How much the Russian nouveaux riches spent on wedding of their children

Ranking of the most expensive weddings of Russian oligarchs' children in 2016.
Children Russian tycoons are not only master the business of the fathers, but also actively equip privacy. In the past year the six heirs of the defendants in the list of 200 richest Russians have issued the marital relationship. Weddings, the most expensive of which could cost a billion dollars, its luxury defiant contrast to the crisis in the country. A number of costly ceremonies organized outside Russia. The most generous father turned out to be Russian Mikhail Gutseriev capitalist, but his colleague, Russian businessman Musa Bazhaev managed this year to marry off two daughters at once. The wedding trends of the year - a 25-pound dress. The final rating of marital budget is as follows.

1. Said Gutseriev and Khadija Uzhakhovs March

The son of Mikhail Gutseriev, the main owner of the group "BIN".

The most luxurious and expensive wedding of the year was celebrated in two phases - first in Moscow and then in London. In Moscow restaurant Safisa (seven years ago played there a wedding singer Alsu) were about 600 guests. His entire area is literally drowned in flowers. According to event-decorator, founder Lid's Eventhouse Lidia Simonova for of Forbes, only the design of the wedding could cost about 100 million rubles. Among the roses and hydrangeas singing Jennifer Lopez, Sting, Enrique Iglesias and Patricia Kaas. According to experts, for the performance of the actors we paid about 200 million rubles. American Forbes estimated total budget Gutserievs ceremony at $ 1 billion.

Bride - student of the Moscow Medical and Dental University. Yevdokimov - shone in the 25-kilogram dress by Lebanese designer Elie Saab. Dress with a long train and embroidered with stones, according to experts, would cost about 25 million rubles.

London wedding of Said and Khadija celebrated in a family house Gutseriev, following Ingush tradition. The bride changed her elegant dress on more modest in the national style. Staying on the female half of the house, she personally waited on the guests. Without the luxury and there has not been: the couple drove through the streets of London in a gilded carriage, escorted by mounted police.

2. Mariam Bazhaev and Magomed Erihanov April

The eldest daughter of Musa Bazhaev, President of "Alliance Group"

22 two-year-Mariam married the son of the head of the Chechen regional branch of the State Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank) Usman Erihanova Magomed. Rosselkhozbank Dmitry Patrushev headed, in recent years, the bank holds the record for the level of losses and an increase in private capital managers.

Safisa restaurant chosen for the celebration was traditionally decorated: classic flower arrangements on the tables, wall of flowers, chairs in white covers. Founder Lid's Eventhouse Lidia Simon appreciated the clearance of 5-7 million rubles.

Rent restaurant Safisa and feed around 600 guests costs about 20 million rubles.

Guests were entertained by the Chechen singer Makka Sagaipova, Dagestan Artist Rinat Karimov, the group "A-Studio", Grigory Leps and the star of the show "The Voice" Sharip Umkhanov.

The bride came to the guests dress in the Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, the experts rated wedding dress in 15-25 million rubles. After Miriam made several Louis Vuitton trunks dowry. Asked in Ask.Fm girl said that in the trunks bags and shoes.

 3. Sargis Karapetyan and Salome Kintsurashvili, June

 The son of Samvel Karapetyan, president of the group "Tashir" companies in June

We celebrated the wedding in the same Safisa restaurant, whose territory this time turned into a fairy-tale forest from the movie "Maleficent." This project, according to Lidia Simonova, preparing up to six months and costs a minimum of 50 million rubles.

Salome, co-owner of online store Buy-by-me, shone in a gown by Elie Saab and diamond tiara from Tiffany Savoy collection of The Gatsby (a character wearing Carey Mulligan's Daisy Buchanan in "The Great Gatsby"), worth about 13 million rubles. Bride's experts estimated at 15 million rubles.

Holiday guests, according to Director General of event-agency of Olga Demenyuk Trend event, could cost 80 million rubles. Only the group Maroon 5 fee would be € 1 million. At the wedding were Brezhnev Vera, Alla Pugacheva, Grigory Leps and other Russian stars. Veli event Andrei Malakhov and Tatiana Gevorgyan fee of leading experts estimated at 2.6 million rubles.

