How Vladislav Surkov's wife, Natalia Dubovitskaya, entertains herself

Anecdotes from Vinokur and flying on a private plane to the Emirates.
Swan Lake

President's aide Vladislav Surkov and Natalia Dubovitskaya live 12 km from Moscow along the Minsk Highway near the village of Borodki. In the elite village of Gribovo on Swan Lake street in two houses (598 sq.m and 762 sq.m.) on five acres with a forest and man-made pond measuring 4.2 hectares. From their neighbors they are separated by their own entrance with a guard facility (176.8 sq.m). To fence off completely, in 2013 the couple purchased a plot of 1854 square meters, which was intended for the construction of the road, and installed a barrier.

Houses on the Swan Lake str. in Gribovo cost from $0.98 million (500 sq.m. with a plot of 11 hectare) to $8 million (1000 sq.m. with a plot of 47 acres).

Surkov's neighbors, it must be noted, are no ordinary people. The founders of the non-profit partnership Swan Lake, which unites neighbors on the same street, are ex-speaker of the Federation Council Vladimir Shumeiko, the first wife of the first and the last vice-president of Russia Alexander Rutskoy, Nelli, businessman Vasily Znamensky, businesswoman Yulia Belakhova (Pelmeshka) and two former top managers of Lukoil-Neftekhim Alexey Smirnov and Alexander Natanovich Rappoport. Alexander Rappoport was born in Lugansk region in 1971, in the same place in 1979 Andrey Natanovich Rappoport receieved a passport; until 2016, he headed the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. The press service of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo claims that they are not related. The curator of the project for the construction of the Skolkovo Innovation Center near the business school for a long time was Vladislav Surkov.

The residents of Swan Lake and adjoining territories are also another presidential aide Igor Levitin, lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, new owner of the house of Yves Saint Laurent in Normandy Siman Povarenkin (co-owner of Shokoladnitsa and gold mines in Armenia and Georgia) and step-brother of the former first lady of Ukraine Ludmila Kuchma, Yuri Tumanov. Since 1997, Tumanov had been a chairman of the board of directors of Kyivstar, the largest mobile communication operator in Ukraine. In 2005, he profitably sold the Ukrainian stake to the Russian company Alfa Group. Before Tumanov, the site was owned by a refugee from western Ukraine, and now the resident of Chicago, 67-year-old Al Dolgonos, who in 2000, together with his countryman Leon Dykopf, made fortunes in the alcohol trade in Moscow.

Girls and thieves

In March 2004, Vladislav Surkov became deputy head of the presidential administration, and five months later, the daughter of a policeman and housewife Natalia Dubovitskaya acquired a property in Gribovo. At the same time, she became a member of the management of Novolynskiy Starch Plant OJSC, Aston Starch Products LLC, Placement Investments LLC and R-syndicate LLC (currently Dubovitskaya no longer manages these entities).

To the house of Surkov, numerous friends of the hostess and admirers of her husband's talents were attracted. Gradually, "Swan Lake" has become a venue for prestigious parties.

The composition of the closed club in different years changed, but its constants remained: the wife of ex-minister of communications Leonid Reiman, Olga (the president of the charity fund "Who if not me?"), the mother of two children of the head of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman, Oksana Ozhelskaya, Editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan, mother of two children of Anatoly Kucherena, Olga Maydan, secular lover Miroslava Duma, restaurateur Dina Khabirova, former instructor of the Ezhva district committee of the Syktyvkar Komsomol Elena Menshikova (now represented by the volunteer of the Sofia charitable foundation), the seller of sportswear Irina May, singer Dmitry Malikov's sister Inna and vocalist of A-Studio Kathy Topuria, whose father, the thief in law Andro Sanodze, in 2010 died of an overdose in a colony.

Several years ago, Topuria was brought to the Surkov by another constant participant in the gathering, an opera singer and ex-State Duma deputy from United Russia, Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs, who at that time lived with an influential thief in law Vladimir Tyurin, nicknamed Tyurik (Tyurik is on the international wanted list, and his extradition is sought by Spain).

