How fares the family of the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

As befits the elites of the Putin era, the children of Dmitry Peskov live mainly abroad, in the UK and France, and have never learned what need is. 
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The name of Elizabeth Peskovoy does not come off the pages of Russian and foreign publications. The Times newspaper called her "glamorous ally of Putin." But this is not the only heir to the presidential press secretary: Dmitry Peskov has five children. Business patriotism, influential Chechen friends and undeclared American real estate - as the family of the main Russian press secretary lives - in the material of Sofia Savina.

The eldest son: the propagandist-power engineer

The eldest son - Nikolai - was born in 1990 in the first marriage of Dmitry Peskov. In his youth he married Anastasia Budyonna - the granddaughter of Marshal of the Soviet Union, Semyon Budyonny.

Nikolai grew up with the name Choles in London, where his mother lived, and moved to Russia five years ago. In 2012, he went to serve in the Russian Army's rocket forces - then participated in the Victory Parade on Red Square. After - work on the Russian television channel Russia Today, which broadcasts to the Western audience.

On the page of Nicholas in Facebook in the column "place of work" is still indicated: Russia Today. However, the latest reports of Nikolai Choles are dated in 2012. In one of them he talks about souvenirs - symbols of the Olympics in Sochi in 2014. Pointing to teddy bears, leopards and hares, the correspondent says: "For me, they are all so cute."

In the social network Facebook Nikolay Choles indicated one more job: the post of creative director in Fight Nights. The company holds tournaments in mixed martial arts. On the page of Nicholas on Facebook - joint photos with fighters Fight Nights. However, on the official website of the company there is no information about an employee named Nikolai Choles.

Elizaveta Peskova talks about the activities of her brother: "I worked on RT as a journalist, I led reports, now in business." One Russian company is actually registered with Nikolai Dmitrievich Choles. LLC "Modern technologies of construction in the energy sector." The company was created recently - in February 2017. The main activity is "electricity transmission".

Nicholas is not so noticeable in public space as a sister. He is fond of hunting and equestrian sport, travels a lot and spends time with other children of Dmitry Peskov. In 2014 he attended the celebration of the birthday of Tatiana Navka, the current wife of the press secretary.

The publication The Insider reported that in 2014, Nicholas Choles was prosecuted for causing beatings to his grandmother Inese Budyonna. However, within a couple of days the case was recalled "for lack of corpus delicti".

To school in a private plane

The second wife of Peskov was Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, the daughter of a Russian diplomat. Back in 2016, her daughter Elizabeth answered the question of users of social networks about where her mother works, answered: "Unfortunately, nowhere."

In June of this year - after parting with Peskov - Ekaterina Solotzinskaya was appointed head of the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Paris. According to the source of The New Times, "the personnel castling was settled during the visit of Vladimir Putin to France."

In a marriage with Solotsinskaya, Peskov had three children: Mika (Michael), Denis (Daniil) and Elizabeth. Two of them are minors: Denis is 9 now, and Mika is 12 years old. Both live with their mother in England, but they also spend time in Russia. On the page of Miki in Instagram - several photos with Ramzan Kadyrov. Younger Denis prefers to be photographed with Russian rappers and expensive cars.

 According to the declaration of Dmitry Peskov for 2016, one of the underage sons in the property already has an apartment measuring 140 square meters. M. Two land plots with a total area of 9,373 square meters. M and a house of 779 square meters. M are in his possession. The second son in use has two apartments - one with an area of 140 sq. M. M in Russia, and the second - 180 square meters. M in France.

The third daughter - Elizaveta Peskova - lives in France. She also received an education there. At the age of 12 she was sent to a boarding school in Normandy. The website Ecole des Roches contains information about the school: "Come to our school in a private plane."

The cost of education is only in the primary classes of the Roche school - up to 2.6 million rubles a year, and among its graduates are the royal families of Morocco and Thailand, the president of Lebanon and the princely family of Golitsyns. Now Peskova studies at the Paris School of Business (EDC Paris Business School). The year of study at this school costs € 8960, or 631 thousand rubles a year.

 Talk about the daughter of the press secretary was after her appearance at a secular event in Moscow - at the debutant ball of Tatler in 2015. Active public life in Russia Peskov began to lead this summer. In June, she took part in a meeting of the board of bloggers in the State Duma. According to the creator - deputy Vasily Vlasov (LDPR), the council needed to advise the State Duma committees and help deputies interact with citizens on the Internet. At the meeting, Peskov did not say a word.

