How the son of the public prosecutor built his business on contracts with Russian Railways and Moscow

The order book of Igor Chaika's companies exceeds 300 billion rubles.  
And you do not want to talk about the great projects of Igor [The Seagull] to him? We will help you arrange it "- something like this started a conversation with the correspondent of" Vedomosti ", several familiar 27-year-old son of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, Russia. However, passing it the request of journalists to talk about the business, the interlocutors of the newspaper lost the enthusiasm and refused further dialogue on this topic. Some Seagull know people are willing to talk about themselves a young businessman, but on condition of anonymity. "He's smart and very determined, well-versed in the economy", - characterizes Seagull one of your friends. "A well-known name - is a kind of cross which should be easy to carry. I ask that I be evaluated based on the results "- so he Gull replied to the question of" Izvestia "about whether to help kinship to him.

"The fact that the related companies receive billions in Chaika orders, it is not necessary to communicate with the help of his father. As far as I know, he no particular support was not required, only advice, which projects to do and what assets to investmoney ", - says another interlocutor of" Sheets ", who worked with the son of the public prosecutor. Tips were good: according to the calculations of "Vedomosti", the company, which four years after graduating from high school is associated, according to acquaintances or registration data, Seagull, a portfolio of orders by 318 billion rubles. (Cm. Incision). The largest of its business - performance of contractual work for the Railways and Moscow, says one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti".

Wide circle of interests

"From the second degree [of the Moscow Law Academy. OE Kutafin] I do business <...> from food production to the improvement, development of public spaces and creating architectural appearance of cities ", - he said in 2014 in an interview with" Izvestiya "Igor Chaika.
Young businessman did not try to appear on a Member, it is often the role of trusted partners, say two of his friends. According to them, Seagull usually did business with Alexander Turcan, Alexander Ponomarev and Denis Galaganov. The three businessmen in 2008, just as the 20-year-old was on the second Seagullth year, we created the first joint venture - "Dealsa" provides a service loan brokerage and financial consulting. Over 3% of the loan company willing to help get a mortgage, the mortgage or commercial loan from banks. As a former employee recalls, "Dealsy" first company leased an office of 40 square meters. m in the area of ​​Chinatown, and consisted of only three people. Then he moved to an office on Zolotorozhsky Val, and its staff has grown to 50 people. However, due to the case of the crisis we were not very brisk, and the broker silently closed in 2013

Waste cycle

It is possible that Igor Seagulls structures involved in the creation of a vertically integrated holding company for processing of rubbish, along with a group of "Techno-P." Founder of the group - the owner of development company "Avenue Management" Sergey Glyadeykin. Structures group in 2012 in Kostroma build Russia's first automated sorting plant with an investment of 0.6-1 billion rubles. In the autumn of 2013 "Aqua Solid" Seagulls won 43% of a member of the group near Moscow company "Techno P-region." Another 57% of the company shares AccRAT top manager "Avenue Management" Vladimir Simonenkova. Staff of three structures within the "Techno-R", denied Seagull involved in the business group. What he co-founded one of the group companies, they could not say.

Some of the employees of "Dealsy" even in 2010 went to work in the first group, created personally by Igor Chaika - "Innovation of the world", which was engaged in the modernization of public spaces. To place it in the room repurchased Chaika Impression beauty salon on the first floor of an apartment house 12, p. 1, at Rochdelskaya street. This building, located across from the White House, after the investigation became famous oppositionist Alexei Navalny: he discovered that an apartment of 300 square meters. m in this house belongs to the daughter of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Neighbors Sobyanin at different times were former State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, the former head of the FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, the former prime minister, Mikhail Fradkov, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, the head of Sberbank German Gref.

Soon after the creation of "Innovation of Light" won 10 tenders for carrying out electrical works at NovoUSSIAN amounting to slightly more than 18 million rubles. and 1 million rubles. Armavir, and later received a device gospodryady decorative lighting Crimean racks and Novospassky bridge, as well as the streets of the Southern Administrative District - only 20 million rubles. with small. Then the company has paid attention to the topic is gaining popularity - the improvement of city parks.

Together with the "Innovation of the world" for the contracts for landscaping parks, according to the data procurement, constantly fought three more companies: "Urban Environment" Turcan, "Sitistroyservis" Galagan and "Baltikstroykompani" belonging to the former commercial director of "Innovation of the world" Gregory Greene. So it was, for example, in the competition for the reconstruction of Moscow park "Ostankino" commissioned by the Civil Code "Moszelenhoz". The order for 697 million rubles. in 2013 he went to "Sitistroyservisu" but the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of suspected participants in the conspiracy, having ascertained that the company made an application to the same IP-address. Address belonged to the company "Tender inform", to conclude with each of the participants in a service contract and allegedoobeschavshey each of them winning. The FAS in September 2013 reported that the transferred material on the case to the Prosecutor General. It was not prosecuted.

