How Russian airline "Yerofey" rendered Maduro fast financial assistance

A cargo Boeing flew in from Venezuela from Russia through Dubai and Morocco. And Maduro suddenly had a lot of money.
On January 30, at noon, a Boeing 757 cargo plane landed at Caracas airport, which departed from Moscow at 4.50 on Tuesday, January 29.

From Vnukovo airport, the board headed for the United Arab Emirates and landed in Dubai. And from there he went to Venezuela, having made two intermediate landings - in Moroccan Casablanca and in the town of Espargush in the territory of the island state of Cape Verde in West Africa.

Over the past decade, this is the second flight of the Russian freight Boeing 757 to Caracas.

On January 18–19, the plane made a flight on the route Moscow - Dubai - Agadir (Morocco) - Caracas. On January 21-23, he returned to Moscow, landing along the same Agadir and Dubai on the way.

Our sources in Dubai claim that Russian armored cars of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates met Russian aircraft at the airport.

Gold was unloaded from the plane and containers with cash dollars were loaded.

“Novaya” managed to find out that by January 2019 there were about 30 tons of gold belonging to Venezuela in the vaults of the Central Bank of Russia.

It is well known that until 2011 most of the gold reserves of Venezuela were kept in banks in Europe and the USA. If the entire gold reserves of the country were estimated at 365.7 tons, then 233 tons of gold were stored outside Venezuela.

In August 2011, then-President Hugo Chavez announced his decision to return the country's gold reserves to Venezuela.

By November 2012, 57 tons of Venezuelan gold remained abroad, most of which were entrusted to store the Central Bank of Russia.

Precisely this Venezuelan gold was supposedly loaded into the Russian cargo Boeing 757 at the Moscow Vnukovo airport on January 18 and 28.

And it was delivered to Dubai, where it was sold, and the settlement was carried out in cash.

The market price of 30 tons of gold is about 1.2 billion dollars. Coincidentally, Nicolas Maduro said yesterday that he was allocating a billion euros to Venezuela’s beautification program to turn it into a tourist mecca of Latin America.

It should be noted that the implementation of such a delicate transportation was entrusted to Yerofey airline, registered in Khabarovsk and 100% owned by one individual. Cargo Boeing 757, which in January has already twice flown to Caracas via Dubai, is the only aircraft of the Khabarovsk airline "Erofey".

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