Now the diva, along with her new husband, a former communist deputy Denis Voronenkov, recently declared into a federal wanted list, is hiding in Ukraine.

The correspondent contacted one of the regular participants of the girls' suits at the Surkovs' place, and she secretly reported that they had jokingly called Maksakova "Masha the Bad Luck":

- First there was a long history with Tyurik, which the Spaniards are still looking for. After Tyurik, a pawnshop owner Jamil Aliyev appeared and began to have problems with his business. Now here's Denis Voronenkov's criminal case. They did not manage to get married, as they had to flee to Ukraine.

Judging from the photos in Facebook, the co-chairman of the central staff of the All-Russian People's Front Stanislav Govorukhin, the film director Fyodor Bondarchuk, Natasha Koroleva with Tarzan and Alexander Buynov joined the girls, and Vladimir Vinokur entertained them with the jokes.

Ends in the river

In the entertainment program of Surkov's wife's club, in addition to feasts, there is a boat ride along the dammed Likova river. The river serves as a dividing line between the "Swan Lake" and the rest of Gribovo. The final point for the river is the large water channel Neznayka.

Odintsovo district invested 50 million rubles in the construction of treatment facilities and a dam to block this river and create a forest lake. According to local residents, the main enthusiast of its expansion was the founder of the NP "Swan Lake" Nelly Rutskaya: "She told them (the Odintsovo administration) constantly said that the village was called Swan Lake, but instead of the swans it had the sewer drains," the hostess of one of the mansions told the correspondent.

Further miracles emerged: according to Rosreestr, on February 20, 2013, Alexander Rappoport, co-founder of NP "Swan Lake", became the owner of half of the dam on the rescued Likova river with an area of 2,018 square meters. And two months later Dubovitskaya became the owner of the other half of the reservoir, with an area of 21049 sq.m. And in the documents the river is indicated as a land plot "for housing construction and recreational purposes."

How the purchase of the river is consistent with the Water Code of the Russian Federation, where such transactions are expressly banned, we were not able to find out. But the deputy of the three-mandate district No. 3 of the urban-type settlement "Lesnoy Gorodok" of the Odintsovo district, Mikhail Trishin, said how the pond had fallen into private hands: "Of course, all this is not entirely legal, but Surkov has solved all issues with the regional government. You see, literally everything was connected, and there was a special meeting of the government. Together with Surkov I went to the Governor Gromov, and at the same time, the lawyer Kucherena asked me to go."

According to deputy Trishin, all the surrounding land, including the Surkovs' personal water reservoir, formerly belonged to the All-Russian Research Institute for Selection and Seed Vegetable Crops (VNIISSOK), and legumes and onions were grown there.

In the mid-1990s, the director of the institute, academician Viktor Pivovarov, decided to engage in housing construction and for this purpose took multi-million loans in three banks. However, hired workers plundered construction materials, tools and equipment, having organized a point of sale right nearby, on the Minsk highway. The construction stalled. VNIISSOK was visited by bankers with financial claims to the academician. Quarrels erupted with the participation of the special forces of the FSB and the Solntsevo criminal group. And soon two "problem solvers", Timur Klinovsky and Alexander Kozyrev, came to the office of Pivovarov.

"They repaid all the debts to the banks, and in return received 400 hectares of land," said Deputy Trishin. "If it were not for the jambs with the construction site, the land under the Swan Lake, the Likova river would never be in private hands.

It must be added that the "white knight" Timur Klinovsky is a person well-known in the Moscow region. He participated in many transactions with land in the prestigious districts of the region. Some of them even caused social tension in the form of rallies under the slogans "Klinovsky! Return the stolen lands to the farmers!"

Place for the disabled

Let the people rally behind the fence, and we will return to Surkov's estate, where guests tired of water attractions dress up in costumes of the Marie Antoinette's era.

