Icebreakers for Gazprom Neft and Atomflot ordered to wait a long time

Vyborg Shipyard, a part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, broke the deadlines for the surrender of three such ships at once.
Vyborg Shipbuilding Plant disrupts the delivery of three icebreakers intended for work in the Arctic. The shipyard for six months shifts the transfer to the customer - FSUE Atomflot of the port icebreaker, two icebreakers under construction for the Novoportovskoye field of Gazprom Neft will be detained for another nine months. The main reason for the corporation is the difficulties that arose when working with suppliers and contractors.

Vyborg Shipyard (VSZ) breaks the deadline for the delivery of the port icebreaker Ob, which is being built by the order of Atomflot. The contract for the construction of the ship for $ 97.7 million to support the NOVATEK project Yamal LNG was signed in 2015. On Tuesday, speaking at a meeting dedicated to the 11th anniversary of USC, the head of Atomflot Vyacheslav Ruksha said that the delay would be six months.

As explained by the head of USC Alexei Rakhmanov, the main reason for the delay was the customer's request to use ABB's automated power supply management systems. "Colleagues have put in place a fundamentally new system, which we can not start for the sixth month already," the president of the corporation said. The second problem is that the FAZ took on too big a task to build fishing vessels, "he did not calculate the strength," he says. "We are now forced to lease swing icebreakers to ensure the work of unsold vessels in the hottest period in the Ob Bay. This will be a blow to the financial situation, including the FAZ, "the president of the corporation is sure.

The head of the VSZ, Alexander Solovyov, told Kommersant that the deadline for the delivery of the port icebreaker to Atomflot was shifted to the right due to problems with the construction of two icebreakers for Gazprom Neft, Alexander Sannikov and Andrei Vilkitsky (cost € 246 million) for servicing the Novoportovskoye field. They will be handed over nine months later, he explained. The contract for their construction was concluded with the FAZ in 2015, they were due to be delivered before 2018.

As explained by Mr. Soloviev, the failure of the timing is linked, as in the project for Atomflot, to the difficulties in installing ABB equipment on icebreakers, as well as the failure of the deliveries of the diesel generator by the concern Ruselprom. At the request of Atomflot, the designer, TsKB "Baltsoproject", tore down the terms of the project for six months, says Alexander Solovyov, and the shipyard was forced to replace it with CB "Vympel", which has almost completed all the documentation. Gazprom Neft could not provide an operative commentary. The source of Kommersant in the company assures that the problems with the icebreakers will not affect the development of the Novoportovskoye field.

ABB told Kommersant that the company is carrying out many projects to supply automated power management systems and "always copes without any significant difficulties." At the moment, one of the icebreakers for Gazprom Neft is about to start commissioning, they say. According to a source from Kommersant in the industry, the construction of fishing vessels could not in any way affect the deadlines for the delivery of icebreakers: "The construction of hulls of trawlers began when icebreakers were already installing equipment." As Kommersant has been informed at CDB "Baltsoproject", the delay in issuing the documentation is related to the difficulties in the development of the technical design, as well as the lack of documentation of the hull structures.

According to a source from Kommersant in the shipbuilding industry of St. Petersburg, the VSA suggested building two icebreakers for Gazprom Neft for 36 months each. But the shipyard Nordic Yards, also pretending to build, offered to fulfill the order for 26 months. The aircraft, which required loading, reduced the proposed construction time to the same 26 months and received contracts. "Constructing a new head icebreaker in 26 months, when there is not even a ready technical project, is an unrealistic task, it is being built at least 3.5 years," the interlocutor of Kommersant is sure. Initially, Gazprom Neft was to receive the head icebreaker Alexander Sannikov in July, the second icebreaker in October 2017, and today it is obvious that the head icebreaker will be delivered in August, and the second one at the end of this and early next year, the source concludes. "B".

But another source of Kommersant in the industry is sure that, despite all the penalties, the company will show positive financial results for the year, the revenue will remain at the level of 2017 and amount to about 12 billion rubles: the shipyard has large contracts for the construction of fishing vessels.