How Mikhail Fridman will demand 3 billion rubles from Elena Baturina

Alfa Group, an investment company A1, acquired the rights to claim debt from the wealthiest Russian woman Elena Baturina to her brother Victor.
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A1 investment company, part of Alfa Group, acquired the right to claim debt of 3.2 billion rubles to the former vice president of the company Elena Baturina Inteko, her brother Viktor Baturin, A1 representative told RBC. The deal was concluded in December 2018 with the largest creditor of Victor Baturin - Cyprus Sarrio Investments (the beneficiary is unknown).

A1 intends to exercise the right to claim the debt of the richest woman in Russia as part of the bankruptcy process of Viktor Baturin, a representative of the investment company said. According to him, A1 is confident that Elena Baturina definitely has unpaid debt to her brother, which arose as a result of the acquisition of 25% of Inteko. The repayment of this debt will satisfy the claims of all of Viktor Baturin's creditors, including Sarrio Investments, the Federal Tax Service and the Russian Agricultural Bank, A1 added.

The head of the press service of Elena Baturina Gennady Terebkov told RBC that Viktor Baturin has repeatedly tried to get money from his sister, although they have not been linked for a long time. “He lost all possible courts, but, having exhausted legal methods, he turned to the Raiders from A1, counting on their resource,” Terebkov noted.

Victor Baturin told Forbes that Sarrio was "definitely not A1", but Baturin, his long-time opponent, whom he had known for more than 10 years, but whose name he would not be given. The A1 press service claimed to be the representative of Sarrio.

Criminal case against Baturina

On December 27, Elena Baturina became a defendant in the criminal libel case (part 1 of article 128.1 of the Criminal Code). The Magistrates' Court of Kalmykia put Baturin on the wanted list. The reason was the statement by Ehrenzen Manzheev, financial manager in the bankruptcy case of Viktor Baturin, said lawyer Dmitry Savochkin, representing the interests of Manzheev. According to him, Baturin at one of the court hearings as part of a lawsuit with her brother mentioned that a criminal case has been opened against Manzheev, in which he is being held by the suspect. Manzheev insists that there was no case and no suspect status. Victor Baturin assured that he was not a participant in the process. A1 managing partner Andrei Elinson also told Forbes that he was not involved in the Baturina wanted order and was not involved in the case.

Gennady Terebkov then told Forbes that the court order in Kalmykia was illegal and would be appealed, and also called it "the next stage of the raider attack on Baturina by A1 Mikhail Fridman, using her long-time opponent Viktor Baturin and his unreasonable demands." He called A1 and Viktor Baturin’s statements about non-involvement in the case “false”, and A1’s allegations of Elena’s debt to Viktor - “A1’s new lie” and “raider attack stage” on Baturina. Baturina’s words about the “case with the suspected Manzheev” were taken out of context, Terebkov said.

The dispute between Viktor Baturin and Elena Baturina has been going on for many years. In 2007, they signed a settlement agreement, and in 2008, an annex to the document. After it turned out that they had different versions of the application: according to the version of the document by Viktor Baturin, the sister was obliged to pay him the market value of 25% of the shares of Inteko, and this paragraph was not in the wording of the document by Elena Baturina.

On December 27, 2019, Erenzen Manzheev filed another lawsuit in the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow to recover 17 billion rubles of debt from Elena Baturina: 13.8 billion rubles for 25% of Inteko and 3.2 billion percent, Manzheev himself told RBC. This case could not be found in the file cabinet of the court.