How the introduction of duties and taxes on purchases from online stores threatens the Russians

The government is ready to impose an 18% tax on purchases from the foreign online stores, followed by the customs duties, but there is no infrastructure for the tightening of customs control.
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Russian President instructed the government to consider the New Year "to amend the law <...> changes, providing for the collection of value added tax and customs duties to foreign Internet sites and providers," the sale of goods via the Internet Russian natural persons.

October 18 Congress "Business Russia" (which according to the results of the forum issued instructions, in question), Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the government has already expressed an opinion on the matter. As for VAT objection was not, was only a question of how it will be administered.

- There are different proposals - Dvorkovich explained on 18 October - a duty to place themselves on the online platform, or have an idea associated with the Post of Russia, through which there is a vast majority of deliveries, - to serve as an agent in the payment of the relevant fees. And we are now instructed the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration and Customs Service to work out how it can be administered.

With customs duties clarity yet. Today, Russian physical persons can not pay the floor taxuchat from abroad a parcel at 1000 euros per month. The government does not want to reduce this limit.

- Today, a thousand dollars to pay literally across the country hundreds of relevant persons, - said Deputy Prime Minister - because a little bit of shopping. If the threshold is lower, will have to pay millions, and payments system does not work, we could not until I set it up so that is convenient, easy, it would be possible to pay for all of this for one minute. And the government is opposed to the lower threshold before we build a normal, running the payments system.

Introduction of VAT and customs duties for the import of Internet in government lobbied the president of the Association of Internet commerce companies (Akita) Alexei Fedorov. Earlier, he said that this will not lead to a rise in price of purchases, just a little bit stores Received margin.

Today in Akita said that the main task of the industry - the alignment of competitive conditions for Russian and foreign online stores. Moreover, the alignment of absolutely all conditions, not just in the economic plane. Should also be equal responsibilities etc.consumer protection and certification.

- We believe that in this case to say it should be on equal terms, rights and obligations, rather than on the cost of the goods, - the press-service of the Akita.

AliExpress representative in Russia, Mark Zavadsky did not respond to a request Lajfa.