While there was an investigation of the FAS, the same company had to participate in the competition for the second stage of reconstruction of the "Ostankino": a row of 2 billion rubles. again he got "Sitistroyservisu". But the competition on the track lighting unit Dzhugba - Sochi to 309 million rubles. the "Sitistroyservisa" won the "Innovation of the world" The Seagull.

From shoes to real estate development

While engaged Gull lighting, Ponomarev and Turcan led the business in those areas, which Chaika mentioned in an interview to "Izvestia". At first they tried to set up production of shoes, created together with partner companies, "Hutton", but a year later broke up. Ponomarev immediately established his own shoe company "Artel". This is one of Russia's largest manufacturers of footwear, it is part of the holding "Innovation of the world" and produces the factory in Shchelkovo of modern materials and comfortable fashion products under the trademark Dorf. At least, that's wrote in adson the selection of employees for "Arteli" on job sites themselves' Innovation of the world ". Business did not go:. Received two years a loss of 10 million rubles, the company owners put up for sale for $ 560 000. Find buyers failed, in 2014, "Artel" was eliminated.
In 2012, Ponomarev and instituted company producing semi-finished products - "Meal for a couple." Prepared meals sold in self-heating packaging. "We need only to pull the string and wait 5-10 minutes," - said in a company presentation. During the two years of work "meal for a couple" has received 5.7 million loss, the production closed.
In the same 2012 Seagull, a year earlier MFYUA graduated, he became a partner of the lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski and state bank VTB in a major development project. Young businessman through company "Enkon" will receive 8% in the "City Land Group" (SLG) - a joint venture Jakubowski and VTB, which owned 8,000 hectares of land in the suburbs. In areas it is planned to build two logistics park cost 50 billion rubles., And millions of square meters of housing. But a year later seagull came out of the project - the owner of "Enkona "became Ponomarev. "Igor while preparing for the transition to the civil service and tried to distance himself from his business", - explains the meaning of transactions close to the PLGA people.

Everything will be clean

"Igor was looking for himself, I tried different businesses, but it turned out that the most advantageous to develop a partnership with the state structures", - explains one of his acquaintances. Three years ago, Turcan founded another company - "Charter". A year after its founding it began to participate in competitions for garbage collection in Moscow. As a result, she got long-term contracts worth 42.67 billion rubles. maintenance of the Northern and Eastern districts of Moscow. Victory ensured an average "Charter" annual revenue of 2.8 billion rubles.

Then the "Charter" has acquired the necessary capacities: for 267 million rubles. the company bought from the Bank of Moscow waste sorting facilities and garbage trucks park. Perhaps the money for the transaction, the company received in the Bank of Moscow. According to SPARC, in the pledge he had until 2019 are owned by "the Charter" 96 garbage trucks and 2100 dumpsters.

According Dept.artamenta utilities in charge of garbage collection, "Charter" with the performance of the contract handles. In 2014, the company exported 15% of waste in Moscow, take out 20% in 2015. By the end of the year it will open in the city of 52 points for the collection of secondary raw materials, spokesman for the department.

"Charter" is placed on promotional items slogan "Let it be clean", owned by Seagull, say officials of the Moscow City Hall and one of the competitors for garbage collection. In addition to rubbish structures son of the Attorney General are engaged in landscaping in Moscow, they know. Chaika did the big secret of this business, confirms an official Moscow region government.

"Sitistroyservis" Galagan been changing curbs and other road works in the same districts, of which the "Charter" garbage collection: for example, in May 2015 she won the competition for 1.4 billion rubles.

Money for the green

In the spring of 2013 the municipal deputy district Taganka Ilya Sviridov said in his blog that the work on the program "Leisure on public landscaped areas" total cost4 billion rubles. will be performed at very high rates. For example, repair of a small square on Taganka Square in preliminary documents was estimated almost 50 million rubles., Which is the annual budget of the Tagansky district. For landscaping and other improvement on the 0.5 hectares Khitrovka offered to pay 150 million rubles.

However, officials have made preliminary changes in documentation, reducing the number to be an accomplishment of squares doubled - up to 20. Work on 16 of them on the basis of tenders was performed structures associated with the Chaika: Ready "Baltikstroykompani" projects, and implemented the "Sitistroyservis". The latter has earned praise from the city authorities. "All work is carried out efficiently. Purchased children's camps and sports facilities are the most modern and meet all current requirements. Carried out work on landscaping carried out in a professional manner. Purchased planting material adapted to the climatic conditions of Moscow ", - the press service of the department. Park in Ostankino in city competitions recognized by the best realizovanym modern project of reconstruction of park territory: there now has it all - from the skate park and sun loungers to the wireless Internet, the report says.

