How Potanin's ex-wife proves that he is a billionaire

The businessman, whose fortune is estimated at $12.6 billion by Forbes, was too modest at estimating the family assets during the divorce proceedings, according to his ex-wife.
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Sunday dinner with the whole family in suburban Luzhkov November 2013 for Natalia Potanina ended unexpectedly.

When the children went to Moscow, Vladimir Potanin offered to divorce his wife.

"He said I have to sign a paper renouncing their rights to the property and not to object to the transfer of money to charity," - she recalled in an interview with Forbes Woman. A few days later Potanin has filed for divorce in May 2014 with Potanin officially former wife. Natalia was awarded alimony to raise 16-year-old son: 25% of salary Potanin, or 8.5 million rubles a month (senior and middle Anastasia Ivan already adult).

The couple began to divide the property. In its lawsuit Potanin offered to split multiple bank accounts, apartment, three plots, a house in the suburbs, a chapel and the shares of "Gazprom" - all the property is valued at $ 140 million Why is a businessman, whose fortune Forbes estimated at $ 12.6 billion, so poskromnichal describing. family assets?

The list of joint property Potanin's assets included in the beginning of 2007 - it was then that, according to him, resulted in his family relationships. Then the same way, he announced a "divorce" and with his longtime companion Mikhail Prokhorov. Business partners shared assets for a year, after which Potanin was the only owner of "Interros". Now the investment fund owns 30.27% of "Norilsk Nickel", 100% of ski resort "Rosa Khutor", 90% of pharmaceuticals Developer "NGO Petrovax farm", 88% of the developer "ProfEsteyt", 51% of the airport logistician "Interport" and 50% of Internet-holding "Bill" (holding "Profmedia" 2014 sold "Gazprom-Media", a network of cinemas "cinema park" - 19-year-old son of billionaire Suleiman Kerimov Said).

If we evaluate the value of half of the assets from this list, Natalia Potanin could become one of the wealthiest women, not only in Russia but also in the world.

A few months later she contested the date of termination of the relationship. September 26, 2014 the Moscow City Court ruled that this date is subject to proof in the process of division of property.

While lawyers are seeking Potanina property of her ex-husband around the world through the discovery procedure (disclosure dokazatestv), the businessman made in transferring the trial 50% of maintenance for the special deposit at his son's name, but not at the expense of his ex-wife. On October 22 the Interros International Investments Limited (Cyprus company, which decorated "Interros" assets) redesigned package "Norilsk Nickel" in the other offshore. The representative of the "Interros" assured that Potanin is still a co-owner of the nickel giant, just optimize the corporate structure.

Sale or re-registration of assets does not always save the billionaires of financial claims in a divorce.

The courts, at least overseas, often sympathetic to ex-wives, especially if they do not surrender. Divorce Dmitry Rybolovlev with ex-wife Elena, which lasts from 2008, turned to the former owner of "BRIC" significant losses. It was during the process of the details became known about the composition of his art collection, and each transaction is a real estate becomes the property of the tabloids. In May 2014 the Geneva Rybolovlev court ordered to pay ex-wife a record $ 4.2 billion - half of his fortune, which Forbes estimated at $ 8.8 billion win the court not to receive the assets and property. Same Elena Rybolovlev is now experiencing great difficulties with registration of the assets, as the previous owner built a multi-level system protection. So Natalia Potanin is the beginning.