How Putin paid for Rio

Admission of Russian athletes to the Olympics coincided with payments to the American lobbyists through "Sportloto"
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Admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics coincided with American lobbyists payments through "Sports Lottery". Baron idealist Pierre de Coubertin, who engineered all Olympic Games of modern times, and did not suspect that over time, his child will turn into something around which will turn around billions, made a very big politics and intelligence agencies will rotate the entire security operation for the capture of terrorists or round tubes with urine .

On the other hand who lived long after the singer Vladimir Vysotsky is not very high opinion of the possibility of such an organization as the "Sports Lottery". All are well aware of his ironic song about Psycho and the Bermuda Triangle, where the patients of a mental hospital if their voice is not heeded, threaten to write a letter to said Winter Olympics in subtropical Sochi has become not only a triumph of cutting and theft in its preparation, but also the triumph of the Russian sports . But, as soon became clear, the recent victories were largely inflated.

More precisely pumped meldonium and other similar drugs. The latter can and would not have had such adverse effects (athletes on doping catchingm with an enviable regularity) if it had not turned out that it was not the initiative of individual athletes and their coaches, and perhaps government policies even cover the secret services, organized a whole cover the operation with the substitution of urine. It is unlikely that the last pass without doing the president of the Russian Olympic Committee
Alexander Zhukov, Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko and the leadership of the country as a whole. As a result, Russian team almost "flew" over the Olympics in Rio, which could lead to serious reputational disaster for the national sport, and the country as a whole. The situation is, in many respects managed to save and do not seem without "Sports Lottery".

Recall that a week before the start of the competition in Rio de Janeiro, the executive committee of the International Olympic Committee nevertheless decided not to suspend the national team of Russia from 2016 Olympics as a whole, passing a number of substantial reservations is entitled to international federations of Olympic sports. In particular, caught for doping athletes from Russia road in Rio closed without any exceptions. The latter, of course, was notSimply so. significant efforts have been made to improve the international image of Russian sports. For example, not so long ago, the Interior Ministry has proposed to equate the common doping substances to drugs, and the head of the Ministry of Sports
Vitaly Mutko publicly fighting off accusations and reports on the fight against doping to the UNESCO. In addition, it is possible that and cleared the tracks. According of Forbes, apparently, Russia uses more subtle diplomatic tools for whitening the reputation of their athletes.

Significant funds for the organization of the Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 were collected through the organization of the state lottery. In 2009, prior to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Russian government issued a decree on holding the All-Russia state lotteries. The only operator of the state lottery was sold to OOO "Sports Lottery", which has received exclusive rights to use the Olympic symbols and became an official partner of the Olympic Games.

Lottery company "Sports Lottery" is registered in the capital at the Volgograd prospectus, in businessCentralized "Avilon Plaza". Nearby offices with the most famous Russian lottery lottery organization take other brands - operators of state lotteries, "Gosloto" and "Orglot". There is an office "Finmek" LLC, which is under a different name also had to do with "Gosloto". This company distributes tickets gosloterei, organized by the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of Russia. In addition to commercial organizations in the lottery "Avilon Plaza" registered charity fund to support health, education, physical culture and sports "Peak Sports» (Top Sport), established LLC "Finmek".

It is known that only in the second quarter of 2013. "Gosloto" LLC paid the fund for more than ten million rubles in the form of targeted payments. We could not find any organization's website or informative report on the expenditure of these funds. The Ministry of Justice posted on this site reports the organization said that from 2012 to 2015 inclusive, it has received more than 161 million rubles from commercial organizations.

The name of this charity in the English interpretation (Top Sport Charity Foundation) with the same address registration in Moscow also featured in a rather strange place for a Russian charity funds. The organization is recorded as the principal hires US lobbying group to promote their own interests in the US, and is listed in the registry of foreign agents FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act). Judging by the FARA website hosted on the act, "Versh Fundon sport "has hired well-known in the United States PR-company Burson-Marsteller, whose clients are registered corporation Facebook, IBM and Ford. The company is engaged in lobbying and by providing the relevant services of the Government of Cyprus, Taiwan, Qatar and Greece. In 1991, the company entered the Russian market, "to explain to the Russians that this privatization."

Based on the attached documents, the amount of the contract between Burson-Marsteller and Top Sport Charity Foundation in one month (May) was $ 70 000. The American PR people had to advise the Foundation on a number of issues related to building a communications and media coverage of information related to the participation of Russia in the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

It should be noted that Burson-Marsteller Partners associated with US political leaders. For example, the former director of the company, Mark Penn (Mark Penn), who also served as vice-president of Microsoft, he worked as chief specialist in strategic planning at the headquarters of Hillary Clinton during the last presidential campaign. Former COO Burson-Marsteller Peter Kelly (Peter G. Kelly) long sNimal post of the deputy of the Democratic Party at the local, regional and federal level. Moreover, in late May, it was reported that the transnational communications holding WWP LLC, which owns Burson-Marsteller, also has a direct connection with a team of Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton campaign.

We can assume that Burson-Marsteller efforts paid off: for example, the US Olympic Committee supported the decision of the IOC with regard to Russian athletes. At today's opening of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and our team is present, albeit incomplete. Apparently, the money to close the interests of State Hillary Clinton, US lobbyists spent not entirely in vain.