Starting this year, one of the structures that bind to Chaika, has reached a new market. At the beginning of 2015 "Baltikstroykompani" won the contract for the development of RUR 18.6 million. Project overhaul of 18 apartment buildings in the city center.

In the Service of the Moscow region

In February 2014, Igor Chaika was appointed advisor on Sports, Culture, Tourism and Youth Affairs of the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. And among other things, immediately expressed the desire to do near Moscow parks. We loved it structures already had experience in this field.

"Innovation of the world" in 2013, developed the projects of reconstruction of three parks: Natashinskogo Park in Lyubertsy, Timohovskogo ravine in Vidnoe and Skitsky ponds in Sergiev Posad. The latter was approved by the Moscow region authorities and taken into operation. Money in the budget area were not, therefore, according to the Ministry of Culture of Moscow region, the project was implemented by ininvestors. Their names are not mentioned, but the "Radio Posad" reported that the "Innovation of the world" put in ponds Skitsky 30 million rubles.
Gulls company plans in this field have been enormous: in 2012 "Innovation of the world" and "Sitistroyservis" received at the XIII International Festival "Landscape Architecture. Look from home "Grand Prix for the joint project" Ring of Moscow parks: the program of development of recreational areas around Moscow "(see illustration on page 20..). Developers offered to split the perimeter of the concrete ring around Moscow 16 new entertainment and leisure parks in the area and 50 100 hectares.

By the arrival of gulls in the Moscow government in the budget and we found the money: in 2014 on the development of the parks until 2018 has been allocated 2 billion rubles.

As reported by "Vedomosti", the press service of the Ministry of Culture developed "Innovation of Light" project "Ring of Moscow parks" "seems to be very promising, considering the main urban trend - the creation of a comfortable living environment, enhancing the attractiveness of the urban space." According submitTo the Ministry of Culture, "along with state support for the development and creation of park areas is very important to the outskirts of Moscow business parks considered as a promising area for investment. The main task of the government is to create a favorable investment climate to attract bona fide investors ".

Nevertheless seagull summer 2015 resigned as governor advisor. He then explained to reporters that he decided to focus on the business. Seagull was an advisor on a voluntary basis, on the lines of the Ministry of Culture funding was clearly insufficient for the realization of its ambitious plans, says one of the former colleagues prosecutor general's son. Seagull realized that he could not rise above the advisor, and the plans were, said another employee of the Moscow region administration. In an interview with "Izvestiya" in 2014 Seagull does say that "the script is considered" the appointment of his deputy Vorobyov.

Seagull left the government of the Moscow region, without resentment, being able to run a number of important programs for field - not only in parks but also on branding etc.dmoskovnyh cities objected another officer near Moscow government. "In the life of any human being there comes a moment when you need to be determined - business or career. Seagull decided that in business it will reach great success ", - he added. For example, now a businessman launched a multibillion-dollar business with RZD, he knows the source "Vedomosti".

First along the tracks

In May 2013 Seagull created the company "Aqua Solid". A year later, the company created by this company "T-industry" Russian Railways won the tender for the purchase of 3 billion rubles. 50% minus 2 shares of Russia's largest manufacturer of railway sleepers - JSC "BetElTrans" (BET). At BET good business. Company revenues in 2014 amounted to 18.8 billion rubles., in 2012-2013. it won tenders for the supply of reinforced concrete Railways Sleeper to 2017 at 269 billion rubles. Partner "Aqua Solid" was the Dutch Spoor Structuur Investering, which received 70% "T-industry."

However, half the buyers got BET and share "Millennium Bank", among which the co-owners of RZhD structure. BET is owned 11.7% stake in the bank. From the disclosure of "Millennium & raquo; and it became known that the beneficiary of a Dutch company, and thus partner Seagulls - Kazakhstan group "Magnetic" known in this country, a businessman Dmitry Grechanichenko. "Magnetic", according to its own data, is the only producer in Kazakhstan sleepers. Interestingly, the group is also interested in recycling. In an interview with the Kazakhstan edition of "Success" Grechanichenko told that one of his companies is developing a program for the complete recycling of PET bottles and other polymers and the further use of the obtained raw materials in the production of fastenings for sleepers. Contact Grechanichenko failed: listed on the company's website no answer.

Seagull selects projects related to the issues that are important to society, it is not surprising that many of them funded by the government, said one of his friends. Seagull questions "Vedomosti" did not respond, contact Ponomarev, Galaganov and Turcan was not possible, employees of companies to join the correspondent of "Vedomosti" with management failed.