Ideal elections: what kind of election setups did the Kremlin give to the regions?

Sergei Kiriyenko at a seminar for vice-governors and heads of electoral commissions said that the presidential election should be absolutely legitimate: no grounds for rallies and appeals to the courts. During the campaign there will be three agitational waves.
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The internal political block of the Kremlin held a closed seminar for vice-governors on domestic policy and deputy presidential envoys for domestic policy, RBC told three participants of the event. The seminar was held at the Corporate University of Sberbank in the Moscow region from November 29 to December 2. The event was also invited to the heads of regional election commissions, which were present only one day - December 1.

The first deputy head of the presidential administration Sergey Kiriyenko, the head of the CEC Ella Pamfilova and several other representatives of the CEC acted before the participants of the event. In addition, the invited took part in the team-building game, one of the vice-governors, the head of the regional election committee and the interlocutor in the CEC told RBC. The event was also attended by Andrei Yarin, the head of the Internal Policy Department of the Kremlin and Alexander Kharychev, deputy head of the UVP, one of RBC's interlocutors explained.

The main goal of the seminar is to inform those present that the presidential elections should be conducted in a clean and transparent manner, and the number one task is the legality of the elections, RBC explained the representative of the Kremlin's internal political bloc. According to him, Sergey Kirienko told the audience about the importance of informing citizens about the campaign: the date of elections, the location of polling stations, the right of Russians to vote without absentee ballots at the place of actual location, etc. "Everyone was warned that they should not campaign for someone from the candidates," the representative of the Kremlin's internal political bloc said. In addition, Kirienko told the seminar participants "that all violations will be severely suppressed," the source added.

The first deputy head of the Kremlin administration said that the election should be "absolutely legitimate" so that no one had any reason to rally or file lawsuits, two participants of the seminar told RBC. The Kremlin official urged the campaign to be carried out "so that the mosquito does not undermine the next day, no protests due to" carousels "and other violations," another participant added during an interview with RBC.

Kirienko urged not only to combat fraud, but, for example, to exclude the possibility of the presence of the same citizens in different lists of voters. "We have a problem, for example, with voters abroad," said one of RBC's sources. "Many have not withdrawn from registration within the country, and their names are on the lists and at the place of registration, and at the place of voting, the lists must be cleaned."

The Kremlin does not see any rivals to Putin

The Kremlin officials who attended the seminar spoke about the appearance. "From their words it followed that it was important for the Kremlin that the turnout was real. We were told that there should be no administrative drive of voters to polling stations, and no internal documents related to elections should flow into the social network and the Internet, "one of the participants of the RBC event explained.

A year ago, at a seminar for vice-governors on domestic policy, Sergei Kirienko talked about the victory of "the main candidate with a very high turnout of 70%" and with a result of 70%, RBC reported.

One day the participants of the seminar were acquainted with the results of the poll of electoral preferences of citizens, which showed a big gap between Vladimir Putin and other candidates: "We were told that the main candidate is much ahead of other possible participants in the election that they will not catch up with him. Accordingly, the most important thing is the transparency and legitimacy of the campaign, "RBC participant said. Vladimir Putin himself has not yet announced his intention to participate in the elections, but RBC sources said that the president has already decided on his intention to run for a new term.

Three Agitational Waves

Participants of the seminar were informed that during the campaign there will be three agitation waves using three different billiard lines, one of the interlocutors of RBC told. The first wave will begin almost immediately after the Federation Council appoints elections (as expected, this will happen on December 15) and will last until January 15. The second agitation wave will last until February 15, the third - immediately before the elections.

At the seminar representatives of the regions were asked to reserve areas for these billboards in advance, the interlocutor of RBC specified.

CEC head Ella Pamfilova said in her speech that billboards informing citizens about the voting day should be posted the very next day after the election of the Council of Federation, the participant said. But in fact, the final decision is not yet, explained two sources of RBC in the CEC. According to them, it is discussed that billboards can be hung out on December 17 or 18. The main thing is that they should appear simultaneously across the country, one of the interlocutors of RBC specified.

The head of the CEC said that there will be 50 different audio and video clips that will be placed on radio and television, the meeting participant said. "On the radio, television, the Internet, with stretch marks, there will be an appeal to vote," said another interlocutor of RBC. "Vice-governors Pamfilova asked me to help with the placement of the campaign advertising."

Also, the participants of the seminar demonstrated new KOIB. Earlier it was reported that the CEC purchases 4,500 ballot processing complexes for the presidential elections.

Playing under the snow

Participants of the seminar were invited to the team-building game, which was conducted by the managing partner of the EUREKO group of companies Vladimir Soloviev, two participants of the seminar told RBC. On the EURECO website, the Rosatom corporation was named among the partners of the company, which was headed by Kirienko before being appointed first deputy head of the presidential administration. All participants were divided into more than ten teams, which "were supposed to speed up to collect letters and words from foam puzzles," explained one of the interlocutors. "But since the game was under wet snow, the paint on the puzzles flowed", - complained another participant of the event. "Wet everything," he added.

The essence of the game, according to the interlocutors of RBC, was not completely clear. "We were inspired that we are members of a large team that should work for a common result," one source explained.

"Solovyov explained that every team - be it a game or an election - has a goal, and it is necessary that people who work in this team to achieve the goal, it is aware," - says the words of the moderator, another participant. He added that "the words were collected differently, but they were not connected with the elections".