Six-meter wedding cake with sugar 18 thousand colors and 530 kg custard pastry prepared six weeks. According to Yulia Dubova, head of We Do Agency, cake above 2 meters in the average cost from 700 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.

4. Oia Sarkisov and Mikheil Makharadze, February

Sergey Sarkisov Daughter, chairman of the board of directors of RESO

On the wedding organization, which decided to hold in Tbilisi, the home of the bride, it took three months. During this time, Valentin Yudashkin had to sew a wedding dress, and the master, making costumes for the ensemble "Suhishvili" - Georgian national wedding dress.

On the day before the wedding guests, which was taken from Moscow to the two planes hit the Georgian Opera and Ballet Theatre. Paliashvili ballet "Sagalobeli". After the ballet was a dinner at the restaurant "Funicular" the songs of Valeria Syutkina (average singer fee - 2 million rubles).

The next day the groom, bride, recited Shakespeare under her balcony. After the wedding in the church the guests moved to the golf club "Ambassador". The area around the restaurant was turned into a garden with oriental rugs, jugs, baskets of fruit and flowers. In the courtyard khinkali molded, baked pita bread and pour chacha. Simonov of the Lid's Eventhouse assessed a decor at least $ 200 thousand.

For actors, according to experts, the couple could spend about 15 million rubles. About 500 guests were entertained by Nani Bregvadze, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Vakhtang Kikabidze, the group "mgzavrebi" Dzhigan and Norwegian rap duo Madcon and others. Couple in national costumes danced Georgian wedding dance Kartuli.

5. Elina Bazhaev and Bekhan Mamakayev September

The youngest daughter of Musa Bazhaev, President of "Alliance Group"

Elina, unlike her sister, she decided to celebrate a wedding in Monaco, but chose a dress from the same designer as Mariam. Her dress by Zuhair Murad with luxurious long train cost about as her sister, an estimated 20 million rubles.

The celebration took place in one of the best restaurants in the world - Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo. The banquet for 110 guests, according to co-owner of We Do Agency Inna falevye could do to € 55 thousand (at the rate of € 500 per person). In decor with flowers and garlands could be spent before the € 150 thousand. On the eve of the wedding Elina arranged a bachelorette party with Egor Creed and rapper l'one. They are in total could pay about € 40 thousand Chosen Elina -. A graduate of the University of London, the son of respected Chechen businessman Alikhan Mamakayev.

Leaving after the wedding in the United States, graduate student of MGIMO publicly expressed all of what they say to each other in the family of Musa Bazhaev. The question "Where is the best in the United States or in Raschke?" Elina Bazhaev said: "Everywhere is better than Raschke," because "at the thought of Moscow becomes ill."

6. Paul Maschitsky and Karim Nigmatulin, November

Son Maschitskogo Vitali, president of "Vi Holding"

Vitaly Mashitsky a "purse" of the head of state corporation "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, whose business sponsors Chemezov from the state budget. Paul Maschitsky works managing partner in his father's GC "Wee Holding". His bride - the girl with a cover of Forbes Woman (November, 2011). Five years ago, a graduate of Princeton and MIT worked in the Intellectual Ventures in Seattle (led the project, which was financed by Bill Gates). "People like ... she could do business and earn huge fortunes, but choosing a science and as a result of doing something very significant and useful for humanity," - Gates said about her. In 2013, Karim led the Institute of the General Plan.

Last year, the most luxurious wedding was marrying the eldest daughter of the former owner of "BRIC" Dmitry Rybolovlev Catherine, who took a husband Uruguayan financier Juan Sartori. The wedding took place on the Greek island of Skorpios, which Rybolovlev bought her daughter a gift of $ 126 million.

In the coming years, ranking participants will be forced into costly divorce proceedings. Payment lawyers and property losses in such cases is usually higher than the cost of the parents, even the most expensive marriage ceremony.