner of real estate development company M9 Development:

- Probably, the construction business streams found it too risky in the current format and chose to get out of it, especially given the growth in the debt burden, "Morton". A Gordeev (PIC host) just out of the way a serious competitor, thinking that it is cheaper to buy than to continue to compete. (Editor's note: or perhaps Gordeev poosterёgsya bankruptcy "Morton", which could slow down the sale of apartments PIK for years to come?).