Lisa Peskova leads the blog on her page in Instagram. There she calls herself "cosmopolitan", criticizes the Russian education system, advertises dresses of the fashion house Firdaws Aishat Kadyrova, the daughter of the head of Chechnya. In one of her posts Peskova speaks out against demonstrations in defense of the rights of sexual minorities, because they "prevent" her from "walking down the street to the house."

Business patriotism in Chechen

In the summer of this year Lisa Peskova found work in Russia. In her Instagram, she said that she would be engaged in the development of patriotic education and youth entrepreneurship. And in June she became Adviser to the President of the Association of Entrepreneurs for the Development of Business Patriotism Avanti. In translation from Italian - "forward".

Among other things, the organization stands for the renaming of the central street of Simferopol in Prospekt V.V. Putin. The author of the initiative is Umar Dzhabrailov, Chairman of the General Council of the Association for the Development of Business Patriotism. It is on his money that there is "Avanti".

Umar Dzhabrailov is a businessman and statesman close to Ramzan Kadyrov. Until 2009, he represented Chechnya in the Federation Council.

 His organization "Avanti" has its own youth movement "Sila". It includes Sergei Belokonev - ex-head of Rosmolodezhi and former secretary of the pro-Kremlin youth movement Nashi. It was his media called "the ideologist of" Nashi ".

One of Avanti's goals is to "develop the future business elite of Russia". Elizaveta Peskova herself on the air of the television channel RBC said that she sees her task in helping "the generation of Putin." While Peskova helped only her young man.

In June, the head of Avanti and Umar Dzhabrailov's assistant Rahman Yansukov published a video of a meeting with French entrepreneur Louis Waldberg and Lisa Peskova. On it, Yansukov states that "Avanti" will implement in Russia the project of the French guest - the production of electric lighters Tazer Lighter.

It is Peskov who is the curator of the contest of projects for young entrepreneurs in Avanti. Louis Waldberg is her boyfriend: the couple is publishing joint photos. Louis accompanied Lisa to the Cannes Film Festival, to visit Ramzan Kadyrov in Chechnya and even to the shipyard in Sevastopol.

At the plant "Southern Sevastopol", which owed the landlords 32 million rubles, Peskov went in August, in her words, "to help people." The plant management called Avanti to Sevastopol to sign an agreement on cooperation. However, Peskovoy's visit to the plant did not help to solve his problems: the government of Sevastopol intends to fully recover the rent arrears.

Outside declarations

The fifth child - the daughter of Nadezhda - appeared in Peskov's marriage with Tatyana Navka. The third wife of Peskov in 2016 became the wealthiest among the relatives of officials of the Presidential Administration. Its annual income, according to the declaration, amounted to 120 million rubles. This is 10 times more than the annual salary of the press secretary himself.

Spouse Peskov declared two land plots with a total area of 9,373 square meters. M, two residential buildings - 353 square meters. M and 779 square meters. M and three apartments in Russia the size of 367 sq. M. M. Tatyana Navka also indicated in the declaration three cars and a ATV.

Another apartment measuring 126 sq. M. M, belonging to Navka, is in the United States. It is located in an elite residential complex in Manhattan - in the historic part of New York. Bamboo garden, fitness center, 24-hour doorman - all inclusive. The apartment, registered for Navka, is now put up for sale for 2.2 million dollars, or for 129.8 million rubles.

Declared apartment overseas property of the new family Peskov is not limited. Tatiana Navka and her ex-husband Alexander Zhulin still own a house in New Jersey. This is evidenced by the data in the tax register of the State Department of Finance.

The house has an area of 398 square meters. M was bought by a couple in 2006 for $ 1.4 million. Since then, the owners have not changed, and every year Alexandre Jouline & Tatiana Navka pay taxes on this property. Spouse Dmitry Peskov did not indicate this American house in the declarations for 2015 and 2016.

Tatyana Navka has a child from her first marriage. Alexandra Zhulina graduated from the 10th grade this year. In social networks, she writes that she is currently studying at the gymnasium, plans to get an economic education, and the magistracy is going to graduate "abroad." Every summer the girl spends in foreign camps - in Switzerland, England, France, the USA. A new member of the Peskov family already has American citizenship. Like the joint picture with Putin.