How to kill a VTB bank

Do not ask whose money the banking elite has fun. She does it with your money.
Russia's economy is controlled by the state for about 70%: the largest industrial corporations, mining companies, banks, and transport are state-owned by 50% or more. But the state is all of us, and the affairs of commercial companies with state participation are our common business. Gazprom or Russian Railways becomes poorer - we all are poorer.

Strange things are happening recently with one of the largest banks in the country. Russia, of course, is going through difficult times, but the Moscow Exchange index from the beginning of 2016 to this day has grown very significantly - from about 1800 to 2600. But the shares of VTB Bank traded on it (60% belong to the state) have fallen in price by half! That is, a large, aggressive, twisting advertising in each iron bank during this time lost 500 billion rubles of capitalization! Of these, 300 billion, it turns out, a direct loss to our country, to all of us.

Where does VTB money go?

The scam with a loan to Mozambique greatly influenced the bank's international position. Our wonderful VTB, in shares with Swiss and French colleagues, gave this wonderful African country a loan for rearmament, a total of about $ 2 billion. Moreover, VTB received substantial commissions, about $ 200 million, but the loan was issued as sovereign, but the money went through a private company. And they simply didn’t get to the army - they disappeared along the road to offshore. An international investigation proved the interest of top managers at Credit Suisse, but VTB, to the surprise of observers, was left without punishment. “Lucky” - said then the head of the bank Andrei Kostin. True, the investigation is still ongoing, and journalists are wondering who really belongs to VTB if it came out of the water dry.

It’s hard to make out Russian realities from Mozambique, but sometimes it seems that the little-known TV presenter Naila Asker-zadeh runs the bank, or rather, controls the bank: she interviews interesting people on the Russia 1 channel, but she is extremely bored. But the personal condition of the presenter is growing by leaps and bounds, and in some surprising way it is constantly connected with VTB. Let's say the apartment is 155 square meters. m in the center of Moscow (LCD "New Ostozhenka") belonged to a bank, then it was owned by offshore companies, and a year later it was found in Naili.

Kostin categorically refuses to publish a declaration of his income, but it seems that we know something about the costs. Judging by how stubbornly Roskomnadzor has been deleting articles with the words “Kostin, Asker-zade, VTB” for almost a year now, judging by the persecution of those who photograph them together, there is absolutely nothing between Kostin and the journalist. And the assets estimated at several billion rubles she earned by honest labor at night on the channel "Russia 1". The bank is getting poorer, and its leadership and people associated with it are getting richer. The luxurious life of a Mozambican swindler and a pretty journalist is paid out of our pocket. We seem to have voted for something else, right?