The estate has enough space to feel like a lady-in-waiting, pose for photographers in an open air and ride in Ekaterina's carriages. In addition to the pond, Dubovitskaya has five more land plots with a total area of 28,293 sq.m. Particularly interesting is an allotment of 9000 square meters, according to documents it is located at the following address: Odintsovo district, Borodki village, LLP "Center for Social Protection of the Disabled".

According to the Spark database, LLP "Center for Social Protection of the Disabled" was registered in 1994 in Moscow on Vorontsovskaya Street, 23. In the documents of the Federal Tax Service, this two-story house was repeatedly featured as a place for mass registration of one-day firms. All in all, there were registered 2937 offices. In the early 2000s on the second floor of the "rubber" house, a well-known Pimp Valya-Spitsa, had her own office and took orders from customers. Now the whole building is rented by JSC Scientific and Production Enterprise Granite-Center, which provides services of a different nature - information - for the government of Moscow and the Ministry of Defense.

In the administration of Odintsovo district, no one has heard about the center of disabled people, but Deputy Trishin said that this land plot was sold for VNIISSOK debts to the banks. In the transaction, Timur Klinovsky also appeared. To ensure that the inspection bodies had no questions, a center for disabled people appeared on paper.

Among the disabled, among the first who need protection, were the mother and mother-in-law of the current presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District, Mikhail Babich, the river rescuer Nelli Rutskaya, Natalia Rappoport, whose husband sold the pond to Dubovitskaya, as well as former employee of Alfa Development Sergey Arnautov and a certain Muscovite Irina Levitina.

In March 2005, according to Rosreestr, the only disabled was Natalia Dubovitskaya, who bought up 9,000 sq m from former owners.

Mushrooms by helicopter

The geography of hen parties is not limited to Surkov's possessions. Offsite club meetings are often held abroad. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, the company headed by a permanent chairman flew in a private airplane. According to private carrier Business Jets, a round-trip flight for a company of 8-10 people costs from $53,000 (on a ten-year old plane) to $100,000 (on a new board). It's unlikely that the friends saved money on the plane, since they did not have a trifle with the hotel - One & Only The Palm in Dubai (the price per day is $2.5-3.5 thousand).

In one of the trips to the Emirates, Russian women were accompanied by the manager of a major international real estate agency Knight Frank, Italian Robert Put. She also visited them on St. Bartholomew's Island in the Caribbean Sea. Along with real estate in the UAE, Monaco, Switzerland, Singapore in the portfolio of her company, there are five mansions in the neighborhood of the "Swan Lake" worth $2.5 million.

The previously mentioned volunteer of the Sofia charity fund, Elena Menshikova, posted pics of the club meeting in 2013 at the French ski resort Megeve, where royal persons like to stay. In the same volunteer account there are several pictures from the ice cave of Chamonix and the uncorked pink champagne Dom Perignon (the price in France is from €160, in Russia from 30 thousand rubles), which was greeted by the regulars of the "Swan Lake" who have come down from the mountains.

In Russia, too, there are entertainments: in Zalesye, Tver region, the entire company every year flies on a helicopters to the head of Alfa Bank Petr Aven's chanterelle (in Gribovo, mushrooms do not grow). On the site they have Hummers waiting for them and one of several existing all-terrain vehicles "Shaman" worth 5.9 million rubles.

Previously, the hunting grounds belonged to OAO Tverkhimvolokno, but after the bankruptcy of the enterprise, Alfa-Bank became the owner. The hunt organization for VIP is directly covered by the general director of LLC "Zalesye" Vladimir Smirnov. In "Spark" you can find out that LLC "Zalesie" with an authorized capital of 15 million rubles is the structural subdivision of the bank, and in 2015 the revenue amounted to 24,208 rubles. An official request was sent to Alfa Bank, asking who paid for the helicopter, rental of SUVs and services of guides, but there has been no answer for more than a week.